IOS 12.0 pptp config with Nat (yet another person wants to know)

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by zonkerPro, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. zonkerPro

    zonkerPro Guest

    Sorry for posting this but the stuff I looked at really did not help.
    Sometimes I feel a little dense ; )

    I have a 2000 server behind a 1601r with ios 12.0 This router is doing

    I am trying to have the router simply pass thru the PPTP stuff to the
    win2k server so I can log into that with a VPN Client. I've checked the
    VPN server and it is allowing connections when not going thru the

    I have 1723 forwarded but can't figure out the GRE.
    I am triing to come in on (example address)

    any help would save me some sleep!

    Here is the config for anyone that would be so kind as to help:

    NMWA#show config
    Using 1585 out of 7506 bytes
    version 12.0
    service timestamps debug uptime
    service timestamps log uptime
    no service password-encryption
    hostname NMWA

    interface Ethernet0
    description connected to EthernetLAN
    ip address
    ip access-group 11 in
    no ip directed-broadcast
    ip nat inside


    interface Serial0
    description connected to Internet
    ip address
    no ip directed-broadcast
    ip nat outside
    encapsulation ppp


    router rip
    version 2
    passive-interface Serial0
    no auto-summary


    ip nat pool NMWA-natpool-1 netmask
    ip nat inside source list 1 pool NMWA-natpool-1 overload
    ip nat inside source static tcp 1723 1723

    ip classless
    ip route Serial0
    ip http server


    access-list 1 permit
    snmp-server community public RO
    snmp-server location Basement
    snmp-server contact Tom Wuthrich,307 690 8324,
    banner motd ^CWelcome to the NMWA Cisco 1601 Router^C


    zonkerPro, Jan 13, 2005
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