Internet slowly dropping out, need help asap.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by John Kelly, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. John Kelly

    John Kelly Guest

    Good Evening,
    I am currently experiencing the worst kind of problem with my internet
    access. Everything that has to do with the internet is starting to stop
    Earlier i was on MSN messenger, i signed out, and then a few hours later
    when i tried to sign back in, it will no longer allow me to connect. It
    says there is a problem with my internet connection, and you know what?
    its right.
    The good news is, surfing the web still works, sites still download and
    load in my IE web browser. The bad news is, trying to log onto anywhere
    that contains a password no longer works. IE. accessing is
    impossible at the moment, as well as downloading files from fileplanet.
    No longer than 20 minutes ago i was chatting and using IRC while i tried
    to figure out the problem. I uninstalled MSN gaming zone, and yahoo
    messenger, the only two programs that were recently installed. After i
    rebooted, i could no longer connect to my irc server(
    I'm very puzzled because i have absolutely no clue what is happening, is
    it possible that a virus is causing this?

    This is my hardware.
    Intel P4 1.4 ghz(423pin)
    256 MB PC800(dual channel) DDR ram
    Geforce 4 ti 4200 128 mb 8xAGP
    Microsoft Basestation router.
    I do not know the chipset for my mobo, i wish i did.
    This computer is a Dell Dimension 8100 running Windows millenium edition.

    I really need some guidance as for what i can do for correcting this
    problem WITHOUT reinstalling windowsME. I am currently trying to locate
    my windowsME install disk, but have failed so far. This is my dads
    computer and he might keep them locked up in his room.
    Please, any help, any at all, even just pointing me in the right
    direction will be very helpful right about now, i am very frustrated that
    this is happening and want to solve the problem WITHOUT reformating.
    Although, even if i can i WILL reformat the next time my father is in
    town. I am sick of how disgusting this computer has been running lately.
    even right now the letters i type are lagged until they appear on the
    screen. Thank you for reading my problem, i hope to hear from anyone that
    can lend me a hand.
    -Daniel J Elston.
    John Kelly, Sep 25, 2003
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  2. John Kelly

    Coleen Weber Guest

    On Win Me isn't there a system restore? go to accessories and then to
    system tools and go to system restore and choose a restore point from
    just before the problems began occurring and see if that doesn't fix it.
    Coleen Weber, Sep 25, 2003
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  3. John Kelly

    trout Guest


    You can check your system with an on-line virus scan:

    Sometimes; problems with encrypted connections can be cleared by
    simply cleaning-up your browser cache. Temp files, and off-line content.
    For Hotmail, you may need to delete any Hotmail/MSN/Passport cookies.
    See this site for basic maintenance, that might help speed things up:

    ┬░Mike┬░'s Basic computer maintenance:

    In future; please post the exact wording of error messages
    (including numbers, if applicable).
    And I'd suggest that you try to explore as many possibilities as you
    can, before doing anything *too* radical.
    trout, Sep 25, 2003
  4. John Kelly

    Plato Guest

    Two hours ago I had the same problem. My son came home from school and
    said the
    tele-guy just used a chainsaw to take the wires off a house after a car
    Plato, Sep 26, 2003
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