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Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Robin Clay, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Robin Clay

    Robin Clay Guest

    Greetings !

    It sounds so simple.....

    The telephone socket is in one corner of the room; the QOSMIO laptop in the
    opposite corner.

    I have a BT Voyager broadband modem/router plugged into the telephone
    socket. From the Voyager an Ethernet cable runs to an Advent Ethernet Adaptor
    that plugs in to the domestic electric ring-main to use that as a
    quasi-Ethernet cable.

    Another Advent plugged in to a socket near the laptop has an Ethernet cable
    running to the laptop, and this allowed me to access the internet on my

    Now, however, that last cable runs to a Belkin F5D 8633-4 Wireless router,
    positioned so as to be able to send the signal down the garden to the Desktop
    computer in the garage.

    And it all worked just FINE - eventually !

    It took a fortnight of e-mails, then a 90 minute call from the Indian call

    Until last Wednesday ! Since when, I have had no connection to the Internet
    on "my" network.

    However, as luck would have it, my Laptop has a wirelss gizmo - that picked
    up my neighbour's connection !

    Any ideas ?

    BT's call centre in India todl me first that I had a virus - though McAfee

    The next time, I was told to re-set "everything" to the default.

    The third time, I was told to plug the laptop directly into the Voyager -
    and Voila ! Internet connection !

    But not when I set it up again as I require it.

    Any bright ideas ?

    I suspect it's all to do with the 192.168.x.y set-up.......
    Robin Clay, Oct 28, 2009
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