Internet Gateway keeps disappearing from Network Connections.

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Adam Membrey, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. Adam Membrey

    Adam Membrey Guest

    Probably nothing, however my Internet Gateway keeps disappearing from
    the Network Connections in Windows XP.

    uPnP is enabled on the router and I have taken the Advertisement Period down
    from 30 mins to 1 min. This doesn't make a change to it unfortunately :(

    uPnP remains active as my MSN tells me that it's connected through a uPnP IP
    restricted NAT.

    I can make the icon re-appear in Network Connections however it disappears
    after about 30 seconds - 1 min.

    I'm currently running a Netgear WGR614 with beta firmware (v1.40)

    Any ideas?
    Adam Membrey, Nov 6, 2004
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  2. Adam Membrey

    Adam Membrey Guest

    Oh, forgot to mention HOW I make it re-appear :|


    it's 12.30 am.. I'm tired

    I have to disable, then re-enable uPnP on the router.

    But as I said, the icon quickly disappears
    Adam Membrey, Nov 6, 2004
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  3. Adam Membrey

    Adam Membrey Guest

    Ok, seems to have corrected itself..or moreso Netgear have corrected it :p

    They've just released an official software update for the WG311v2 adapter.

    If you're interested:

    Seems to have fixed the problem regarding the Internet Gateway disappearing
    (will report back in a few days after a few reboots)

    However, the WPA issue in XP SP2 still seems to be abundant irrespective of
    whether I use the windows config or the Netgear software :(
    Adam Membrey, Nov 6, 2004
  4. Adam Membrey

    Adam Membrey Guest

    Spoke to soon :~(


    I want my gateway icon to stay damnit!
    Adam Membrey, Nov 6, 2004
  5. Adam Membrey

    Adam Membrey Guest

    The OTHER way for me to get the icon back (much easier than having to reset
    the router) is to go to a command prompt and ipconfig /release then ipconfig

    Pleeeease..someone has to know :p
    Adam Membrey, Nov 6, 2004
  6. Adam Membrey

    Tanya Guest

    I just put a link to the router. I have the Links toolbar in Quick Launch
    bar. Much easier than messing with the upnp settings.
    Tanya, Nov 6, 2004
  7. Adam Membrey

    Adam Membrey Guest

    Elaborate please :)
    Adam Membrey, Nov 7, 2004
  8. Adam Membrey

    Tanya Guest

    Rightclick the quicklaunch bar>toolbars>links(put a check) Then I open the
    start page for the router. I go to the run box and I type http:// for mine. Rightclick and save in my links folder. I stick it
    right next to the system tray all my frequently visited links go there.
    Tanya, Nov 7, 2004
  9. Adam Membrey

    Adam Membrey Guest

    Oh, right right :) Already have that

    But darn it, I want my pretty little icon to stay :(

    Surely not everyone experiences this problem?
    Adam Membrey, Nov 8, 2004
  10. Adam Membrey

    Tanya Guest

    HAHA I have Favorg and have a pretty icon. I couldn't keep one in Network
    Places either and decided it wasn't worth trying to keep it, was nice while
    it lasted but it was only there right after a clean install.
    Tanya, Nov 9, 2004
  11. Adam Membrey


    Oct 17, 2007
    Likes Received:
    This is how to do to have your icon permanently:

    In "Network Connections" right clik "1394 Net Adapter=>Properties=>Advanced.There you will have an option:Share internet connection etc etc.Uncheck those boxes. The same thing do to Wireless connection if you have one.After that restart connection and you will have your permanent icon over there.:beer:
    trancedman, Oct 17, 2007
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