internet explorer not working, outlook express and messenger are

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Dennis, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Dennis

    Dennis Guest

    I have a starband satalite connection which is supposidly working correctly.
    I can check my email and view newsgroups through Outlook Express, and i can
    use windows messenger, so i beleive that my connection is working properly.
    The problem is that i cant view web pages w/ internet explorer. i get the
    "this page cannot be displayed" page regardless of what site i try. Any
    help would be apreciated.
    Dennis, Jul 31, 2004
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  2. Dennis

    SwissTony Guest

    U need to check your dns settings.
    Ask you isp what they are or check the email/letter they sent you.
    right click my network places which is on the desktop then click properties
    select the device you use to connect to the satalite. i guess its a network
    card. then click properties.
    select internet protocol (TCP/IP) then click properties.
    depending on your operating system, look for the tab labeled DNS and enter
    the info given by ur isp.
    click apply then ok.
    It will probably ask you to restart unless you are using xp.
    once your pc has restarted, see if the internet works.
    SwissTony, Jul 31, 2004
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  3. Dennis

    Sonic Guest

    Use until you can find your own ISP's.
    Sonic, Jul 31, 2004
  4. Dennis

    °Mike° Guest

    And I suppose that you haven't given the slightest
    consideration that the original poster ... oh, never
    °Mike°, Jul 31, 2004
  5. Dennis

    °Mike° Guest

    Start here:

    Then, download, update and use ALL of the following -- even
    if you already have them installed, UPDATE THEM NOW.
    Malware changes by the day, even by the hour, so you MUST
    have the latest version of removal tools:

    Spybot Search & Destroy
    SpyBot S&D guide

    Ad-Aware VX2 cleaner plug-in

    Spyware Blaster

    CWShredder (CoolWebSearch remover)

    If that doesn't help, try to repair I.E.

    Description of the Internet Explorer Repair Tool

    If THAT doesn't help, try removing and reinstalling

    How to Remove and Reinstall Dial-Up Networking and TCP-IP Files

    How to Reset Internet Protocol (TCP_IP) in Windows XP
    °Mike°, Jul 31, 2004
  6. Dennis

    Dennis Guest

    that address doesnt help.
    i ran through a trouble shooter and it had me ping my address and gateway it
    returned 100% for the ip address and 0% for the gateway. Its set to obtain
    automaticly. I use Xp.
    anyother ideas?
    Dennis, Jul 31, 2004
  7. Dennis

    Jim Berwick Guest

    Deal with this 5 days a week. You have a problem with spyware and need to
    immediately run adaware 6 and CWShredder. A temporary fix is to open IE, go
    Tools, Options, and uncheck "Enable third party browser extensions" and
    Jim Berwick, Aug 1, 2004
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