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Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by sandy j, May 2, 2009.

  1. sandy j

    sandy j Guest

    i'm using a custom built pc, w/ a newly installed windows xp pro x64 os,
    connect to the internet via dsl, 3 hard drives ( 'c' and 'f' raid drives),
    2500 gb memory, cd and cd/dvd burner.
    the os, drivers, sp 1 and sp 2 were installed when the computer was taken
    into a local repair shop when it died a couple of months ago. i've been
    trying to get the computer back to a familiar state. there are several thing
    i need to fix/change/correct, but right now i'm focusing on internet explorer
    because some of fixes access/link the internet via internet explorer. when i
    try to access internet explorer i get the following error message page
    'internet explorer cannot display the webpage'. i've tried the fixes up to
    and including running 'fix it' software . i then tried to access internet
    explorer with no success. i use aol as my isp, and that's how i've been able
    to get on line... this may sound like a d.a. question but i'm asking it
    anyway. can i go into control panel / add remove / and uninstall internet
    explorer and reinstall it? is it possible this will work? if not, do you
    have another solution?
    i'd greatly appreaciate any easy to understand, detailed instructions.

    thanks in advance
    sandy j, May 2, 2009
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