INTERNET EXPLORER 11 wont load in Windows 7

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Rogie, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Rogie

    Rogie Guest

    I cannot get explorer to load in my hp notebook. It worked for about a week, after having the same problem and then problem reoccurred a week later, after having using system restore. That date is not available any longer on system restore.

    It loads partially and shows "not responding" and then closes completely.

    I would like to do a clean reinstall, but that is not possible.

    Its lucky that I have the other browser.

    Has anybody else had the same problem? If so how did you find a solution to get explorer to work again.

    googling the web I realize I am not the only one.

    Rogie, Feb 4, 2014
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  2. Rogie

    Paul Guest

    If you need to reinstall Windows, you can do it.

    1) Back up the hard drive, to an external hard drive.
    Just in case this procedure does not go well.

    2) You can get copies of Windows 7 DVDs from DigitalRiver.

    I used this one. My laptop has the OEM version of the
    OS, while this disc is the Retail version. I was still
    able to install from it. I had to do the phone call to
    Microsoft, and exchanged 56 digit numbers, to get it to

    Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 (old) X17-24209.iso

    In your case, you'd look through the list there, for
    something that matches your OS version as closely as
    possible. Don't try to install Ultimate on a Home Premium
    license key.

    The procedure and more details are here:

    If you insert the DVD while Windows is running, that is
    called an "In-place Upgrade" and it saves the old copy
    of the OS as "Windows-Old" or similar. You'll notice two
    Windows folders on C:, the clean one will be called
    Windows, the old one will also be present. They leave
    the old one there, in case you want to reverse the upgrade
    and use the old Windows folder.

    If you boot from the DVD, you can do a clean installation,
    but that's not going to preserve anything. When I did that
    to my laptop, I did it this way:

    1) Create a new NTFS partition, big enough to install
    Windows 7.
    2) Using PTEDIT32, overwrite the partition type identifier
    with 0x00 to "hide" the partition of the old Windows.
    Then shut down the computer. (I think I did that one
    from Windows - I could also have done that from Linux,
    one way or another).
    3) Installed Windows by booting from the DVD, and doing
    a Clean Install. When the screen prompted me to call
    Microsoft, I exchanged 56 digit numbers over the phone.
    Typed in the 56 digit number received over the phone,
    to activate.
    4) Once Windows is running, use PTEDIT32 to change the
    invisible 0x00 partition to 0x07 for NTFS. Then, I was
    able to see my old C: drive, as a simple data drive.
    (I could also have used backup software, but this
    idea was just too much fun to resist.)

    That's pretty complicated, but what that does do, is
    preserve my old data files, email and the like. I can
    then transfer any bits across that I want, later.

    Note: Rumor is, the download links
    will not be around much longer. Quickly identify the
    correct DVD that you need, and download it *now*. There
    might only be a few weeks left, if that. I downloaded my
    DVD some time ago, because I realized I had no direct
    repair capability after installing SP1. So acquiring an
    SP1 disc, was high on my todo list. That's where
    X17-24209.iso comes in handy. It contains SP1.

    Just make sure you select as close a match to your
    current OS type and language, as possible. Activation
    uyses geolocation - if you install a US DVD while
    sitting in Korea in a hotel room, activation will be
    denied. If you use a North American DVD to install,
    the activation server expects the IP address of the
    computer to also be in North America. So don't get
    too crazy when selecting a DVD to download.

    Paul, Feb 4, 2014
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  3. Get Firefox!

    The 29th Earl of Grimsby
    The 29th Earl of Grimsby, Feb 4, 2014
  4. Rogie

    bigrog318 Guest

    I mentioned in my posting, I had the other browser
    bigrog318, Feb 4, 2014
  5. Rogie

    bigrog318 Guest

    Thanks Paul,

    Too complicated. My computer came with no disks.

    It has some special version of windows 7. The computer cannot handle a more powerful version.
    Luckily I have two other browsers.
    bigrog318, Feb 5, 2014
  6. Rogie

    bigrog318 Guest

    Read my original post
    bigrog318, Feb 5, 2014
  7. Rogie

    Paul Guest

    Maybe that is "Starter" version ?

    Try Start : msinfo32 and that gives some information
    about your computer. msinfo32.exe is available in Windows 7.

    The info would be "OS Name" near the top of the window.

    If you cannot find or run msinfo32, try the "System" Control Panel,
    which has the OS Name just below the words "Windows edition".

    Also, some computers, you can go to the company web site that
    made the computer, and order a set of discs. These will
    not be "installer" discs necessarily, but they will give the
    capability to return the machine to "factory" conditions.
    So you can start over again.

    On machines like netbooks, some of those don't come with
    an optical drive, when means shelling out another $50
    so you can do maintenance on them (install from DVD).

    Paul, Feb 5, 2014
  8. Rogie

    bigrog318 Guest


    Thanks again.

    Ill try to get orig disks from HP.

    bigrog318, Feb 5, 2014
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