Internet browsing Faild Sorry for the fist Qustion try this one

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Guest, Jan 7, 2005.

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    Guest Guest

    Well,, I have the following situation :

    1 Domain Controller 2000 Advanced Server
    and 10 Clients PC 3 of them are windows XP and the rest is Windows 98 all
    those clients need to access the internet throw ADSL Router which have a
    Ethernet Port

    I have a problem with Windows XP Clients when they need to brows the
    internet web pages they fail because the IP address of the primary DNS Server
    in those clients is the IP for The Domain Controller and this server cannot
    resolve any host name outside the domain for security purpose, so how can I
    make those clients able to brows the internet while they able to access the
    domain resources????????? Is there any option I must set it in the DNS
    service in the Domain Controller? Or what I will type down what I tried to
    do to prevent wasting your time:

    I sat the TCP/IP Configuration in all those Clients in the DNS Part as follow:
    1- Primary DNS: Domain Controller’s IP
    Alternate DNS: One of my ISP’s DNS Server IP
    Result: Domain Browsing Work Well
    Internet web pages browsing fail
    2- Primary DNS: One Of my ISP’s DNS servers IP
    Alternate DNS: Domain Controller’s IP
    Result: Internet web pages browsing Works well
    But browsing the domain resources and authentication process fail

    Mohamed Taher
    System Eng.
    ADSL Service Provider
    Guest, Jan 7, 2005
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  2. Guest

    Kurt Guest

    1) Make sure the domain controller can browse trhe internet.
    2) Delete the root (".") zone from your DNS.
    3) surf away.
    Kurt, Jan 8, 2005
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