Internet access only works at some wireless cafes

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Matt Beckwith, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. When I'm on my home wireless network, or on the wireless in Panera (a
    cafe) I can access the Internet without difficulty. But at a couple
    of local cafes where I live, I cannot. In each location, I am able to
    connect to their wireless network just fine. But Internet Explorer
    cannot find web sites. Others sitting in these cafes at the same time
    with their laptops are able to access web sites without difficulty.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Matt Beckwith, Mar 28, 2007
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  2. Matt Beckwith

    Klaatu01 Guest

    Look for the following settings:
    Tools > Internet Options... > Connection > LAN Settings... >
    Automatically detect settings (checkbox) and check (Enable) it. Also
    there may be a "Proxy" setting required in SOME locations or your
    Windows / Other firewall MAY be blocking. Firewall software can be
    tricky to configure and the last thing someone suspects depending on
    the symptoms. A relative of mine recently had issues downloading
    multimedia content for Windows Media Player (WMP) but the weird
    symptom was he could get two-thirds of the way through a download
    before it quit on him. This may be due to "buffering" of the incoming
    data stream, before it writes to the hard drive, but I do not know the
    specifics. He finally uninstalled the Firewall software and with no
    other changes everything worked correctly afterwards.

    Are you using Windows built-in Firewall, Windows Defender, a third-
    party firewall or multiple firewall (type) applications?

    So, go figure. Just for clarity, my caps use above should be
    understood to imply MAY (or MAY NOT) and SOME (but possibly not all).

    Internet Explorer also has settings for Security and the "Internet"
    zone which may or may not be set as "High" when "Medium" might be good
    enough. Internet Explorer 7, the newest, does not have "SSL 2.0"
    enabled by default, so this MAY be a factor if you have recently
    downloaded (upgraded) to it. I guess SSL 3.0 is a replacement for 2.0
    but I am not sure of this and (still) think they are backwards

    Which version of Internet Explorer do you use?

    If you are seeing any other indicators such as, "Page cannot be
    displayed" or a errors 501 or 403.17, please post again and let us

    Finally, if you open a Command Line prompt by going to [Start] > Run >
    "cmd" (OK) and type the command "ipconfig" or "ipconfig /all" at
    either Cafe location, this will give you data on exactly what the
    laptop is "seeing" (detecting) as far as network related stuff is
    concerned. It is possible you will see "192.68.x.x" (private or local
    network) or "254.169.x.x" (non-routable) IP Address. Knowing how to
    check this and a little about what it means can be VERY helpful (e.g.
    you will know more than the staff at the cafes).

    NOTE: In the Command Line (DOS window) if you right-click the Title
    Bar and go into Properties, checking "Quick Edit" and increasing the
    "Buffer Size:" to 400 will allow you to Cut & Paste information from
    within the window into Notepad or an e-mail for sharing with others or
    posting to this group. Be sure to save the properties "Save
    properties for future windows..." when you exit the DOS window. This
    also can be very useful in troubleshooting problems.

    Good luck!
    Klaatu01, Mar 28, 2007
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  3. Matt Beckwith

    Evan Platt Guest

    Ok, so you're using a laptop of some sort.
    Mac? PC? Windows 98? Windows XP?

    Disable any and all firewalls and try.
    Evan Platt, Mar 28, 2007
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