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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by pvc999, Jan 14, 2004.

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    Hi everyone,
    We are a big hotjob company in China. We have runing this company
    for years. Many Amercian are leading a good time in China with good
    salary and happy life.
    We do not request how skillful in any in jobs. If you can speak
    English then . you are the person we needed very much. You can doing
    your own business in China with opening a English language School here
    and we are sure you can earn a lot of money . you needn't worry that
    you can not get money from you job because learning English is very
    popular in China. the students are willing to pay a lot in their
    English trainning.
    Your job is just speak English to others , talk with students .then
    you can earn money.
    if you are out of job now, if you like a long trip to China, if you
    like made some money in China, if you like Chinese culture. Please
    connect us can talk with ur about the detail fo findind a job in
    We are sure that you will find a very very happy life in China with
    the low expense for living but high income.
    We also have Chinese -English translator who will be your guard to
    travel anywhere in China .
    you just spend $300 for 15 days to hire a guard.
    if you want to travel to China but you don't know how the
    situation China is or you need a gurad in advanced . Please conncet
    You can Email us:

    or you can call us:
    Mr: Lin

    Best regards,
    China internet traveling company
    pvc999, Jan 14, 2004
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