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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Jason Joines, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Jason Joines

    Jason Joines Guest

    I'm studying for the CCNA exam using the Cisco Press CCNA Self-Study
    Certification Library. There are many configuration examples that start
    out with "interface interface-name" but the form of "interface-name" is
    often different. For instance the first Ethernet interface may be shown as:

    interface ethernet 0
    interface e0
    interface ethernet 0/0
    interface Ethernet0

    There may be more. Are these all synonymous? Is it different for a
    switch than a router? Between different IOS versions?


    Jason Joines
    Jason Joines, Jul 21, 2004
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  2. They're all equivalent. Interface names are case-insensitive, the space
    between the type and number is optional, and they can be abbreviated
    (that comes from Cisco's command completion). IOS has always allowed
    this, I'm not as sure about CatOS (but I think Cisco has incorporated
    most of these features since they bought Catalyst many years ago).
    Barry Margolin, Jul 21, 2004
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  3. one reason you would see ethernet 0/0 instead of ethernet 0 is that the
    router has the ability to use upgrade cards to add more ports and this means
    that the first of the two zeros is the slot (first card) then the ethernet
    port on that card. si if you had a second upgrade card that allows you more
    ports you might have ethernet 1/0 for the card in slot 1 and port 0 of that
    slipstream_242, Jul 21, 2004
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