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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Bruce, May 10, 2012.

  1. Bruce

    Noons Guest

    Wolfgang Weisselberg wrote,on my timestamp of 26/05/2012 1:27 AM:

    Many a lot bigger than you have tried that.
    I'd like to see you have a go, need a good laugh.

    About your imbecile troll thought process?
    You and the other trolls from that german uni site?
    No, thanks!
    Noons, May 28, 2012
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  2. They're all 2.6 meters, 500 pounds and have an IQ well
    upwards of Mensa admission requirements? And they wouldn't
    manage to call your mom?
    Oh, *now* I get it! Your mom is an ugly, bearded woman who
    yells at everyone all the time.
    You still don't have a clue, do you?

    Is using the WWW and maybe a google translater way too hard
    for you? Don't worry, clueless trolls like you usually find that
    the reality doesn't impinge their twisted little worlds ...

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, May 28, 2012
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  3. Bruce

    Noons Guest

    Wolfgang Weisselberg wrote,on my timestamp of 29/05/2012 2:50 AM:

    They wouldn't. Unless they can talk to the next world, which I doubt.
    Then again, anyone with 500 pounds needs to be in close contact with next world,
    that's where they are heading soon...

    Like I said: I'd like to see you have a go.

    Yes, precisely. It's the hallmark of trolls like you to go through all those
    machinations to use that kind of site.
    I don't need to.
    BWAHAHA! Get down to earth, idiot.
    Noons, May 29, 2012
  4. Done. Worked. She said she'd spank you, but due to circumstances
    that would have to wait till you're in convenient reach, she'd
    not play "haunted house".

    The convenient reach can be arranged ...

    Yep, you'd rather bum Usenet access from Wolfgang M. Weyand (who
    --- tadaa --- happens to live in Germany, who's servers live in
    Germany, ...) for free. Pray tell, can't you find a newsserver
    in your own country any more? Been thrown off all of them?
    You do speak German? You asked for your username and password
    via gopher --- or did you use snail-mail?

    The "idiot" told to tell you to fix
    your Reply-To:, it's contrary to their TOS. Unless your email
    address is indeed "alt.morons" --- with no domain specification.#

    Which would make sense: you're the moron everywhere.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, May 29, 2012
  5. Bruce

    Noons Guest

    Wolfgang Weisselberg wrote,on my timestamp of 30/05/2012 12:16 AM:

    Really? You and whose army?
    Start making sense, moron. You can't even construct a phrase properly, much
    less invent names and situations...
    Er? Are you totally, insanely mad?
    WTF is "gopher"? WTF is "snail-mail"?
    By how many millenia is your mind retarded?
    Really? I'm shaking already. Let me see: you'd only be the umpteenth utter
    imbecile who attempts to "shut me up". Sad... Really sad...
    So much effort of that single brain cell, and totally wasted...
    What can I say other than:

    Looking at mirrors again? Seems a constant with you...
    I'd consult a shrink, if I were you. That sort of crap can lead to suicide.
    Guess what's coming, troll:
    Noons, Jun 1, 2012
  6. Gopher was the text-only somewhat-precursor to HTML.

    WTF is "snail-mail"?

    The United States Postal Service. Actually, its
    now no longer snail-like.

    Doug McDonald
    Doug McDonald, Jun 1, 2012
  7. Bruce

    Joe Makowiec Guest

    Just to add some historical context - it originated at the University
    of Minnesota (Home of the 'Golden Gophers') in the early days of the
    World Wide Web, ca 1991. It was sort of a competitor.
    Joe Makowiec, Jun 1, 2012
  8. Bruce

    PeterN Guest

    there are indeed too many people who make nasty comments about others
    without disclosing their true identity.
    PeterN, Jun 1, 2012
  9. Bruce

    Noons Guest

    PeterN wrote,on my timestamp of 2/06/2012 6:24 AM:
    Bingo. About bloody time this happens!
    I hope it gets approved and spreads out.
    Enough is enough!
    Noons, Jun 2, 2012
  10. The army of grains of sand in the used, smelly sock.

    No need for a solitary sniper in *your* case: you bark real loud
    and proud, but you'd need to get dentures for a bite that might
    threaten a fresh, very soft milk roll.

    You cannot be *that* naive about your own usenet provider
    when a moron can find out all and more that in 5 minutes.

    See other posts. Obviously you have not been around for long
    nor know much about the Internet. Anything *you* don't
    grasp is madness ... which says lots about you.

    BTW, if you run across vocabulary you don't grasp, asking
    wikipedia or google is a good idea even you could implement
    if you worked hard at it.

    Obviously you're an asshole to everyone.
    Well, *my* single brain cell can figure out --- all on it's own ---
    that if you want to be nasty (i.e. just yourself) you need to use
    "Followup-To:", not "Reply-To:". So what's wrong with *your*
    brain? Drowned in alcohol? Happen to have 2 brain cells
    (one's lost and the other's looking for it)? Brain amputee?

    Not that "Followup-To:" will work against me, as I do have a
    single brain cell --- which works.

    Yep, if I was *you*, the thought that a one-braincell-moron
    would outthink, outknow, outsmart and outfigure me every turn
    would surely lead to suicide --- but then I, being you,
    wouldn't have the mental power to even notice that.
    Oh, I shivvvver in by very trousers. I really do. But ...
    thinking about it, it's the sort of stupidity a Noons would commit,
    and it's double stupid since Noons is not Noons real name.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Jun 2, 2012
  11. Bruce

    PeterN Guest

    However, there are many valid reasons one might want to speak anonymously.

    1. job preservation.
    2. Privacy protection to deter identity theft.
    PeterN, Jun 2, 2012
  12. Bruce

    Noons Guest

    PeterN wrote,on my timestamp of 3/06/2012 12:01 AM:
    Narh, sorry. The need to do so is long gone.
    There is absolutely no reason for anyone to post anonymously or through
    remailers, in this day and age.
    Noons, Jun 3, 2012
  13. Bruce

    Noons Guest

    Savageduck wrote,on my timestamp of 3/06/2012 4:20 PM:
    Dude, if you don't know who I am,
    why I call myself that and where I live,
    I can only say: "What an idiot..."
    Noons, Jun 5, 2012
  14. Bruce

    Noons Guest

    Mxsmanic wrote,on my timestamp of 3/06/2012 5:14 PM:
    Narh, sorry. I don't subscribe to paranoia.
    And if you think nowadays any "free remailer" or "free" server is truly free,
    impartial and anonymous, all I can say is: dream on...
    As such, what's the point?
    Noons, Jun 5, 2012
  15. Bruce

    Noons Guest

    Savageduck wrote,on my timestamp of 5/06/2012 9:03 PM:

    Good! Shewt, for a second there you got me worried your intelligence had
    dropped to "Wolfgang"'s levels!...
    Noons, Jun 5, 2012
  16. What makes you imagine I couldn't?

    Human rights. Even you are supposed to have them.
    Yep, as I described Noons: nice bark, needs dentures.

    I see, new usenet provider. So you've been thrown off for your stupidity.

    Yep. That'll be it. You've been on the net ever since 29th
    October in 1969.
    Ah, so you were "before that" every time on a system that started
    to exist later. There's a good reason you don't add the years
    to your claims.

    Just how you reacted in school everytime they taught you something

    Sentence no verb.

    Well, you've already been thrown off
    .... we can continue the game as long as you're an asshole
    (because you're a *stupid* asshole) ...
    .... that I managed to kick you off (well,
    you kicked off yourself with your stupidiy and assholeness)
    must really drive you crazy.

    Really? Would you like me to post your replies to alt.morons?

    And you're hoping for pseudonyms being disallowed. Amazing!

    Because you're where the noons-un doesn't shine.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Jun 7, 2012
  17. Bruce

    Noons Guest

    Wolfgang Weisselberg wrote,on my timestamp of 7/06/2012 10:54 PM:
    Facts. Like in: you haven't, and you never will.
    And it's not a sock, moron.
    You're watching too many movies and little reality.
    Exactly. Bark away. It's obvious you lack dentures.

    No, moron. It's not "new". It's 8 years old.
    I was showing you that you don't have a clue how many
    news servers I can use. Suffice to say that your "theory"
    about me being "thrown off" motza is as stupid as
    all of your other interventions.
    Oh dear! More embarassment coming your way...

    Shows how much you know about the Usenet...
    Try 1970, idiot.
    Ah, that's right: you were not yet born then...
    and a simple fact.
    BWAHAHAHAHA! Have I? But hang on: reality shows what a complete and utter
    fool you are, doesn't it? Shewt, there goes another "theory"....
    Who's the "arsehole" now, dipshit?
    You should really not use words longer than 2 syllables, for danger of
    embarassing yourself...
    And guess what: for the next week I'm going to use yet ANOTHER newsserver.
    But I'll let you embarass yourself again "proving" how much you've "thrown me
    off" eternal-whatever! LOL!
    Yeah, sure. This post didn't come from eternal-whatever?
    Let me see: which pill did you miss today, moron?

    No, moron. Once again you show your total IT ignorance.
    I'm certain anonymous remailers - and posting from unregistered servers with
    invalid emails - WILL be banned. Fundamental difference that even a
    moron like you should be aware of. Don't worry, give it 5 years and the proof
    will be here.

    BZZZZT! Wrong. As expected.

    Shit, but you really are an embarassment
    to the human species....
    Noons, Jun 8, 2012
  18. Of course I have. And as to predicting the future --- even
    if you had "Facts." --- it's sooo easy for a Noons to be
    Have you tried it?
    So much for "Facts."

    It really sounds ridiculous, *you* having rights, doesn't it?

    Oh, and Noons has problems with understanding written texts.

    The usenet provider probably *is* 8 years old, and therefore the
    right mental age to be your big brother.

    WOW! A true wizzzzard! Let's all bow deep down to him and kiss
    the soles of his shoes. There's only one skill more tricky than
    handling more than one usenet provider --- drinking from more
    than one glass in one's life.

    So, tell me, why are you using a newsserver in GERMANY?

    Yep, I should have recognized your stupid pseudonym from

    Yep, 13 years before Milnet even came int being. So you had
    13 additional, imaginary years of experience?

    Unlike you I accumulate experience, I don't repeat the same 3
    months of experience 4 times a year, every year.

    No wonder you got bad grades. Too bad your teachers couldn't beat
    sense into you, but I cannot fault them for failing the impossible.

    Sentence still no verb.

    Do *I* have to teach you your own language?

    Faked another account, I see.

    You know, I really like the title "dipshit". Evokes the image
    of me dipping you in excrements. Not the high-faluting job,
    for sure, but lots of job satisfaction. Let's hold you by the
    legs and see how long you can keep your head up high enough ...

    For someone who doesn't even produce sentences with verbs
    consistently, you sure have a wide open mouth.

    Yeah, sure, you finagled your way back with false data. The
    trick is to keep an account while using it, Mr "My email is
    The one which said "Noons has any brains".

    You shouldn't capitalize 'it', people might infer you're
    talking about information technologies --- which has nothing
    to do with pseudonyms.
    You were also certain the Titanic would arrive in New York in
    record time and that hydrogen-airships were *the* passenger
    transport for the 1960'. Never mention "Columbus will fall off
    the Earth", "The elections in 2010 will give a clear majority to
    the Nationals' led government" or "Austrailia will always be an
    agrarian country".

    So why should you be right this time? If you were at least a
    broken clock, you'd be at least right twice a day (though not
    even you would know when ...)

    And why should pseudonyms be allowed? The article claimed
    something completely different from your interpretation.

    Of course you're not willing to back your claim with a single

    You'd say that to every other explanation as well.

    Hey, at least I am part of the species, while you can only ape
    being a human.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Jun 8, 2012
  19. Bruce

    Noons Guest

    Yes. Familiar with the notion of "facts"?

    No one in his right mind would use a sock, moron.
    That's reality. Your use of that film sketch only shows how out of
    touch you are.

    No, idiot. My use of it is 8 years old, been my ISP for that long.
    Despite many ridiculous attempts from retards like you to "shut me
    Lessee: have you succeeded in "shutting me up", you worthless sack of
    Nope. Where are your "facts", dipshit?
    Would you like me to post this same text on at least two other

    Man, but you are such a gutless wonder, aren't you?
    So why was it such a problem for you to grasp, gutless wonder?
    Because that is where motza is, gutless wonder.
    And it appears you have not succeeded in throwing me off it,
    like YOU claimed here, imbecile!

    And a lot of others before that. You're just too stupid to get them.

    No, idiot. I never said I was in the milnet in 1970. I said I was
    online since 1970.
    Try to learn some basic English, imbecile german gutless wonder.

    I won't even begin to demonstrate how stupid that reads...
    Actually, I was top school achiever for 8 years, imbecile.
    That's why I can live and work anywhere in the world while the only
    thing you can work out is how to get to the nearest unemplyment
    You don't know what my "own language" is, imbecile.

    No, idiot. I simply use EXACTLY the same. You NEVER succededed at
    throwing me off motza, imbecile. Nor google. Nor my ISP.
    Which part of that do you find hard to come to grips with?
    But feel free to continue to demonstrate to the world what an absolute
    imbecile you are.
    I'm still waiting, dipshit. It's all hot air from you, ain't it?
    Just like your sentence:
    Your point again?

    And guess what: there is NOTHING you and your stupid kind can do to
    shut my "wide open mouth", you worthless wonder!
    Are you totally stupid or trying to prove you are a complete idiot?
    My account in motza is the same, it couldn't be created again if it
    had been cancelled! Cripes, but you redefine the lengths of stupidity
    a troll can go to...
    WTH are you talking about, idiot? Make sense for once.
    Pills don't talk, imbecile. Try swallowing instead of listening to
    them - they might finally produce a result.
    I WAS talking about information technology, imbecile.
    Didn't expect you to have the intelligence to grasp it, so thanks for
    proving it!
    Sad, really...

    Hence, your claim that pseudonyms are to be disallowed proves your
    total misread of the article. Your own words beat any other proof I
    could provide.
    I don't gamble, imbecile. Never did, don't and never will.
    Really? Where? Imagining things again, aren't you?
    Careful: voices are a sign of madness...
    So far, all you have proven is that you are a simpleton idiot.
    Apes at least can reproduce.
    Noons, Jun 20, 2012
  20. Yep. They have the notion of knowledge and truth about a
    subject. Something you absolutely don't have about me. So
    you don't have any "facts" of that kind.
    So you haven't tried it.
    Noone you know of has tried it.
    And yet you claim you have knowledge ...

    Sure, your ISP is Google and lots of other usenet providers.
    Tell more lies.

    Oh, you've been thrown off yet another usenet provider?
    Please post it on 20 or 30 newsservers! You're unable,
    right? Too stupid for that, right?
    You're much too gutless to actually say such things to anyones'
    face. Poor coward.

    Because I couldn't believe you thought that to be something
    special. I had no ideas you had, ah, special needs.

    Oh, and get your scatography under control. It makes you look
    even more idiotic than you are.

    Ah, you do live in Germany.
    That's why you now are posting through google. Can't find a
    newsserver in Germany any more?

    But still bumming usenet access ...

    Ah, yes, you're the sock puppet of a 13 year old.

    So where were you? X-400?
    Came into being when?
    Must *I* teach you capitalization rules of
    the English language?

    No comeback? Are you too stupid or did that really hit the

    Sure. It was a school for mentally handicapped adults in
    criminal facilities, and you managed to archive brushing your
    teeth every day. Unlike your brothers.

    Well, that is true.
    Assuming "live and work" reads "bum usenet access" and "nearest
    unemploymet line" reads "next very high paid job as a valued
    It was to be proven that you write incomplete sentences
    without verbs and still claim to be fluent in the English
    language? Well, then ...

    Ah, so English is a second language to you. Or a third
    language. That explains lots.

    You use EXACTLY the same idiot?
    I didn't even try, but I notice you no longer posting through
    The part that you have grips one can come to with.
    Is your tourette acting up again?

    You're impatient, young grasshopper.

    Thanks for pointing out that satire sails way over your head.

    There's a lot of things that can be done, it's just that you are
    much funnier when you completely overestimate your own importance.

    Yeah, keep talking about yourself. Keep lying, too. That way
    your world view won't get so many cracks ...

    Must I really explain to you in detail what the meaning of
    your "Reply-To: alt.moron" stupidity means?
    Everyone else got the joke when you fell flat on your face.
    It's printed on it.
    I shall stop listening to you. A pill has more brains than
    you, is honest and even a suicide pill isn't half as spiteful
    and hostile as you are.

    Ah, so you don't know how to write it, I mean IT. Are you
    sure you even know what IT means?
    So what does that have to do with pseudonyms and pen names?
    Enlighten us. We want to laugh.

    But true.
    But oh so true.
    Ah, you're changing your tune now.

    And you'll be right like a broken clock. By accident only.

    It's your psychological makeup. You *cannot* let others be right.
    Must I teach you the difference between "you say" and "you'd
    say"? No wonder you don't grasp what people are saying ...
    Is that a personal experience of yours?

    Yes, idiots never die out.

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Jun 20, 2012
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