Interesting and frightening ad-aware development

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Patrick Michael, Feb 14, 2005.


    Broadbandreports is reporting that Ad-Aware removed detection for WhenU
    adware with the last update. This is definitely a scary development, as
    many scumware companies have recently been buying themselves out of being
    detected by well-regarded anti-spyware programs. Ad-Aware has always been a
    valuable tool to me for spyware removal, along with Spybot S&D, HijackThis!
    and AntiSpyware...but if it turns out that lavasoft was "bought out", I will
    have second thoughts about that statement.

    There's currently a thread on their forums asking Lavasoft to
    explain....this should be interesting -
    Patrick Michael, Feb 14, 2005
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  2. Patrick Michael, Feb 15, 2005
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  3. I have personally removed spyware from my system that had a registery
    key with Ad-Aware in it. Go figure. It's definitely not suprising.
    johnnygeargrinder2004, Feb 15, 2005
  4. Yup, IST can be a bitch to remove. I've found that a good strategy for
    stuff like this is to run the scans in safe mode so that nothing is running
    in the background to "re-spawn" the scumware.
    And more good news is that Microsoft announced that Anti-spyware will be
    free to all Windows users!

    I'm usually very critical of MS, but this is a great move that should be
    Patrick Michael, Feb 15, 2005
  5. True, but the program this is based on (Giant Anti-Spyware) was *not* just had a 15-day trial (might have been longer).
    Patrick Michael, Feb 16, 2005
  6. They could also make it like other spyware programs that only scan your
    system in trial mode, but do nothing to remove the spyware until you
    purchase the "full" version.
    Patrick Michael, Feb 16, 2005
  7. That seems awful nice of Microsoft. It is good pr on their part. They
    know they are selling you software that cost top dollar and is full of
    bugs and holes. That is like me selling you a car that is brand new,
    knowing that it was flawed in the design phase, and giving you a
    toolkit and hospital visits for free...............So, I sit here and
    wonder.......When are people gonna' get the idea about open source
    code?..........I paid 125 dollars for a copy of a program (xp) that is
    resource intensive and needs other programs to keep it running properly
    (more resources). I have to install more ram to get it up to full
    potential. So, my 125$ operating system is up to almost two hundred
    bucks now!....I get on the internet download a Linux Distro. , and have
    all I had and more....for free. I do not even need extra ram. The 256 I
    have is more than enough. Open source for me. I only do Microsoft to
    get a job. I guess in a way thier spoty, high dollar products will mean
    job security for A+ techs. So, maybe that is a good thing.
    johnnygeargrinder2004, Feb 16, 2005
  8. Patrick Michael

    «BONEHEAD>> Guest

    Doesn't anyone think that Monkeysoft isn't adding a boatload of code to this
    proggie (Giant) in order to scan your reg for pirated OS and other info....
    I trust nothing from Monkeysoft... As far as I'm concerned installing
    MonkeySoft products on your computer for protection is like letting
    the fox bunk with the chickens...

    No way is this a good thing, Bill Gates has never done a thing that
    wouldn't some how benefit him in the end....

    Wise UP....
    «BONEHEAD>>, Feb 17, 2005
  9. Patrick Michael

    AG Guest

    If you're not using a pirated copy of Windows there isn't a problem, is
    MS has a right to charge what they want for the use of their software. It's
    what they do to feed the kiddies that they have.
    Yeah they make a profit but we'd all like to do that.

    AG, Feb 17, 2005
  10. Patrick Michael

    MF Guest

    I'll have to give the Msft piece a try. But as I posted before (forgetting
    to mention booting to safe mode, which is frequently essential) you often
    have to remove these pieces of scum manually. I have it down to 5-6 hours,
    including the research to identify all the files infecting your machine.
    I've had to do it four times. Once (two removals) was from an inattentive
    cruise through a bunch of shady sites. But once it was by following a
    google link to a site that listed itself as a song lyric site. Most of
    these are old school internet, i.e., put up by enthusiasts for the general
    edification of the public. Some - or at least one - however, are put up by
    scum trying to hijack other peoples' computers.

    My feeling about these people? The bush admin would do the world a favor
    (for once) if they identified these adware/spyware guys as terrorists, took
    'em to gitmo, and tortured them to death.

    Here's the contact info for the host of one of them (and the people that are
    hosting these guys are the same as these guys):

    Server4You, Inc.
    which owns IP range -
    710 North Tucker Blvd
    Suite 610, St. Louis, MO, 63101
    phone number: +1-866-342-5749
    and website at,
    abuse contact : Sascha Wintz at .

    hope that's easy to scan for the spam crawlers.
    MF, Feb 18, 2005
  11. Patrick Michael

    «BONEHEAD>> Guest

    Ok mines paid for so that's not really the prob...
    I still think Monkeysoft will have an inherent interest in the info on your
    I haven't used SP2 and have had no ill effects... and I am religious about
    my security... I use proven 3rd party software because I don't trust
    to have my best interests in mind...

    Personally if I didn't have to support Windows products as a tech, I
    use them on my machines...
    At this point in time my other box runs Suse Linux 9.2 (free) with Firefox
    and Thunderbird mail (also free)... and lately have been pointing my home
    clients in that direction...
    I have 3 clients that use Suse exclusively... yeah it takes me a little
    time to show them where stuff is at, but once they know they seem to like it
    «BONEHEAD>>, Feb 18, 2005
  12. Patrick Michael

    AG Guest

    I agree about Linux. I still haven't upgraded from '98 yet because about
    the only thing I do on this box is game and internet. I have a computer
    running RH9 and one running Fedora 2 that needs some RAM, long boring story.
    I like the concept of Linux but there are problems installing software for
    those who don't WANT to get their hands dirty. I've got a couple of
    groupware programs that I've spent about two months trying to install and
    still don't have them working properly, lots of dependency problems and
    editing file permissions and group permissions by hand. Shouldn't need to
    be done and wouldn't be put up with in the Windows world.
    I still think there are some things that need to be improved for Linux
    before I'm going to recommend it to Grandma.

    AG, Feb 18, 2005
  13. Patrick Michael

    Bum Guest

    First of all MSquish ad blocking tool is worthless -- it flags it's own
    DLL's as suspect. Result, people who do not know what they are doing
    delete these files and their systems fall down adn go boom boom. This is a
    good thing for me and my shop for we repair their mistakes, but this should
    never be the case.

    We also build and sell systems. Most of the systems we sell are to college
    students. Guess what, as long as they are not engineering students needing
    specialized software, most opt for Linux. Why? Identical systems shown
    side by side the linux system outperforms the MSquish systems for 90% of
    the tests.

    The comment regarding bloating the software for other purposes, yes that is
    the Credo at MSquish. However, because of the fiasco with Intel and
    MSquish about user systems calling home (i.e., MS or Intel) it is not
    likely to happen without some major sqawking underground before it is made
    public. In which case it will be shelved.

    The upshot will be this. As the current college kids mature into good
    corporate citizens, MS will slowly be pushed to rethink any type of policy
    such as calling home. I watched this happened with VAX, Unix, OS/2, MAC,
    and Apple II as well as any number of systems over the last 20 years.

    So what will happen? Nobody knows for certain, but I venture to guess that
    MS will not be giving this software away for long without some major
    revisions. Any chance bloat the software MS will do. However, it is
    unlikely then will use it to call home with a listing of software any time
    in the near future.

    Bum, Feb 18, 2005
  14. I guess it is like driving a car. Some people are only interested in
    how to put the key in, put it in drive, and go. There will always be
    those type of people. Some, wanna know how to change their own oil, do
    routine thins to it. Some, will wanna know how to pull the motor,
    rebuild it, getting more horsepower, hooking up NO2, and the works.
    johnnygeargrinder2004, Feb 19, 2005
  15. Patrick Michael

    «BONEHEAD>> Guest

    The dependency problems seem to be rectified using yum (aptget type prog)
    at least in Fedora core 3... YAST in SuSe is very good at finding
    dependencies and
    locating them for you...
    I will admit it is a learning curve, but setting up a box for some one who
    just browses, plays flash games, email, and the like, it has saved me the
    headaches of constantly fixing their mistakes... (I AM ADMIN :) )

    I know it will never happen, but I wish more people would get a clue,
    but it's like giving a teenager keys to the car, they don't care how it
    as long as it goes...
    «BONEHEAD>>, Feb 20, 2005
  16. Patrick Michael

    Bum Guest


    Lavasoft does not cooperate with WhenU!
    As a result of recent rumours and speculation by members of the privacy
    community and the public at large, Lavasoft wants to make clear that it
    has not and would not collaborate with any companies that have produced
    content detected by Ad-Aware. Ad-Aware products are designed purely for
    scanning and removing of suspicious content (at the user’s discretion)
    and Lavasoft would not ally with adversaries under any circumstances.

    WhenU was indeed removed from the database by research in the last
    definition file. This however was due to WhenU not scoring more than 2
    TAC points at the time, 3 points being the minimum score to be included
    in the database. More information on the Threat Assessment Chart can be
    found at
    The TAC report will be reviewed in more detail by our R&D department and
    in case it turns out that the removal was incorrect, WhenU will naturally
    be reintroduced to the database.

    For further information, please contact

    Bum, Feb 21, 2005
  17. Patrick Michael

    Jim Nugent Guest

    Link not too helpful, no chart-- only search form. WhenU or not
    found. Searching the Site with Google yields a few hits, but they're just
    definition files that include WhenU.

    The link DOES give the formula, but you can't get the score for an entry.
    Jim Nugent, Feb 21, 2005
  18. Patrick Michael

    AG Guest

    I have two of those. One's 27 and the other's 22. These were web based
    groupware programs that aren't ready for prime time IMHO. Unfortunately I
    lost that job, got laid off.

    AG, Feb 21, 2005
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