Intellitype / Intellipoint?

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Guest, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This has probably been done to death, but does *anyone* have a rough idea of
    when we're likely to see Intellitype and Intellipoint for Windows XP x64?

    It's just kinda strange (and annoying) that Microsoft has released this
    operating system without releasing drivers for their own hardware.

    Apart from that, no complaints with x64!
    Guest, Sep 8, 2005
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  2. Guest

    NoNoBadDog! Guest

    Microsoft has stated they have no plans to produce 64 bit drivers anytime in
    the near future.
    FWIW, Logitech has 64 bit drivers for it's mice/keyboards/game controllers
    etc, and their build quality and functionality are far superior to anything
    MS has. MS sees their hardware as disposable/expendable, and they are
    rather cheaply built. Logitech hardware will both outperform and outlast
    anything that Microsoft, Kensinton or the others have.

    NoNoBadDog!, Sep 8, 2005
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  3. Guest

    John Barnes Guest

    Here is from Charlie


    As others have commented, the answer isn't good. I got the following
    official word from the Intellipoint group:

    "Microsoft mice and keyboards have basic functionality with the new
    64-bit operating systems, but the newer features like the Magnifier,
    Tilt Wheel or My Favorites Keys will not work. At this point, use of
    64-bit operating systems is primarily limited to very early adopters. We
    are looking into full compatibility with the 64-bit operating system for
    future products and will keep you updated if we have any announcements. "

    Unofficially, but OK to share, I got told that they're looking at first half
    of next year. IOW, an entire year after the shipment of the OS.

    Personally? Buy Logitech. I've always liked their stuff better anyway, and
    at least they appear to be trying.
    John Barnes, Sep 8, 2005
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for that guys, It's a bit disappointing, but what can ya do....

    I don't really want to go buy Logitech at the moment, the hardware I've got
    (Multimedia Natural Keyboard and an IntelliMouse), I'm quite happy with.
    Guest, Sep 9, 2005
  5. Guest

    NoNoBadDog! Guest

    You'll be replacing them in short order stated MS hardware just
    does not hold up for very long.

    NoNoBadDog!, Sep 9, 2005
  6. Guest

    Piers James Guest

    i beg to differ. I have had an "internet keyboard pro" and intellimouse 3
    for years and they both work perfectly. It's criminal MS are not producing
    drivers for their own OS and hardware.

    Piers James, Sep 9, 2005
  7. Guest

    James Park Guest

    As far as the Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 goes, I've gone through about four,
    and my friends have had theirs die on them too. It was the same pattern in
    every case; it'd work for a few months or so, fade in and out for a couple
    days, then die altogether. It was a shame because I really liked it. The
    problem was so common that I vaugely remember Microsoft offering
    replacements basically no questions asked.
    James Park, Sep 9, 2005
  8. Guest

    Piers James Guest

    maybe the older hardware was better built and hence last longer, 'cos I
    haven't had any problems at all.
    Piers James, Sep 9, 2005
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