Intel Centrino 2200bg and disabled SSID broadcast

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Alex, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Alex

    Alex Guest


    i have an Acer TM Laptop with Intel Centrino 2200bg Wireless card. OS
    is Windows XP with SP2. I use the Microsoft utility for configurig my
    WLAN card.

    I have no problems with connecting to a Wireless Access Points while
    SSID broadcast is enabled by the Access Points.

    When SSID broadcast is disabled the Laptop needs a couple of minutes
    for connecting the Access Point. Sometimes i get absolutely no
    connection to the Access Points.

    The Access Points are OK, with a DLINK Wirless-Card in another Laptop
    i have no Problems with connection WAPs with disabled SSID broadcast.
    So i Assume it is a Problem with my 2200bg chipset.

    When I use the Intel PROSet Configuration Utility i can find these
    hidden Access Points. But unfortunately when using PROSet i can use
    WEP-Encryption only. When i use WPA-PSK with PROSet the Laptop
    connects to the AccessPoint but then there is no data flow between the
    Laptop and the Network.

    Who knows a Workaround for this Problem

    Alex, Oct 25, 2004
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  2. I recommend visiting your laptop manufacturer's website to verify that you
    are using the latest driver for the Centrino 2000BG card. If neccessary,
    updating the Centrino has resolved issues for some customers.

    As you may already know, disabling SSID Broadcast does not provide any real
    additional security. Once a client connects to an access point using a
    hidden SSID, the SSID is visible to anyone with a wireless sniffer. The
    best model for your network would be the use of WPA-PSK with a broadcast
    SSID. This will eliminate your connection delays and offer some of the best
    security available to you at this time.
    Jerry Peterson[MSFT], Nov 3, 2004
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