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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by eddiebhoy, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. eddiebhoy

    eddiebhoy Guest

    I have a friend who has recently bought a pc and hooked up to net.My
    question is , could you tell me what my friend need's to do in order for him
    to be able to have instant message working.It is so that he or i can send
    each other an instant message just by right clicking on the name in contacts
    that has your desired names stored in at the bottom of the outlook express
    in the left corner.Not very good at explaining pc jargon as you can see
    lol,If you do know could you put it in simple terms for beginner to
    understand.It would so much appreciated if you could help me out on this.As
    you may well know you can ask for help on a particular matter and sometimes
    get the a*****e who gives an answer that's nothing to do with what your
    asking know what i mean.


    eddiebhoy, Apr 22, 2004
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  2. eddiebhoy

    Boomer Guest

    Hi Eddie

    What IM are you going to use? AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Trillian?
    Each should have a Help site or FAQ site that would be able to answer
    your questions.

    Here's Yahoo's IM 'Help' online.
    Boomer, Apr 23, 2004
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  3. eddiebhoy

    Scrote Guest

    Easiest answer
    1.Both Sign up for hotmail account & get MS passport (
    personally, I read each page in process and make sure that they are not
    sending ANYTHING except info about account)
    2 Outlook Express. From Inbox.Select View/Layout & ensure "Contacts" is
    ticked. OK your way out.
    3.Then From Tools/Options/General tick "Auto logon Windows Messenger"
    OK your way out.
    4. Add or remove contacts from dropdown bar at top of Contacts Window.
    5.Drink beer
    6.Talk to friend(Assuming not too much of 5! :) )

    Scrote, Apr 23, 2004
  4. eddiebhoy

    ProfGene Guest

    Instant message is not part of Outlook express. There is an MS instant
    messaging service that includes video conferncing or voice and there is a
    good one on Yahoo that also includes video and voice if desired. With these
    two (and there are others) you have a "buddy list" where you can see your
    friend's nick if he is online and click on it to send him a message and he
    can do the same. You can also send him a message which he will receive when
    he comes on line if he doesn't happen to be on line when you want to send
    him a message.
    ProfGene, Apr 23, 2004
  5. eddiebhoy

    Scraggy Guest

    Technically no, BUT, it is available through OE, which is what the OP was
    Scraggy, Apr 23, 2004
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