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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by dcardarelli, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. dcardarelli

    dcardarelli Guest

    I keep getting a full screen pop-up to "Install HD Player" from and it is very annoying.

    It is not site-dependent because I get it from a variety of locations including this newsgroup.

    It must be malware or something on my system.

    I ran malwarebytes (as well as spybot snd destroy) and it did not pick it up.

    How can I get rid of this annoying thing?


    Dave C.
    dcardarelli, Jun 18, 2013
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  2. dcardarelli

    Paul Guest

    Do you use Chrome browser ?!topic/chrome/tr0bwDtHW0U

    "go to C:\users\(computer's name)\AppData\Roaming\

    Do you see a folder there named Dsite? If so, I think you'll
    find a small program called UpdateTask.exe."

    That's the only concrete suggestion in the thread.

    I would use Autoruns, and see if there is anything in there
    that is similar to that. Maybe the UpdateTask is set up
    as a startup item, which is what Autoruns is supposed to
    show up.


    Using "Dsite" as a search term, I can find other references.

    "AddRemove-DSite - c:\users\LOVEOF~1\AppData\Roaming\DSite\UpdateProc\UpdateTask.exe"


    Win32/InstallCore.BD application cleaned by deleting - quarantined"

    And so on.

    One recommended repair was downright weird - suggesting it
    actually attacked the MBR. That doesn't align with the other
    info I'm seeing.

    So the PUP has a name, and ESET calls it "Win32/InstallCore.BD".
    YMMV of course, because only you know whether the symptoms match
    or not.

    The Avira suggestions of these files:

    – C:\Documents and Settings\virtual_pc\Application Data\DSite\UpdateProc
    – %WINDIR%\Tasks\At1.job

    suggest to me that the "Tasks" mean the thing has scheduled itself to
    run via the Task Scheduler. Just a guess. So rather than being a
    Startup item, that *.job file might be how it gets to run when
    it wants to (time-based launch).

    Paul, Jun 19, 2013
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  3. dcardarelli

    dcardarelli Guest

    dcardarelli, Jun 23, 2013
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