Inside interface VPN to outside interface. loop-back?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by GNY, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. GNY

    GNY Guest


    When users leave the LAN they can VPN into the network and do what
    they need. Well I have another interface and its called WIRELESS. They
    have no access to the inside LAN interface when on the wireless.
    However when they VPN they can gain access to the LAN resources. I
    want to allow the wireless hosts to connect via VPN to the outside
    interface (public ip address). So more or less the traffic goes out
    and comes back in. Like allowing loop-back traffic.

    Currently when users are local and using the wireless I allow them to
    VPN to the wireless interface (wireless interface on ASA) and access
    the LAN resources without a problem. This is a bit complicated for
    some users to understand (dont ask how) why they have to use 2 Cisco
    VPN client connection profiles. So I want to simplify the process.
    Internal or external they use the 1 profile.

    Is it possible?


    GNY, Aug 26, 2007
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