"Insane" "Defined" By Criminal Minds As 'Ability To Perceive Them' {HRI 20040422-V2.1} - (Version 2.

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  1. "Insane" "Defined" By Criminal Minds As 'Ability To Perceive Them'

    22 April 2004
    {HRI 20040422-V2.1}

    (Version 2.1
    on 24 June 2005)

    Criminal Minds have everything in reverse, so when you are (when you
    have been made into) a spiritually blind and docile moron *(1)

    AND you are happy with that,

    AND when you consider, that your being 'blind' is "normal,"

    when you are wholly incapable of sensing the condition and the
    actual but hidden, "invisible" intentions of Criminal Minds,

    THEN they 'pronounce' you to be "sane."


    Then 'THEY are "happy" with you:'

    They 'got you how THEY want you to be,'

    and that is THEIR "definition" of "you are sane."

    Some totally 'blinded' "sane" individuals somewhere,
    actually accept a written 'Certificate of "Being Sane

    and they want others to judge, BY that 'Certificate,'
    that they "are sane now" - or, that, as they call
    it, "they are 'un-aberrated'," or such. (Not a joke!)

    The other side is (as Criminal Minds do have everything in reverse)

    when you CAN see something of the condition of the soul of
    others, if you CAN see, and normal people can see,

    (which is a sensing, a feeling-perception that is natural to
    normal people, they sense the soul of others - that is how
    you feel your true liking for people you like - and you

    whether the condition of another soul is good or bad, and whether
    another soul is actually well-intentioned, or on the other hand,
    is malicious, or whether another person is cowardly (temporarily
    malicious or selectively malicious)

    when you CAN see, feel or sense something of how people ACTUALLY

    when you are ACTUALLY normal, THEN Criminal Minds call you "insane."


    Their STANDARD attack on you, when you do see some of the (not so very
    pleasant) condition and the (very not so pleasant) activity of their

    - you protect yourself and others from them, from some of
    their (spiritual, or also just from their physical)
    activities of malice, by SEEING it -

    quite naturally by the way, and regardless of whether
    you know or are aware of the mechanics of it or not,
    you defend yourself from their spiritual attacks by
    SEEING, feeling or sensing these, and

    when you defend yourself, then their standard attack on you is, to
    throw forcefully the lie at you and others, that

    not they, but "YOU are insane."

    And they might not only project that force at you, but even
    voice it directly at you, or else behind your back at


    They already got the medical profession so far, that it does
    pronounce Criminal Minds - the ones who are actually and really
    and completely insane - to be "sane." Really... *(2)(3)

    And the institutionalized medical profession DEFINES, by
    means of their questionnaires, that:

    'Anybody, when he or she does feel or sense or know of
    someone who wishes evil upon him or her, (that 'anyone who
    is aware of existing malice being caused by someone on

    "is INSANE".' Really... that's also not a joke.


    After all, any insanity is entirely caused by and only
    caused by and only perpetuated by

    the inability and also by the refusal to face evil or
    malice... which, all malice, is caused by

    Criminal Minds,

    and these are assisted by Destructive Cowards.


    That is how dangerous also the current society is still, for
    anybody who DOES have some well-above-average sanity. *(4)


    That is how far down the medical profession has come, through
    the ages. *(5)

    They get paid for giving you pills that make you euphoric or
    dazed - in both cases, to further DESTROY your desire or your
    ability to face malice and to look at who causes that malice,

    to make you NOT look at those who CAUSE insanity, and who
    are the only cause for insanity and for its perpetuation.

    Let me warn you that it has already been established
    by me and by others independently, that (the souls

    Criminal Minds can not be healed at all; and that

    the only thing these do, and CAN only do, is

    to PRETEND to "be sane," or

    to pretend "to have become sane," "to have been
    made sane by you," and

    they can only PRETEND to "love," and they can
    only PRETEND "to have found happiness."

    So the only option you have, is to learn to
    recognize them and to start to sense them.


    All of them are very good actors, excellent liars,
    often highly intelligent and very highly paid, *(20)

    very able to sense (to feel, perceive, see) what they
    must know about another in order to successfully
    deceive, in order to exert mind-control and in order
    to inflict compulsions onto others, and onto you too,

    some of them with the trick of claiming that
    "they do not know what you are talking about,"

    that "they are not spiritual,"

    that "they are not on your wave-length"

    - which are all lies of them to make you
    think that "they would not do any such
    things to you or others," "because
    'they do not believe in such things';"

    yet they use 'these things' all the

    and, if you WOULD be able to see, if
    you would NOT be 'blind,' you would
    recognize 'these things' as actually
    the vilest, the darkest and the most
    repulsive 'Black Magic,' which is used
    by them continuously, in their daily
    life, day and night, and on most
    unsuspecting people, and they pull away
    or destroy some of your Energy (part of
    your Life Force) of your awareness and
    your abilities.

    And their denial is ridiculous, also, because
    ALL of life, all thought and all feelings and
    all memory and all intentions, consist entirely
    of Life Energy only,

    the very thing some of them pretend to
    you, "they do not believe exist."

    They ENJOY lying. *(10)


    Thus they "can survive" as they call it.

    While it is your and my goal, to enjoy life together
    with those you like, and to feel each other,

    the goal of Criminal Minds in life is "to

    with which THEY mean: To manipulate, and forcefully
    and intelligently to deceive everyone, "in order to
    win," and then only to "win," whatever a Criminal
    Mind considers worth "winning." *(7)

    And they need continuously a new supply
    of victims or supporters to deceive,
    for instance in some foreign country
    where they are not yet, or less easily,
    seen as it being all fake what they say
    "they feel and want for you."

    That - forcefully and intelligently manipulating and
    deceiving in order "to survive" - is what Criminal
    Minds do,

    and what they have always done, and will always

    Any 'philosophy' or system of 'knowledge'

    - whether political or religious or
    scientific in its nature or in its
    presentation -

    that has been created by a Criminal Mind,

    has only that purpose: To manipulate and
    deceive as many people as possible, *(23)

    for which it of course has to have enough
    attractive substance and

    to offer enough "relief" from confusion
    and suffering,

    or to offer "sanity" as Criminal
    Minds "define" it,

    enough that is, to propagate - "to
    survive." *(16)(22)


    Only now, with the Human Rights Issues, you have the
    opportunity to learn about those individuals, and to

    'Identify Friend or Foe' far better and far more
    accurately, than any amount of electronics or array
    of computers will ever be able to...


    OF COURSE, Criminal Minds try to prevent others from listening to
    what you have observed about them,

    and OF COURSE they try to prevent your teaching others to also
    perceive Criminal Minds, and *(8)

    they OF COURSE also throw forcefully the lie AT OTHERS,

    "YOU are insane."

    (They are NOT projecting the thought that they
    themselves are insane - which would be the truth -
    but they throw the lie that "YOU are insane." *(13))


    And the 'more clever' Criminal Minds do so not
    directly at you, but instead,

    they are telling YOU, that 'you are great and
    wise and very sane and beautiful,'

    so that you do not (easily) feel, that

    they project precisely the OPPOSITE opinion or
    "observation about you" TO OTHERS

    - to others who believe the Criminal Mind
    and not you, because "you would not say
    bad things about yourself, would you;"

    and the Criminal Mind "is close to you,
    and has your confidence, and thus 'knows
    about you'."

    Your real friends however, would
    not fall for that trick. *(21)

    Another trick of them, is again to tell
    others (NOT that THEY are insane, but the
    lie) that "YOU are insane," and that they
    "inform" others, "out of kindness for
    you" in such a way

    - behind your back so as "not to
    make you feel bad," and "not to
    stir things up," and "to not
    worsen your condition," etc.,
    they talk in such a way -

    that out of "politeness," others feel

    "for your well-being" and "out of
    kindness to you," and "to spare
    your feelings" and "to not make
    you small," and so on, they try

    to not let you find out, that "they know
    now about you" that "you are insane," but
    they would be so "polite" and "civilized"
    and they are "so kind," to "not make you
    angry or confused, by sharing their
    secret knowledge with you."

    True friends would not fall for
    that trick, either, of course.

    True friends would of course inform
    you very precisely, and they would
    not want you to be stupid or to be
    deceived at all - that's what
    friends are for... *(21)


    This gives you some minor idea of the
    malice that Criminal Minds are capable
    of, the malice that they ENJOY greatly to

    whether it is in an office, or in a
    family - whether it is in a work
    environment, or in a social environment.


    Should you or another desire to climb out of
    the 'happy blindness' and want to look at what
    is done to you, that is, should you desire to
    start to look at life again as it actually is,

    if only out of care and love for people,
    as I did,

    then you will encounter such tricks.

    So you should be prepared to find out
    such "opinions" or even "reports" about
    you existing without that you know it,

    while you could not imagine that "those
    who do always love you," would possibly
    stoop to such things,

    and are actually REFUSING to look
    at the soul of others, and are

    REFUSING to see the Criminal Mind
    who originated it.

    And you should be ready to meet such conditions

    without that these break your heart or
    your soul

    - yours, quite possibly, being less
    strong than mine.


    At the moment of your sensing, perceiving or detecting one or
    more of their Criminal acts (when you see the Criminal intent of
    their actions), then the standard, trained-in reaction of the
    Criminal Mind, to you, to the viewer, is:

    "YOU see illusions" - "YOU are insane." *(13)

    But THEY know very well, that they ARE lying

    - their lie that "you see illusions" and that "you
    are insane," is projected by them as an automatic
    "defense" against being looked at, against being
    understood and against their being stopped in doing
    or planning their malice -

    they lie BECAUSE they felt or noticed it

    (or they anticipate, or they suspect)

    that YOU HAVE SENSED OR DETECTED something malicious of

    (or because they felt, that you might detect something
    malicious of them). *(10)(11)


    The way to handle people, is to respect them, if you have the
    correct understanding of respect.

    (And of course not again the "definition" of "respect"
    that Criminal Minds try to enforce, and that they
    have enforced with great "success," which is
    something like

    "manners" or "protocol" or "diplomacy" - "that
    is showing respect."

    If you do have the normal idea of respect for others, you use
    a normal idea of respect

    - the word means 'to look at something and at someone
    precisely as he or she or it actually is' -

    and so you respect, THAT they lie; you respect, THAT they feel
    that you did see their malice, or that they feel that you will
    find out some of their malice.

    And you project that respect to them, in a respectful way,
    by which they see THAT you know and understand them, and
    that you understand what they do and intend, and

    by which they see, that YOU are NOT a Criminal Mind, nor a
    Destructive Coward, but that YOU are very different from
    them, *(12)(11)

    and this gives you their respect, regardless of their condition.

    When they fail in making you accept their lies about you,
    or about themselves, you gain respect.


    A normal policeman knows this, he or she has felt it to be
    true, or he or she might like to see this formulated and
    have it confirmed by his or her own observations.

    And truth is, as anyone knows too, that what actually
    did happen.

    Regardless of whether it is seen or reported by
    anyone or not - it still did happen, and you can
    sense it, provided you penetrate the Energies or
    Force of any lies.

    Such is the nature of life, and of perception.


    And now you know the INTENTION *(12) behind the Criminal Mind's
    "definition" of "insane" - how they like "insane" to be "defined."

    They want it "defined" so, that, whatever you actually see

    of that what "you 'should not' see," what they want you to not
    see about what is there, and of what you "should not understand
    about them," whatever you DO perceive or DO understand of that,

    is "not real," "is your imagination."

    Criminal Minds have everything in reverse, and indeed the truth
    is, that that, what they project at you about themselves,

    and what they allow you to "see" or to "feel" or to
    "understand" or to "find out" about them,

    IS what is unreal, IS a delusion, is fake. *(20)

    I have further described these things in many other
    Human Rights Issues, and

    in some detail in 'De-cloaking Criminal Minds.' *(13)


    Reversely, if you notice someone using (applying, acting with) THEIR
    "definition" of "insane," then you have a strong indication that you
    are looking at and dealing with a Criminal Mind,

    or else you are looking at a Destructive Coward

    who covers up Criminal Minds, and

    who wants to be "protected" from FEELING the (rather
    - or actually very - unpleasant, very Ugly) truth
    about a Criminal Mind, and

    who wants to "feel and be supplied with delusions" by
    a Criminal Mind.

    I have described that further in various HRI's, also in
    'On People Wanting Delusions.' *(14)


    And so - which the faithful readers know already -
    ALL knowledge about life has been booby-trapped

    all 'teachings' and any exercises to reach
    'Enlightenment' and to become 'Awakened' and to
    practice 'Unconditional Love,' etc. etc.,

    are booby-trapped solely and only for the purpose of
    achieving, and of forever maintaining

    the Criminal Mind's "definition" of "sane,"
    which is:

    "Unable to feel correctly, or refusing to feel
    correctly, the condition of Criminal Minds, and to
    refuse to oppose their malicious actions." *(15)

    Which indeed results in endless wars and in
    endless suffering, exactly the reverse of the
    "peace" that these 'teachers' say "they want to
    bring about" or that they claim "they are
    working for."

    Criminal Minds have all in reverse.

    I say this, because you can use that to determine
    which methods might restore, to get back some of your
    abilities to perceive and to be alive,

    and which methods and ideas go "the other way" in the
    long run and in the end.

    (I will elaborate in another HRI, 'From Past To
    Future Lives - The Wisdom Of King Solomon'
    {HRI 20031109} (not yet issued).)


    Criminal Minds - who all are Life Energy vampires - have no respect
    for life at all (also not for your life):

    People, to them feel just like "alive objects," that can provide
    amusement and pleasure to them, but also pain that should be
    avoided: "Life is just a game."

    They just do not care anything about life at all, other than
    getting sensations and illusions and admiration from others,

    as 'a game in which the "clever" ones win, and in which the
    "stupid" ones happen to lose:' "You need two opposing
    sides," "you need good and bad," "everyone will be
    destroyed at some time anyway," etc. etc.

    So when they murder you,

    or - if that would bring them in conflict with the
    law, then instead - if they get others to lynch you,
    or get you burned at the stake or locked up and
    drugged or otherwise tortured "for your benefit and
    to increase the health of your soul,"

    or if they inflict spiritually (Energetically) other
    harm onto your soul or onto your body,

    and that results in sickness and possibly in the slow
    or even the sudden death of your body,

    then, so THEY feel it, "YOU are just stupid."

    NOT 'They are stupid' - which is the truth -
    but "YOU are stupid."

    Criminal Minds have everything in reverse.


    And so, Criminal Minds might also physically murder, or otherwise,
    in more "legal" ways, destroy anyone - without feeling any
    consideration at all

    - doing so "to handle over-population" or "to cleanse the race"
    or any other lies the journalists are willing to relay to you
    as 'the "reasons" for murdering people;' *(18)

    - doing so UNLESS the Criminal Minds are actively hindered,
    unless you DO actively hinder them, unless you or others DO
    make it impossible for them to do their malice. *(16)

    But of course, as long as the First International Law is
    not enforced, *(17) we politically remain in the Middle

    where 'heads of state' lie and cheat and betray in
    order to get some material advantage over others,

    when getting money and cheap goods from Gadhafi or from
    Hu Jintao "is much more important," than people NOT being
    tortured publicly or secretly in institutions. *(17)

    And as we now have "medical science," *(10) the
    torturing can be done more "scientifically" and more
    "beneficially" to destroy people's souls.

    But, the Criminal Minds and their assistants, the
    Destructive Cowards, want you to believe the lie
    - embedded in a host of other lies about life - that

    "it is none of your concern, what is done to others
    in other countries." *(4)(17)(18)



    This you can all find out by yourself, if you use the 'Trinity Of
    Science' *(19) - as used also by the most Beautiful, the most
    Truthful, and the most Loving,

    Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
    human rights philosopher and poet

    'God gave Solomon wisdom
    and very great insight,
    and a breadth of understanding
    as measureless
    as the sand on the seashore.'

    1 Kings 4:29


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    From the back cover of the book:

    'Arrogant, shameless, immoral, impulsive, antisocial,
    superficial, alert, self-assured, boastful, callous,
    remorseless, charming, irresponsible:'

    'This is the poisonous mix of traits, that make up the
    psychopathic personality. [...]'

    'Psychopaths also sit in corporate boardrooms [as
    directors of companies or institutions,] or function
    as scientists or physicians [medical doctors,] or in
    any number of respectable capacities [holding
    respected jobs or positions].'

    'They are all legally competent. [In the legal sense,
    they are not insane, because they can talk and
    think as brilliantly as a lawyer, to achieve their

    'None of them "hears voices" or displays any
    psychosis [that a psychiatrist could easily
    recognize or could recognize at all, as these can not
    and also do not want to define psychosis correctly].'

    'But they [psychopathic personalities] are all headed
    for [causing others] big trouble, in a life-long
    string of [causing] disasters [for others], that
    could run the gamut [range, the whole spectrum]:

    From [causing] financial ruin, to murder.'

    'Psychiatrists know neither the cause nor the cure of
    this disorder [and they can not and do not want to
    define 'disorder' either, and they have been working
    and will continue to work very hard to hide the
    cause of any 'disorder,'] which evades [their]
    established definitions of either sanity or insanity;

    [So, I have defined all these terms, for you,
    in the Human Rights Issues {the HRI's}, as none
    indeed existed. So it is for the first time in
    history, that correct definitions exist and
    have been published.]'

    'indeed, psychiatrists themselves

    [and any persons who try to help and to
    understand Criminal Minds - any people who
    try to help them]

    'are at times as helplessly manipulated by the
    psychopath, as are the psychopath's other victims.'



    Copyright 2004, 2005 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
    and poet
    This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
    anyone who learns from it, and (even if he can not learn from it)
    who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
    to others who might be able to learn from it.
    None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
    or religious or scientific agenda, but only to educate, and to
    encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
    about any organizations or individuals.
    Send free-of-Envy and free-of-Hate, Beautiful e-mails to:
    PlatoWorld at Lycos.com
    (address unreadable for Internet robots
    - replace ' at ' with the '@' symbol)
    Leonardo Been, Aug 28, 2005
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  2. Leonardo Been

    peter piper Guest

    Except they're *not* clever at all, all of
    their "intelligence" is *stolen*. They
    steal it from you, and simply because you
    did not know that they stole it, or maybe
    you know something was stolen, but you can't
    see the faces because they hide, they tell
    themselves that they are more "clever".

    But it's simply cheating. They do not and
    never did play a fair game, head-to-head.
    peter piper, Aug 28, 2005
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