inkjet photo printers: eps files

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by nosredna, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. nosredna

    nosredna Guest

    I realize that inkjet printers are not PostScript devices. Accordingly,
    an eps file (placed into a PageMaker or Quark layout) prints out fuzzy,
    unlike the crisp output of my my laser printer. However, why is it that
    when I print an eps file directly from Illustrator, it comes out crisp
    as a fresh cucumber? This is true on my new Canon i960 (which I LOVE!!)
    and my old HP DeskWriter 600.
    nosredna, Nov 18, 2003
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  2. nosredna

    Steve Guest


    The reason that you can print good PS or EPS files from Adobe Illustrator
    and not other Apps is that it has the necessary PS/EPS internal print driver
    for printing PS or EPS while other apps do not. We have the same situation
    at work, where we've been making digital maps for about 9 years. The
    mapping software can produce and print PS and EPS, while all of our other
    software cannot. I have to explain this to my boss all the time.

    Steve, Nov 18, 2003
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  3. ---------

    An app like AI [or any other] will save as EPS with particular format
    headers and footers inside the EPS file that are not being properly
    interpreted by the other apps. I use an AI art pack, for example, that is
    supplied by Adobe in native AI EPS format and so renders the basic artwork
    in AI normally - BUT - if I intend to lay out in QuarkXPress I usually exit
    AI by saving as a TIFF. That is then a native QuarkXPress image file format
    that can be directly imported into XPress.

    Exiting XPress with complete pages is almost always via a PS file then
    converted via Adobe Distiller to PDF as it goes to the printer.

    Another example is with Photoshop and some EPS files - I can not open the
    same AI art pack library EPSs in Photoshop that I use for AI - PS will only
    see them as "locked" files. ("can not parse the file - it is locked")

    MS Publisher is another headache. The most effective way I have found to
    manage Publisher output is to print-to-file from a post script driver and
    distil to PDF for printing or cross app use.

    You ain't seen nothin yet - try working cross platform from Mac to Win to
    Mac. Pass the aspirin please! The one thing that does go both ways, and
    completely correct virtually every time, is PDF.

    journalist-north, Nov 18, 2003
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