Ink Spots from Epson 2200

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by michael.j.hoffman, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. I have an Epson 2200 Photo printer. Sometimes, I get ink streaks that
    are remedied by cleaning the rollers. However, I also get ink dots in
    different places in images that are the same color as the ink streaks.
    The ink dots often show up in different locations on seperate copies of
    the same image. Something is wrong but I don't know what. I've not
    been overly thrilled with the Epson and may switch to a Canon printer,
    or may just have my keepers professionally printed. Also, there is
    much ado about black ink; I wish a manufacturer would come out with a
    photo white ink cartridge, instead of just leaving bare paper base to
    render pure white which is not blown-out on the original digital

    michael.j.hoffman, Jul 9, 2005
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  2. The print head is gathering ink on the bottom of it. It could be a bad
    cleaner assembly or the nozzles could be worn/damaged. The same thing
    killed my Epson 1270.
    Kevin McMurtrie, Jul 9, 2005
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  3. Is there any fix for this problem?

    michael.j.hoffman, Jul 9, 2005
  4. M-

    Posting in comp.periphs.printers

    might result in more advice.
    John McWilliams, Jul 9, 2005
  5. michael.j.hoffman

    Mark² Guest

    That sounds like the small sponge that cleans the head has become saturated.
    You'll find it where the print head rest during non-use, and you should be
    able to access it when the head is parked in the middle for ink replacement.

    In my huge Epson 4000, there is a MASSIVE "sponge" that is replaceable. It
    collects ink during head-charging, cleaning, etc. I don't think the 2200
    has a replacable one, but in my 1270 I was able to simply dab the small
    sponge with a tissue or paper towel, which seemed to help.

    Mark², Jul 9, 2005
  6. michael.j.hoffman

    chrlz Guest

    There's also a cleaning process that involves tricking the printer to
    get the head 'out', and then using strips of lightly-windex-dampened
    paper towels, folded neatly to fit along the printing 'groove', and
    then running the print head back and forth over those strips. see if
    you can google for it.. If not, yell out and I can give you more exact
    instructions for a 1270, and I imagine they would be similar for the
    2200. I've done this several times with my old 1270, with very good
    chrlz, Jul 9, 2005
  7. michael.j.hoffman

    JohnR66 Guest

    When my Epson 820 photo did this, it was because there were pet hairs and
    dust collecting on the head. I had to remove the head and clean it off.
    JohnR66, Jul 10, 2005
  8. Mark,

    I tried cleaning the sponge you mentioned. Incidentally, this sponge
    is non-replacable on the 2200. I used some Q-tips and some rubbing
    alcohol to lift some of the excess ink which had coagulated on the
    sponge surface. In all, I went through about a dozen double-ended
    Q-tips. The fix worked wonderfully; I am now enjoying spot-free
    prints. Thanks for the advice!

    michael.j.hoffman, Jul 11, 2005
  9. michael.j.hoffman

    Mark² Guest

    Mark², Jul 11, 2005
  10. michael.j.hoffman

    Mark² Guest

    BTW--Not only is the "sponge" on my Epson 4000 replacable, but it is about
    They refer to it as a "Mainenance Tank." When it's full, you pull out the
    disposable drawer it sits in, and you put another drawer about $40 a
    pop. -I hate to think of how much ink gets thrown out into it!!! Yipe. :(
    Mark², Jul 11, 2005
  11. michael.j.hoffman

    measekite Guest

    First I feel that the Canon Pixmas produce a better more vibrant print
    on glossy paper using OEM ink than the
    Epson. I have not compared enough matte prints.

    Are you using OEM ink?

    In any event, I would say the best wide format printer for home use is
    the Canon i9900; the best standard format, the IP8500, and the best
    value standard photo printer is the IP4000; however, if you print load
    is heavier in text and graphics documents than photos you may want to
    consider the IP5000.

    The more I read about Epson printers the more I lean toward Canon.
    measekite, Jul 11, 2005
  12. michael.j.hoffman

    hyperoglyphe Guest

    We've got 2 Epsons and a Canon. I wouldn't say output from our E2100 is
    inferior to the 8500.

    Quality output is very much related to stationery and ink. I have not had
    one supplier get even close to reproducing the epson print output using
    after-market inks and I've tried a few!

    hyperoglyphe, Jul 12, 2005
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