Information about VOIP/Skype etc needed for a presentation

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by km, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. km

    km Guest

    My knowledge of this subject is practically zero.

    I am involved with a local computer club and usually do presentations
    about general computer topics. They have asked me to do a presentation
    about using computers as a means of making telephone calls.

    I searched for a Newsgroup dealing with the subject and found yours.
    Last few days has moved me forward a little. The opinion I am forming
    is that this is all more relevant to business usage at present but I
    want to still give a presentation.

    Can anyone guide me to a Web Site which gives a basic explanation of
    it all. Covering Hardware needed, how it is connected, the various
    ways of using it, Skype and other implications and what the current
    services offer and cost comparisons.

    Is there something similar to the ADSLusers sites?

    km, Sep 9, 2005
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  2. km

    Mark Adamson Guest

    Mark Adamson, Sep 9, 2005
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  3. km

    Mark Guest

    And this:

    Cost comparisons can be as hard as comparing mobile tariffs, as it's a
    bit like apples and oranges with bundles/buckets, call by call
    charges, free on-net calls etc...

    If you can manage it, I'd give your audience a quick demo or even a
    just screen shots to help explain it.
    Mark, Sep 9, 2005
  4. km

    T. Guest

    Someone asked me about Skype previously, so I wrote about it here:
    T., Sep 9, 2005
  5. The majority of voip providers such as skype and vonage only offer
    basic calling facilities whereas some companies such as offer a whole lot more you may find some useful info
    on their site as well as an insight in to what is possible with

    Mathew Curtis, Sep 9, 2005
  6. km

    Dexter Guest

    Voipfone only offer the basic services for free just has Vonage do the
    rest have to be paid for has I have said before, Vonage just have the
    edge on Voipfone but only just in my book .
    Dexter, Sep 9, 2005
  7. km

    SK Guest defintely have the edge dex for sure,i cant understand why
    people think paying9.99 or the 18.99 fo business option is a waste of time,
    theyre clueless in my book, they dont realise they are missing out on the
    best voip servbice around unlike another german company i could mention,
    come to think of it, its the weekend so all pissgate useres watch out
    because the Krauts will be off from the cow shed where they run it from to
    the bars mid afternoon today so watch out for piss poor or even no service
    on pissgate this weekend, if you email them expect a reply next year
    SK, Sep 9, 2005
  8. km

    km Guest

    Thank you for the web addresses. I have saved them and will put
    something together from the content.

    Although "Googling" produced a lot of sites I feel that sites
    suggested by members of a Newsgroup carry more weight.

    Your help is appreciated. From what I know of the people attending the
    Presentations there is little chance that they would take the plunge
    at present but it will give them an insight, which will help them
    decide as VOIP gathers momentum.

    km, Sep 9, 2005
  9. Am I missing something here correct me if I am wrong dex but with
    Voipfone you sign up for free and get a free uk number free call time
    to test the service free sms to test the service you can add extra
    numbers to your account for free you can have a free fax number free
    fax to email free softphone download and thats just what i can think of
    off the top of my head total cost £0.00 you have to shell out almost
    £50 before you can even use vonage then you end up with equipment that
    is locked to them your tied in to a contract and if at any time you
    want to cancel you have to pay you pay extra for the privilege of using
    a soft phone infact you have to pay for almost everything except for uk
    calls and even that is questionable if you read and understand their
    terms and conditions.

    I chose Voipfone over vonage because I wanted the flexibility of being
    able to add and remove features when I wanted to without having to pay
    administration fees or cancellation fees I can use the phones I have
    purchased from Voipfone with any provider I choose and I can cancel and
    reinstate my services when ever I want to

    Mathew Curtis, Sep 9, 2005
  10. km

    Dexter Guest

    The UK Geo number or fax number doesn't come for free Matt but I got
    both for free thanks to the generosity of a Voipfone customer service
    rep and I didn't even ask he just gave them me but there is a little
    bit more to it than that though .
    If you get the Linksys router which Staples have it is only the phone
    ports that are tied you are still left with a good usable 3 port
    router if you leave Vonage .
    This is very debatable I was looking through their T&C's the other day
    has I have it in mind to close one of my Vonage accounts and the only
    stipulation I could see was that they required 30 days notice .
    I would want Vonage to PAY ME to use a soft phone Mat I do use
    Voipbusters own software and I also use Eyebeam with my Sipphone
    account but would never agree to using a soft phone for everyday use
    and I do not like fixed phones either.I like the ability to have a
    phone in every room in the house without the need for the accompanying
    cables cordless phones are great invention .
    What you are referring to only applies to people who get up at 6 am
    pick up the phone and never put it down again until midnight when they
    go to bed
    What I like about Vonage is the fact that I do not have to be
    constantly checking how much credit is left in the account or having
    to keep topping the account up.
    Dexter, Sep 9, 2005
  11. km

    SK Guest

    so just out of curiosity dexter, how many calls do you make a day, are you
    running a small business or something.
    SK, Sep 9, 2005
  12. I never said geo numbers are free but they are still cheaper then
    vonage and you get free fax to email
    i was referring to business thats about £50
    but you still have a unit that you have paid for that you cant use
    thats like buying a car and then when the warrentee runs out you find
    you are only allowed to use 3 of the wheels
    You should read again "If you cancel after the first 14 days of
    service, you will be subject to the £23.99 termination fee."
    Yes exactly softphones in most cases are crap so why do vonage charge
    users to use what is a free phone?
    no it referrers to anyone vonage deceide is using the phone too much
    they claim that calls are unlimited yet their terms and conditions
    contradict that you need to read again i think dex
    You dont have to with voipfone you can set your accout to top up once
    yoyr credit is low

    Mathew Curtis, Sep 10, 2005
  13. km

    Dexter Guest

    But geo numbers are free with Vonage or included in the monthly
    service charge .
    At a cost of only 29.99 it would not bother me if I got rid of Vonage
    and threw the router in the bin what's thirty quid when we are having
    to pay a fiver a gallon for fuel and nearly ten pounds for 50 grams of
    tobacco ! . Well some of us have to I am off to Belgium at the end of
    the month to re stock tobacco at 2.00 bugger paying seven quid into
    the governments and store keepers pockets in this country .
    Is that all I hadn't seen this to be honest Mat but if that is all
    that it is why worry .
    But they do not make customers have a soft phone now do they and it is
    up to the customer all their charges are stated quite clearly .
    I have yet to find a company that does not have this condition that
    offers unlimited calls Mat .
    I have nothing against Voipfone Mat apart from the fact that the call
    back service is still not working half the time for me but I still
    prefer the way Vonage works regarding payments etc even it they do
    cost a few quid more than anyone else .
    Dexter, Sep 10, 2005
  14. "Residential Customers Can Get a Dedicated Fax Line for Only £5.99 Per

    "Less than a separate fax line from your old phone company, a Vonage
    fax line is only £5.99 per month with a one-time £5.99 activation
    fee. You get 250 minutes of geographic local and national outgoing fax
    service plus unlimited incoming faxes each month. Extra geographic
    local and national outgoing fax minutes are only 2p per minute.
    Additional charges will apply for calls with metered rates. Outgoing
    international faxes are billed at our low international rates."

    dont look free to me the same facilities with voipfone costs me £1.99
    a month with no activation fee and cost of calls to uk geographic local
    and national numbers is 1.1p per min at all times or if like i do you
    have inclusive minutes they will cost just under 1p and voipfone give
    you free fax to email as well
    *Confused* you dont mind wasiting £30 throwing away a router but you
    wont pay an extra few pund for your tobaco :)
    no its not a worry you can afford to just loose the money after all its
    only another £23.99 (how much tobaco could you have bought so
    far)£23.99+£30+ the activation fee you paid when you signed up
    Correct i was just making a point
    as far as i am aware under uk law if somthing is to be sold as
    unlimited it should be unlimited if they want to impose restrictions
    then these restriction should be made clear in the terms the words
    trade descriptions act springs to mind
    I have no problem with vonage either dex i just think people are to
    easly sucked in with the way vonages website and advertising is
    misleading people should be informed of extra charges and limitations
    at the point of sale for example your adaptor is locked to us and you
    cant use it with another provider, set up fees, cancelation fees, usage
    limitations and so on you only find this information once you start

    i am not having a pop at you dex nor do i care if you choose to use
    vonage we all have the right to use any provider we wish or any
    provider we feel best suites our needs what i am saying is that if you
    are going to post information to a group that many people find a usfull
    source of information you should at least post what is know to be fact
    not fiction

    Mathew Curtis, Sep 10, 2005
  15. km

    Dexter Guest

    In three trips to Belgium over the last nine months I have made a NET
    saving of £ 1,181 which is a big difference between throwing away a
    thirty quid router which I wouldn't throw away anyway and putting over
    a grand into tight fisted store owners pockets and government coffers
    to give away to damned so called immigrants and for the government to
    spend on wars that we should not have got involved with in the first
    place .
    You do not pay any activation fee when you buy your own ATA all it
    cost is the 9.99 monthly fee.
    Just has with other companies Mat have you dug right through
    Voipfone's terms and conditions etc I haven't because I have come to
    know that all companies have get out clauses . If people really took
    any notice of all the clauses we would all be back in the thirties and
    forties with no TV's mains powered radio's telephones or anything
    Dexter, Sep 10, 2005
  16. I have nothing against Voipfone Mat apart from the fact that the call
    Dex have you tried the call back recently my brother said he has the
    same problem as you from time to time but for the past few days call
    back has worked perfectly for him i think voipfone must have fixed
    their bug

    Mathew Curtis, Sep 15, 2005
  17. km

    Dexter Guest

    Yesterday and no joy tried with both mobiles and got the same result
    thanks for reminding me Mat I intended to give support a ring today
    and forgot .
    Dexter, Sep 15, 2005
  18. km

    Dexter Guest

    Working fine to day ( Friday ) .
    Dexter, Sep 16, 2005
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