Info services on S450IP

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Dave Saville, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Dave Saville

    Dave Saville Guest

    Anyone managed to get the screen saver working with this? The web
    config says you must have the screen saver "clock" or "info services"
    active. I have clock but nothing seems to happen.


    Dave Saville
    Dave Saville, Jun 9, 2010
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  2. Dave Saville

    Bodincus Guest

    (09/06/10 22:26), Dave Saville:
    You might need to configure what info service you want to appear.

    Although you can do it from the handset itself, I suggest you to
    configure the services from the Gigaset portal on the web.

    Login on it with the details you find on the phones' management
    interface at the "Info Services" menu selection.

    Click on the link you can see on the page and enter your username and
    password there.

    The rest is quite well guided and explained on the Gigaset portal.

    It can take a few minutes for the phones to pick up your new settings
    and changes, but to expedite the process you can follow this procedure:
    - pick up the handset
    - press two times the red hangup button
    - re-seat the handset in the cradle and wait a few seconds.

    You should see the clock screen saver kick in and immediately a bell
    appear on the display, with a quick flash of the "message" key on the

    After that, the display should come back to the normal screen, only for
    the screen saver to kick in again, but now you should see the
    information you chose on the portal.

    Beware, by its very nature some of the services are not well suited for
    this type of application.

    I have successfully used the Weather Forecast, the Biorhythm, and the

    Bodincus - The Y2K Druid
    Law 42 on computing:
    Anything that could fail, will break at the worst possible mom%*= [email protected]@
    # Access Violation - Core dumped
    # Kernel Panic
    Bodincus, Jun 10, 2010
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  3. Dave Saville

    Dave Saville Guest

    Thanks for the reply, see insertions.
    Have done.
    Tried both.
    Neat trick - where did you find that out?
    Well to would if it had :) Trying the weather - Nothing. Clock comes
    up and stays until display goes out. Do you need "backlight on cradle"
    set to "on"?

    Firmware version: 022230000000 / 043.00
    EEPROM version: 183

    I take it the base unit is fetching the data? ie it's not being sent
    and bouncing off the firewall? This all started because I wanted to
    put my own info up - I run my own web server. Could not get that to
    work, thought it might be me and tried the weather. My page works OK
    if you specifically fetch it.
    Dave Saville, Jun 10, 2010
  4. Dave Saville

    Bodincus Guest

    (10/06/10 10:24), Dave Saville:
    Don't know, somewhere in the Gigaset portal FAQ or other documents I've
    read when I deployed them at my home.
    I'd recommend to leave it to "yes", the display might go blank before
    the system it's able to fetch and output data on the screen.
    I have one in the bedroom with that setting and the info display is just
    a glimpse before the screen goes blank.
    The other two have the backlight permanently on and they display the
    weather info, constantly updating it without fail.
    Same as mine, on C475IP.
    It's an HTTP call, initiated by an internal device. It MUST work through
    a firewall of any type.
    Is it inside your own network? If you configured the Gigaset portal to
    access your info on your internal server using an internal IP
    (192.168.x.x) sure it won't work, verging to the complete mayhem, for
    the whole info service to bail out.
    The info is collected by the Gigaset servers and then dispatched to the
    specific unit when the base fetches it from there.
    So if your server is internal to your network and is not accessible from
    outside with NAT or PAT, the Gigaset servers won't be able to collect
    the information, and your whole account could be borked or down.
    Are you using the specific - very limited - HTML subset specified by
    Siemens for the info your pages are pushing out?
    Can I have your info service URL?

    Remove your own service from the portal and see if it works.
    I had a few hiccups at the very beginning, now it's 5 months it's up and
    didn't fail me one time, although I didn't have the time yet to
    experiment with a self built info service...
    Bodincus - The Y2K Druid
    Law 42 on computing:
    Anything that could fail, will break at the worst possible mom%*= [email protected]@
    # Access Violation - Core dumped
    # Kernel Panic
    Bodincus, Jun 10, 2010
  5. Dave Saville

    Dave Saville Guest

    10 minutes and still nothing.

    External address. I am not sure you are correct in that the Gigaset
    servers collect the data because my server logs show the (external) ip
    address of the base unit against the page fetch request. My guess is
    that the Gigaset server simply passes the URL(s). My page works fine
    if I specifically ask for it.
    Yes, in fact it is a hacked example from their PDF - which threw
    errors as is :)
    Well "My applications" is disabled and it does not work.


    Removed my service - no change.
    I just get the feeling I am missing something obvious :)
    Dave Saville, Jun 10, 2010
  6. Am 10.06.2010 19:36, schrieb Dave Saville:
    Yes, you do ;-) Your Handset Gigaset S45 does not support the Info
    services. The Handset Gigaset C47H of Bodincus however does!

    Christoph Schweers, Jun 10, 2010
  7. Dave Saville

    Bodincus Guest

    (10/06/10 22:33), Christoph Schweers:
    D'OH! It's a handset thing...???

    But the OP said he did set up everything correctly on the web interface
    AND the handset...

    I supposed he had a handset with that functionality registered with its
    base... As far as I know - and as far as what the Gigaset website says -
    the S450IP base can register other models of handsets, and some support
    the Info Services.

    Right: if in the menu you get pressing the right side of the central
    wheel, there is a "Sel Services" option, and selecting it you get the
    "Info center" option in the subsequent menu, the handset supports the
    Info Services function.

    Select that option, and as the last option in the menu you should see
    "Screen Saver". If you don't, Tango Sierra.

    The S45H doesn't support the Info Service as screensaver with the S450IP
    base, but the S67H, S68H, S79H, SL37H, SL400H and SL78H do.

    Sorry Dave if I misled you, I thought you had one of these.

    Thanks Christoph for pointing us in the right direction... ;-)
    Bodincus - The Y2K Druid
    Law 42 on computing:
    Anything that could fail, will break at the worst possible mom%*= [email protected]@
    # Access Violation - Core dumped
    # Kernel Panic
    Bodincus, Jun 11, 2010
  8. Dave Saville

    Dave Saville Guest

    Ah, but I *do* get all that menu stuff...............
    Dave Saville, Jun 12, 2010
  9. Am 12.06.2010 15:46, schrieb Dave Saville:
    yes, but that only means that your Basestation Gigaset S450IP is capable
    of doing all the stuff. And as I already wrote your Handset Gigaset S45
    can't show the Info services.
    Get for example the actual successor Gigaset S79H, register it to your
    Basestation Gigaset S450IP and you will be able to get the Info services.
    Christoph Schweers, Jun 13, 2010
  10. Dave Saville

    Dave Saville Guest

    Well it can, it just can't do them as a screen saver :-(
    Dave Saville, Jun 15, 2010
  11. Am 15.06.2010 13:21, schrieb Dave Saville:
    No, it just shows some Menu Items coming from the Basestation ... ;-)
    Christoph Schweers, Jun 15, 2010
  12. Dave Saville

    Dave Saville Guest

    I repeat, it *can* show the info items if you specifically select
    them, it just can't put them up as a screen saver.
    Dave Saville, Jun 15, 2010
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