Info: BE to Sky - Line rates & TG585v7 Modem/Router

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Peter Burke, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. Peter Burke

    Peter Burke Guest

    A tale of BE to Sky migration.

    I had a discounted deal with BE linked to a 12Mb capped line rate which
    it maxed out and suited me at the time.

    The forced transfer to Sky went fine with the Thomson TG585v7 switching
    from BE's EthoE to Sky's PPPoA seamlessly but I didn't get any increase
    in sync rate, despite now being on their standard 'unlimited' product.

    Looking at the Thomson I could see that it was only connecting at the
    lower rate ADSL specs rates rather than ADSL2 or 2+, perhaps explaining
    the speed shortfall but I just couldn't bear talking to Sky about it and
    so left it.

    Now, throwing a spare modem/router at the line gave an ADSL2+ connection
    first time but no rate increase. It was however showing a 14dB SNR margin
    so I settled back to wait for a possible retraining and rate increase.

    Two weeks later and with no change I was planning to face the call centre
    bear and ask for a reset of profile but it finally decided to give me a
    bit more rate and day by day (at 02:30 odd) it would increase the rate by
    a meg or so, dropping the SNR margin down 1-1.5dB. After a week (3 weeks
    altogether) it had got to 19M.

    Today decided to resurrect the TG585 and found it to be still restricted
    in spec and rate. Thoughts of re-flashing it to wipe the rate restriction
    were dashed on finding that O2/BE firmware is pretty much locked.

    As an alternative I saved and looked at the modem config file which turns
    out to be in plain text and changed this line, under [ xdsl.ini ] from:

    debug multimode config=default+t1.413issue2+g992.1_annex_a+g992.3


    debug multimode config=g992.5_annex_a

    to eliminate connection attempts to anything other than ADSL2+.

    After re-boot the result was a 19Mb sync so a result all round saving the
    purchase of a new modem/router.

    During the anticipated training period I figured an ongoing download and
    recording a defined error rate would be better than an idle line so I set
    up a slow download running at 10kB/s for each 24hr period. Altbinz let me
    set a scheduled and rate limited download which I edited to give 1hr on
    1hr off during the day and a dead period between midnight and 6am to let
    the exchange equipment adjust the connection if it chose. I don't know if
    this helped but it let me think I was at least doing something to move
    the process along.

    Peter Burke, Oct 4, 2014
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  2. Peter Burke

    Graham. Guest

    Guess when my migration took place? here's a subtle clue.

    I suppose I would see an improvement if I got the profile changed, and
    interleave turned off as they were with BE, but as with yourself I
    don't think I could stand the suspense,

    As for the TG585, it's still in its box. I prefer to use an old
    Netgear DG830PN with DG Team firmware.

    Sam Knows gave me a TP-Link TL-WR741ND with special monitoring
    firmware. AIUI I will be able to flash it back to normal firmware
    when the monitoring project ends, probebly in six months time or
    Graham., Oct 5, 2014
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  3. Peter Burke

    Peter Burke Guest

    No doubt there :-/

    I do hear that they have a more conservative target SNR margin and after
    the change back to the TG585 it has gone back to 6.5dB SNRM with a drop
    in rate from 19,999 to 19,166, mind you I was dicking around with lots of
    different routers yesterday so it may be that the number of
    disconnections have triggered the rate reduction.
    I don't think they are in any way a tech friendly outfit so I think you
    might struggle to persuade them to do anything at your bidding on a
    working connection. A colleague does have a fixed IP with them and is
    happy so far.
    I can get half decent TP-Link gear for around the 25quid mark so it's not
    about the money, I just thought I'd see if I could get it to go at a
    decent rate.

    The couple of loaner TP-Link boxes I tried happily gave 19,999 but did
    quote SNR Margins around the 3dB mark for most of the time but I don't
    know how accurate that was.

    I'm trying to get a away from using an old Zoom X6 which could only
    manage 18Mb in the same circumstances and which my VOIP provider tells me
    has a dodgy the NAT implementation that screws up multiple calls (the
    problem goes away when a more modern router is used).
    Peter Burke, Oct 5, 2014
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