Incremental WAN Migration from Frame to Point to Point VPN

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by krw1968, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. krw1968

    krw1968 Guest


    We are migrating our WAN from a BellSouth Frame Relay to CBeyond Point
    to Point VPN. Our WAN configuration is hub and spoke.

    We want to migrate our locations incremently as opposed to all at once.

    CBeyond's engineer tells me that they do not have a way to tie their
    service into the frame for an incremental migration and the migration
    will need to happen all at one time.

    Any ideas how I can migrate one location to CBeyond at a time while
    other locations remain on the frame?

    Thanks for your help!
    krw1968, Apr 6, 2005
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  2. krw1968

    Scooby Guest

    Well, I imagine that CBeyond would not be able us tap into the Bellsouth
    Frame Relay. But, I'm still not sure why you can't do the incremental
    migration. With a hub and spoke, all locations have a link back to the
    central office. As you add a P2P, drop the frame pvc to that location. The
    central location can route between the CBeyond network and the Bellsouth
    network. Or, am I missing something here?

    I am interested, though.... How many locations do you have, and what made
    you choose to go from the Frame to the P2P?

    Scooby, Apr 6, 2005
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  3. krw1968

    krw1968 Guest


    We have nine locations with more to come in the future.

    Reasons we are moving from BellSouth Frame are:

    1. BellSouth sucks! We have had too many issues with the circuit
    bouncing in and out of connectivity between our locations.

    2. PTP VPN has a faster CIR.

    3. Frame is too expensive for the type of service it provides. 'We
    have gotten a much less expensive option with CBeyond's data and voice

    How do I get the central location to route between the CBeyond network
    and the BellSouth network? Is this a configuration that needs to be
    made to the BellSouth router? Is it a configuration that needs to
    apply to both the BellSouth and CBeyond router?

    I'm not asking for the code to do it, just inquiring so that I can
    determine if I need to contract a Cisco engineer to accomplish this

    Thanks, again!

    krw1968, Apr 6, 2005
  4. krw1968

    Scooby Guest


    First, I'll address your needs...

    It sounds like you will be having a managed solution. If so, you'll need to
    have the providers configure the network devices, otherwise, you (or your
    staff can) - much easier if you can do it internally. Am I safe to assume
    that you have a subnet (or perhaps multiple subnets) at each remote
    location. You have to have some kind of routing to allow traffic from each
    site to reach the host and remote sites. Site 1 wants to reach site 2, it
    will send to the host site and the host will forward to Site 2. Your host
    just needs to know where site 2 is. Currently, that is easy since your
    frame already is configured and knows of all the sites. If you have a
    separate router that is being used for all the PTP circuits, then the frame
    router just needs to forward the packets to that (either static route or
    routing protocol), and vice versa. If you need more detail on that I can
    help, just wanted to give you the basics.

    If this is a managed solution and Bellsouth/CBeyond each manage/config their
    own equipment, you will just need to make sure that each provider has the
    appropriate routes in place when a circuit is moved. You can hire a Cisco
    engineer to oversee this transition or just get the two providers
    communicating. But, bottom line is that you absolutely should be able to
    migrate one at a time.

    Now, my opinions....

    PTP does provide a better CIR. However, it often comes at an expense when
    running over long distances. If you can do it for cheaper with PTP, that
    does make sense. That is just usually not the case, especially when
    considering the extra equipment involved. I recently moved to Metro
    Ethernet solutions since they are even a better offering on bandwidth per
    cost than the traditional copper based services. Depending on your data
    needs, that would be something to consider in the future.

    I've certainly had my own share of problems with Bellsouth for a variety of
    issues, not just circuit troubles. However, they still tend to be better
    than the options in many cases. Unfortunately, you've seen these troubles.
    I've just learned over time to kick down the right doors to get troubles
    taken care of. Do keep in mind that when ordering services from many other
    providers (possibly CBeyond as well), Bellsouth will be the ones coming in
    to install the lines and smart jacks, your service will just be managed by
    the provider of your choice. If there are troubles with the line, guess who
    comes to repair - Bellsouth. And, you often get into finger pointing when
    there are multiple companies involved.

    I really don't want to start a pro/con Bellsouth war in this forum, I just
    wanted to let you know what you are really getting and share some of my
    thoughts. I have found that in spite of the frustrations, they are still
    often the best game in town. I have developed a special/unique relationship
    with Bellsouth and have some fairly high level contacts in the company. If
    you'd like to share your issues, I can get the message to some people that
    "really" care to hear about your situation. Please feel free to contact me
    offline: netscooby [at] hotmail [dot] com.

    Best of luck with the migration,

    Scooby, Apr 6, 2005
  5. krw1968

    Digital Doug Guest

    Is Cbeyond using their own circuits or going over the Internet?
    If this is over the Internet, then I can't see any gurantee concerning any
    stated CIR (unless it's zero).

    Digital Doug
    Digital Doug, Apr 7, 2005
  6. krw1968

    Scooby Guest

    Well, they sort of can... If ALL the circuits are with CBeyond, the traffic
    will never leave the CBeyond network. They will have full control over the
    traffic and can QOS to be sure that the end user gets full CIR, if you want
    to call it that. However, I'm not especially fond of the vpn solution and
    you really couldn't call it a PTP connection.

    Looking at the CBeyond web site, I don't see anything about private network
    services, just internet/vpn. So, it most likely is an internet based
    product. I'm thinking this is the product that Kelly is talking about:

    Scooby, Apr 7, 2005
  7. krw1968

    krw1968 Guest

    Yes, that is the product we are getting.
    krw1968, Apr 7, 2005
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