Inconsistent "ask before opening" attachments in OE6

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by All Things Mopar, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Ever since getting my Win XP Pro SP2 system last year, I've had
    a strange inconsistency when clicking on the "paper clip" icon
    for an attachment in Outlook Express 6 E-mails.

    As best I can tell, /all/ attachment types defined in my file
    associations list correctly show a dialog box "do you want to
    open this file - Open or cancel" /EXCEPT for JPG graphics files.

    I have JPGs and their various variants associated to Paint Shop
    Pro 9. What happpens if I click on a JPG attachment in OE6 is
    that PSP 9 /immediately/ opens the file and I /never/ get the
    "open or cancel" dialog box. Among other things I've tried is
    un-asscociating JPG extensions. This uses Windows Picture and
    FAX viewer as expected, and /does/ activate OE's "open or
    cancel" dialog box. But, re-associating JPG to PSP goes right
    back to a straight open for an OE attachement.

    Can't figure this out. Naturally, I checked Explorer>Tools>
    Folder options>File Types and verified and re-verified that I
    have JPGs set to "ask before open".

    I do /not/ want to get prompted on an ordinary double-click in
    Explorer, just when I get a JPG in an OE6 E-mail.

    What am I missing here? I've looked in the MS KB at a number of
    articles, including
    but nothing explains this bizzare behavior I'm seeing. Ditto for
    Googling, nuttin', honey.
    All Things Mopar, Mar 7, 2006
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  2. All Things Mopar

    geothermal Guest

    Outlook Express is crap.

    Try Thunderbird, Netscape or Eudora. Much safer security wise.

    geothermal, Mar 7, 2006
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  3. All Things Mopar

    Evan Platt Guest

    Don't insult crap like that!
    Having an unprotected orgy with cheap hookers in Calcutta is much
    safer than using Outlook.
    Evan Platt, Mar 7, 2006
  4. Now, what will that additional "yes, I do want" click for jpgs bring to you?
    "Open with associated application" or "save to file" would be much better
    and would allow for virus scanning even if you have no on-access scanner.
    Once you know it's a jpg (show extensions is on) it is your task to either
    select a program using microsofts known-to-be-vulnerable viewers or others
    where you have to use documeted resources for finding out about possible
    Now don't you get it, it's time for trying out some alternative email client
    or get your guts and check another OS?
    Walter Mautner, Mar 7, 2006
  5. Today geothermal commented courteously on the subject at hand
    thank you for your candid opinion, but the question is about OE
    All Things Mopar, Mar 7, 2006
  6. Today Walter Mautner commented courteously on the subject at
    "Open with associated application" or
    The reason for my wanting to do this is to constantly remind
    myself that nastyware can and does hide in JPGs. As to the
    rest of your suggestion, please try to help me or just let it
    be. I'm not interested in an alternate E-mail client nor a
    different O/S. I've said nothing about anti-malware because it
    isn't at all germaine to my question, but if it helps you to
    sleep better, I am fully protected. Actually, I would like to
    dump Bill the Gates on his head but see no viable solution at
    hand right now.

    The question stands to anyone who wishes to be helpful and not
    elitist: why are JPGs files the /only/ graphic format /not/ to
    get an "open or cancel" dialog box in OE6 and what do I do to
    fix the inconsistency?

    Thank you, all.
    All Things Mopar, Mar 7, 2006
  7. All Things Mopar wrote:

    That security flaw isn't common to all programs opening jpgs. Microsoft
    probably uses the same dll, no matter if you open a jpg in IE or OE or
    imaging viewer. Knowing this, Microsoft does not want to prohibit other 3rd
    party programs to open a jpg straight, because now once you changed the
    association, it is your (trust to the 3rd-party program) concern.
    There is no help available. Unlike open source, you cannot really change
    that program. You can just try to use another one.
    Besides that, after all that discussion and arguing, do you really still
    need one more reminder?
    Remember, working as non-admin user (naturally to most other operating
    systems, just windows an exception) for surfing, e-mailing and word/picture
    processing will keep you safe most of the time anyways.
    No special reason to dump anybody elses head.
    Walter Mautner, Mar 7, 2006
  8. Today Walter Mautner commented courteously on the subject at
    Walter, I'm sorry, but this doesn't wash. It works 100%
    correctly on my older SP1 box, which is being revamped for my
    wife. So, it is some BS security thingy in SP2 I haven't found
    yet. And, as to 3rd party apps, that has no-thing to do with
    this. It is supposed to be OE's job to do the warning and not
    leave it to a vague or undefined alternate app(s)\
    See my comment above. This is broken in SP2 but works exactly
    as expected in SP1. Since it appears obvious you've moved
    along ago to some other E-mail client, are you blowing
    theoretical smoke or did you verify what I reported for
    yourself? If the latter, I may have to live with it. But, if
    you really don't, I'd ask you politely not to muck up this
    thread with stuff you personally don't use.
    Bill the Gates is a scourge to the world. He's a predatory
    marketer, stole his key ideas from others and still does
    today, has never in his entire career offered anything truly
    innovative, and if you think that Windoze, particularly SP2 is
    efficient, you're from another planet.

    For an easy example, explain why Bill the Gates, with his
    billions to push his crap onto users with no real
    alternatives, has yet to build any real untility programs into
    Windoze. Or, if he wanted to make money, why not do his own
    anti-malware, systems utilities, etc. etc. etc.? And, don't
    bother talking about these silly-ass beta tests for his
    malware product. It's just a trial ballooon to see how many
    idiots he can snare to do his work for him, and maybe snare
    their Visa cards later.

    So, if you want to put Bill the Gates onto a horse and make a
    statue of him for the pidgeons to shit on, be my guest. But,
    I'll dump his sorry software the minute Linux becomes a viable

    Meantime, troll, you're gone...
    All Things Mopar, Mar 7, 2006
  9. All Things Mopar wrote:


    But changing the behavior with jpgs and other extensions formerly considered
    secure, probably has only made it to SP2 - since rerfusal of SP2 prohibits
    a lot of updates to take place.
    If a secure viewer for a given extension is associated, why should OE or
    another email client ask?
    Of course, web-bugs in html emails are another issue, so plaintext preview
    is mandatory anyways.

    That's what I wanted to tell. Microsoft may change this with another update,
    upon request of enough people or more likely marketing issues with main
    advertisers (they have shares of, you won't know). You are doomed as long
    as you are stuck with their product alone. There are alternatives.
    Free market only works that way.
    I do use XP or win2k occasionally, but not anymore OE. Why are you so
    strictly bound to use that program when there are others which import your
    OE mails and settings?
    Each e-mail or newsreader program has it's issues, simply because there is
    nothing that fits all needs.
    I mainly use linux - even at work - for about 3 years now. Our mail and
    workflow system (Notes) does run fine inside crossover office while
    awaiting the java version, and for special purpose there is vmware and the
    free vmplayer. There is a whole bunch of e-mail programs to choose from,
    for linux or windows.
    Damned, why bash Gates when you are still stuck with him? You have no rights
    to do so, actually.
    You are a bit late. It _is_ a viable OS already.
    Walter Mautner, Mar 8, 2006
  10. All Things Mopar

    Box134 Guest

    Box134, Mar 9, 2006
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