incentives for completing certification

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Cathy, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Cathy

    Cathy Guest

    Hi there, I am an HR Manager for a small software company, and am keen to
    encourage some employees to achieve Microsoft Certification. I was wondering
    if any of you have incentives offered by your company to encourage
    completion within certain timescales. I would really appreciate any ideas.
    Many thanks
    Cathy, Aug 12, 2003
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  2. 1.Offer to pay for passed exams.
    2. In the past (before the IT crash), I was given a bonus ($300) for each
    passed exam and then given a Sony DVD player once I earned my MCSD. Times
    are different now.

    Good luck. I like to see companies encouraging their employees to grow.
    Davin Mickelson
    Davin Mickelson, Aug 12, 2003
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  3. Excellent thought Cathy. Refund of course costs with some timeframe is a
    good idea (I would think).
    Letting MCSD people to put an as a part of their could raise some
    wareness among colleagues
    sunil chandra, Aug 12, 2003
  4. Cathy

    Marc Mlat Guest

    In my company:
    $100 bonus for every MCP exam
    $300 bonus for MCSD, MCAD, MCSA ,...
    They reimburse you the exam fees and materials (Books or transcender) if
    you pass

    Marc Mlat, Aug 13, 2003
  5. Cathy

    Grok Guest

    I worked for a company in New Jersey that paid for all exams, pass or
    fail. Most times people passed. Because they didn't have to worry
    about losing $100, it was a great incentive for people to train and
    try the exams. As a result we had 2 MCSDs, 3 MCSEs (one +I) and
    several MCPs. Since they also were good profit sharers, the more
    learned programmers and techs made even more money for the company,
    and bonuses ran from $5000 to $15000 per person in 1998.

    Too bad internal bickering among owners destroyed the company, but
    that's off-topic.

    Offer free exams, don't put a time-retainer-payback clause on people
    taking the tests, and you'll end up with lots of employees studying
    and increasing their knowledge. Even if they don't get certified,
    you'll have better employees doing a more productive job, increasing
    your bottom lines.
    Grok, Aug 14, 2003
  6. Cathy

    Kline Sphere Guest

    Offer free exams, don't put a time-retainer-payback clause on people
    Maybe, maybe not.
    Totally agree that training is an investment, but only if that
    investment can be realized (i.e. people don't leave).

    This does have a great deal to with ms certification though, as the
    exams are simple and easily passed without an understanding of the
    subject matter. Example, a guy here took the three VB dot net exams
    two days after passing his last C# exam. He has 'never wrote a
    application in his life', his own words.
    Kline Sphere, Aug 14, 2003
  7. Cathy

    Jamie Guest

    the VB.Net and C# exams arent really syntax exams, there are actually
    about "programming in .Net".

    there should really be only 1 exam eg. 1 Web app exam for .Net
    Programming, 1 Win App exam for .Net Programming, etc

    Since this is the case, it shouldnt be surprising that someone can
    pass the VB.Net exam without having written a VB.Net app THE WAY THE

    Thats not to say there shoudln't be some part of the exams that test
    your syntax knowledge
    Jamie, Aug 15, 2003
  8. Cathy

    Kline Sphere Guest

    the VB.Net and C# exams arent really syntax exams, there are actually
    Which makes it rather pointless have two sets of exams which do not
    test one's knowledge of the actual language.
    Kline Sphere, Aug 15, 2003
  9. Cathy

    Cathy Guest

    Thanks all for your suggestions - it has been really helpful.
    Cathy, Aug 19, 2003
  10. Cathy

    SImon Guest


    I think the best option is to offer your staff minimum 15% pay
    increases. Although personally I'd settle for a free vend mars bar
    dispenser if I worked for your company :)

    SImon, Aug 20, 2003
  11. I'd tend to agree with the previous comments about bonuses etc.
    I think your staff should all receive 15-20% pay rises for just
    attending the courses the prepare them for the exams. If you're goin
    to give your staff a payrise in the near future anyway, I'd suggest
    the course attendees should be the ones that see the biggest increases
    - attending the course should hammer home to you just how committed
    they all are.
    Paul Mulvenna, Aug 20, 2003
  12. Cathy

    Sean Dempsey Guest

    At least a 50% payrise for attempting the exams, and provision of a
    coca-cola vending machine for those who pass the exams.

    Sean Dempsey, Aug 20, 2003
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