Importing from Mozilla mail to Thunderbird

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Ray Drouillard, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. I'll try to keep the long story short.

    I use Mozilla mail right now. I installed Thunderbird and found that it
    doesn't support multiple profiles, and you can't choose the location of
    the data folder. This caused me to overload my already overloaded C:
    drive, even though I told the installer to put everything on my E:

    After reading through this newsgroup (note to my fellow geeks: I *did*
    do my homework), I found out how to use multiple profiles, so I made a
    new one on my E: drive and wiped most of the junk out of the DEFAULT one
    that's on my C: drive. So far, so good.

    Now, I want to import my email, address list, and message rules from
    Mozilla mail to Thunderbird. I tried the [import] wizard, but it
    doesn't include Mozilla mail in its list of choices.

    How much difference is there in the systems? Can I just copy the files
    from my Mozilla mail profile to my new Thunderbird profile?

    A related question:

    When I first installed Thunderbird (and imported my old mail), it put
    the data in c:\windows\application data\thunderbird. I found another
    batch of data in E:\Mozilla Thunderbird\Thunderbird\Profiles. What's up
    with that?

    Ray Drouillard
    Ray Drouillard, Jan 25, 2005
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  2. There is no difference. Set up the accounts in Thunderbird, then copy
    paste the appropriate files. Take a look here for more information: Profiles.html
    The first is the default location for TB profiles on win98/ME.

    The second you must have created.

    Leonidas Jones, Jan 25, 2005
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  3. Thanks! I think I'll do some experimenting and see if I can move the
    whole directory.

    Ray Drouillard, Jan 26, 2005
  4. Ray  Drouillard

    Moz Champion Guest

    Um, who said Thunderbird doesnt support multiple profiles? It does!
    Moz Champion, Jan 27, 2005

  5. Perhaps you missed this part of my original post:
    Anyhow, saying that it does support multiple profiles is a far cry from
    actually telling someone how to do it. Really, adding a -p to the
    command in the shortcut is a rather obscure trick. I'm just fortunate
    enough to have poked through the newsgroup before asking questions, and
    fortunate that the person who had answered the earlier poster was
    forthcoming with the practical information.

    But this thread is about another question. I want to import my old
    Mozilla mail into Thunderbird. If there is no graceful way to do it,
    I'll try copying the entire profile directory. There's a chance that I
    might end up corrupting something, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

    Ray Drouillard
    Ray Drouillard, Jan 29, 2005
  6. I have a big problem with how Firefox has hidden profile manager, but
    Thunderbird has not. If adding the command switch to a shortcut were
    the only way to open Profile Manager in order to create new profiles,
    that would be obscure indeed.

    Yet Start>>Programs>>Mozilla Thunderbird>>Profile Manager seems very
    intuitive from a Windows perspective, at least to me.

    There should have been a wizard when you first installed TB, offering to
    transfer everything from Mozilla. If you declined it then, I see no way
    to get it back, unlike Firefox. You could uninstall TB, blow away the
    profile folder, and reinstall, to use the wizard to transfer.

    If you choose not to do that, there is still no real need to copy the
    entire profile directory, there used to be, but now, if you do so, you
    end up with a lot of extraneous browser information that TB neither
    wants nor needs.

    This may be a little more tedious, but should work better in the long
    run. Set up all your mail and news accounts in Thunderbird, then close
    the program. Go to the Mozilla profile folder which contains the mail
    you wish to transfer. Copy the entire Mail and News folders from there,
    and paste them into new TB profile folder, overwriting the empty ones
    that are there. Also copy any files with a .mab (mail address book)
    extension, and training.dat, if you use the Junk Mail Controls in both
    apps. Paste them into your TB profile folder.

    This leaves passwords. If you have relatively few accounts, it may be
    just as easy to renter them as you go in TB. If you have many, and wish
    to transfer them, save one or two passwords. This will generate a file
    in your profile called xxxxxxx.s, actually a random string. Copy the
    similarly named file in your Mozilla profile, and paste it into the TB
    profile. Rename to the exact name of the file you wish to replace.

    There is a different slant on all this, should you wish to continue
    using both Mozilla and TB for mail. They can be set to look at the same

    In TB, set up one of your accounts. The go to Tools>>Account
    Settings>>(account name)>>Server Settings, and look for the Local
    Directory field. Click the browse button and navigate to the location
    of your data in the Mozilla profile folder. Click OK, close and reopen
    TB. TB and Mozilla should now show an identical readout of your mail
    folders. When you download a message into TB, it will show in Mozilla
    as well.

    I moved the Mail and News folders to another drive for easy backup. I
    have TB, Mozilla, and Netscape 7.2 all pointing to the same mail and
    news data.

    Note, before embarking an any such work on profiles, back up the entire
    profile folders so you can restore if things go awry.

    Leonidas Jones, Jan 29, 2005
  7. Thanks for the tip about using the start menu. I generally run my email
    and browser stuff from the quick start bar, and never bothered to dig
    through my overcrowded start menu. ;-)

    Anyhow, thanks for the other tips. I think I'll try having Mozilla and
    Thunderbird looking at the same directory. It'll be good practice for
    my eventual plan to use my current computer as a file server/print
    server/scanner donkey and let everyone run their own profile from the

    Ray Drouillard
    Ray Drouillard, Jan 31, 2005
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