Important question to Seeby about new Orcon plans - are they really as good as they seem?

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by MarkH, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. MarkH

    MarkH Guest

    This is a important and serious question!

    On the new Bitstream plans being offered can I really do the following with
    no problem to Orcon:

    1. Connect at 2Mbit and download 50GB per month for less than $100 per

    2. Connect at 2MBit and download 150GB per month for less than $200 per

    Or would Orcon implode if too many people took up their offer and joined
    the 2Mbit plan to download over 100GB per month?

    In other words, is this new plan sustainable?

    We all know the flatrate/unlimited plan hurt Orcon with Telecom restricting
    the national bandwidth between the users and Orcon. Have things changed
    now so that Orcon can just pay more per heavy user to have more bandwidth

    Will this new plan work well for Orcon and its customers, will we get the
    promised speed? Will we at least get over 90% of the promised speed over
    90% of the time? I would be happy to have half that speed during peak
    hours and the full 2Mbit offpeak, it would be well worth the $10 extra
    compared to my 256k plan.

    If this is all as good as it seems then all I need to have my ideal
    internet is 2Mbit down and 512Kbit up at the same price, maybe the day is
    not too far off when I could have that! (or maybe by the time they offer
    that I will find it inadequate)
    MarkH, Aug 18, 2005
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  2. Well - thanks for the compliment - we certianly hope that they are as good
    as they seem, we have thought carefully about the new plans to make sure
    that they offer something new and better than our competitors, and also that
    we can deliver the service.

    Base fee with Tolls = $39.95 + 5 x 10GB blocks @$10 = $89.95 so yes
    If too many people take up the offer and all download over 100GB a month,
    then yes it will probably be a problem.
    However, we have looked at the current data being done by users on different
    speeds, and we fell that because users are having to pay more when they do
    more data, they won't be reckless with bandwidth if they don't need to be,
    and therefore there should be a good balance between people who use more
    data (and pay us more), and users who use 1-11 GB per month.

    At the present time we believe that yes it is - once we have a good number
    of cusomers on the plan who have done at least a month's worth of data we
    should have a much better idea of whether this is going to work long term -
    but we certinaly believe that with the new plans we are less likely to run
    into issues than with the old 256k flat-rate plan
    To a certain extent. One thing that is better is that if we were ever to
    have to pay Telecom overage costs, then we are now getting more revenue to
    pay for this from users who do a lot of data.
    That is hard to say at this point, but the goal is to provide full speed all
    the time because it's not a flat-rate plan and therefore if people are using
    data, we should be getting the revenue to pay for the data (although we have
    priced the data very cheaply)
    We can't do 512k upload at present, but that's just a Govt/Telecom thing. I
    believe that upload speeds will be increased in the future, but I have no
    idea on timelines

    Seeby Woodhouse

    CEO Orcon Internet
    Seeby Woodhouse - Orcon Internet, Aug 18, 2005
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  3. MarkH

    Philip Guest

    It certainly looks good, and would suit me very well. So how do I get
    onto it?

    I am already on Orcon's 256 kbit service. I looked at the website but
    couldn't find anywhere to ask to switch.

    I called 0508 JOIN US, but it was all recordings and no chance to talk
    to anyone.

    I called 0508 4ORCON and it was all the same recordings.

    I emailed sales, and they replied referring me to

    But this page doesn't offer the new products, it doesn't offer a
    discount for taking your toll services, and the prices are different.

    What to do? You've announced a product I'd like to have. I'm already
    your customer. How do I tell you to switch me over?

    Philip, Aug 18, 2005
  4. MarkH

    Mazool Guest

    So, no solid answer then? ;P
    Mazool, Aug 18, 2005
  5. MarkH

    Rob Guest

    At least he fronted up and answered honestly. You wouldn't Annette (callplus
    aka slingshot) or Theresa doing the same thing.
    Rob, Aug 18, 2005
  6. MarkH

    Dave Taylor Guest

    I like to think so...

    I am now thinking of ditching my TC Cable 2Mpbs 5 Gig plan.
    I am interested in more info, and will watch this thread with interest.
    My Pet Peeve about TC 5 Gigs is their overages. Oh, and perhaps that the
    International pipe has been not able to supply 2Mbps when I wanted it, but
    that is a separate issue to raise with the route that supplies the ISP...

    I always welcome and appreciate Seeby's responses to the NG as I think he
    is one of the only people in control, who actually responds, not just
    Dave Taylor, Aug 18, 2005
  7. Well to be fair, they've only just set up this arrangement so there is no
    real reliable way to tell right off the bat whether it is going to work or
    not. :eek:P

    As always, it going to be a case of "wait and see".
    ....and which is the state that I have been in ever since a year ago when
    Orcon launched their Flatrate 256k Bitstream service. My initial thoughts
    / intuition indicated that there will be problems with this and not
    suprising there were (refer to my post 26th Sep 2004 under "ADSL v's
    Dialup"). So I waited...

    Waiting patiently on the sidelines on my Telecom Jetstream connection
    (through Orcon / )for UBS to pan out... waiting and waiting
    and waiting... and content to wait some more whilse continuing along
    happily on my Jetstream connection, waiting... but uh oh, Now what is this?
    JPP is getting killed and Telecom is going to kick me off the Internet...

    GAME OVER (for me)
    Pacific Dragon, Aug 18, 2005
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