Important Announcement: New Certification Discussion forums available now, newsgroups closing June 1

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Erwin Chan, May 27, 2010.

  1. Erwin Chan

    Erwin Chan Guest

    Greetings, MCPs

    Please read this important announcement-we don't want to lose your voice in
    our community discussions!

    On June 1, 2010, this newsgroup will close, as we move our
    certification-related discussions to a new home:

    (for the reasons why, see this article-- -- but
    recognize that these specific certification-related newsgroups are not
    moving to the forums referenced in the article)

    "Born to Learn" is our official learning-related team blog and community
    site, and we think you'll find that B2L offers several advantages over

    .. Permanent retention of posts and articles
    .. Ability to rate useful posts
    .. E-mail notification on a thread-by-thread basis
    .. User profiles and avatars

    For those of you who enjoy the off-line access afforded by NNTP newsreaders,
    you can subscribe to our RSS feed to read the forums off-line. (You won't be
    able to post while off-line, though-we acknowledge that limitation.)

    One big change to be aware of: you'll need to log in using your Windows Live
    ID in order to post in the forums-we hope that goes a long way to reducing
    spam and keeping the signal-to-noise ratio favorable.

    Our new forums are available today, so come over and join the discussions!
    Erwin Chan, May 27, 2010
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