Image Quality takes another hit...

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Kinon O'Cann, May 29, 2007.

  1. Kinon O'Cann

    Kinon O'Cann Guest

    Read the review of Sony's latest and greatest, and you'll see that image
    quaity is probably the last thing on the mind of anyone designing a P&S
    level camera these days.This thing has great potential, only to produce
    really lousy pix. What a shame...

    The spiral downward continues.
    Kinon O'Cann, May 29, 2007
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  2. Kinon O'Cann

    JohnR66 Guest

    8 MP is too much for a 1/2.5" sensor, and one can't expect much from these
    long 15x zooms. Seems to be an overpriced budget cam to me.
    Still, the naive consumer will look at only numbers and not look at tests.
    The camera will probably be a hot seller.
    JohnR66, May 29, 2007
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  3. I notice that the range of apertures seems pretty limited - 2.7-8 at the
    "wide end" and 4.5-8 at the "telephoto end".

    cheers adrian
    Adrian Boliston, May 29, 2007
  4. Adrian Boliston wrote:
    ... and yet earlier cameras, such as the Panasonic FZ20, kept an f/2.8
    aperture over the full 36 - 432mm zoom range, together with a more
    sensible pixel count (5MP).
    Snap them up before theey're all gone!


    David J Taylor, May 29, 2007
  5. Kinon O'Cann

    cgiorgio Guest

    So what? These cameras are aimed at the large groups of "Photo Shooters" or
    "Picture Takers", not photographers and not at technical quality nuts. Did
    you notice all those silly "Scene Modes"? Photographers would certainly look
    for something else. These days when you want quality you have to go for a
    DSLR or for (comparatively more expensive) niche models from Sigma, Ricoh
    and the like.
    cgiorgio, May 29, 2007
  6. Kinon O'Cann

    Charles Guest

    Not for Sony ... they have long had a crystal clear view into USA consumer
    minds and wallets. And they know about the limited technical knowledge of
    USA buyers. Show me your Sony!
    Charles, May 29, 2007
  7. Kinon O'Cann

    Victek Guest

    I've had an FZ20 for a couple of years now, and although I keep checking I
    haven't seen anything with a similar feature-set that would compel me to
    upgrade. Even with optical image stabilization can anyone hand hold a
    camera zoomed to 15X and get a focused shot? I've managed to hand hold the
    FZ20 fully zoomed (12X) and get good shots, but it's hard to be consistent.
    Victek, May 30, 2007
  8. After all, remember a free root kit with every CD!
    Michael Meissner, May 30, 2007
  9. With an SLR, I don't see any reason why 15 times the image diagonal would be
    a problem. You do need a fast lens and a bright sun to get a sharp image.

    However, I normally use such lenses on a tripod. Is there some kind of rule
    that you can't put a P&S on a tripod?
    Philip Homburg, May 30, 2007
  10. Kinon O'Cann

    Mardon Guest

    Amen! Haven't bought a Sony product since and don't intend to.
    Mardon, May 30, 2007
  11. Victek wrote:
    I have the FZ5 which is a smaller, slightly more limited, and slightly
    more modern FZ20, and I find that the full-zoom shots are usually well
    focussed. You may want to ensure that there is a high-contrast object or
    edge in the image to help focussing, and then recompose slightly to take.

    Of course, just because the camera has IS doesn't mean that you can ignore
    all the usual rules about using such a long lens. I try and brace the
    camera where possible, and brace myself. The IS provides some extra
    margin which allows shooting at ISO 100 (for lower noise) or shooting in
    windier conditions.

    What I find the small, lightweight camera with image stabilisation does
    for me is to remove the need for a tripod, and hence I can both carry the
    equipment for longer and use it where a tripod would be impractical (e.g.
    the deck of a rolling ship or from an aircraft).

    David J Taylor, May 30, 2007
  12. Kinon O'Cann

    email Guest

    Hand-held, not braced against anything, just an innate talent to hold a camera
    steady, for 1 full second, available light, very dimly lit room at night, at
    432mm zoom setting on a P&S, optical IS camera. 100% crop.
    email, May 30, 2007
  13. Wow! I could take a dozen like that and still not get a sharp one.

    David J Taylor, May 30, 2007
  14. Kinon O'Cann

    Kinon O'Cann Guest

    Because if they keep lowering standards, we'll all suffer. I'm looking for a
    cam to use when I don't want to carry an SLR kit, and so far, nothing out
    there is any good. All of the latest crop of P&S cams truly suck with the
    exception of the feature-limited Fujis. Anyway, my point is that the
    marketeers have one, IQ has lost, and so have all of us.
    Kinon O'Cann, May 30, 2007
  15. Kinon O'Cann wrote:
    So go for a slightly older camera, perhaps one with a 2/3-inch sensor.
    Why does it have the be "the latest"?

    David J Taylor, May 30, 2007
  16. I love my Canon G-3, now, what 5 years old?? I can't part with it,
    though, but if you find one about, it's pretty darned fine. Will do full
    manual, and RAW.
    John McWilliams, May 30, 2007
  17. Kinon O'Cann

    JohnR66 Guest

    Pickup a used A610/A620 and never look back...
    JohnR66, May 31, 2007
  18. Kinon O'Cann

    Ron Hunter Guest

    You really could stand to clean the front panel of that VCR a bit....
    Gone are the old days when I could hand hold a 3 second exposure, sadly.
    Now I can't get away with a 1/8 second without a brace.
    Ron Hunter, May 31, 2007
  19. Kinon O'Cann

    Shawn Hirn Guest

    How is this any different then the disposable and cheap P&S film cameras
    that have proliferated the market for years? It fills a need that many
    consumers have for taking a picture of little junior slobbering birthday
    cake all over his face. They are also fine for first cameras for young
    kids and for those who just want to shoot photos of stuff to sell on

    Obviously, those sorts of cheap cameras are not intended for serious
    photographers. Sony makes a line of excellent P&S digital cameras too
    that are geared toward consumers who want more quality out of a P&S. I
    have a Sony DSC-W100 8 MP P&S that I bought a year ago. It has a Zeis
    lens and I am thrilled with the quality I get out of that camera.

    Of course, one needs to keep in mind that a talented photographer can
    shoot interesting photographs with ANY camera.
    Shawn Hirn, Jun 3, 2007
  20. Kinon O'Cann

    Shawn Hirn Guest

    All I see is a blank web page; no photo.
    Shawn Hirn, Jun 3, 2007
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