Image File Verification with Norton Ghost 2003

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by JOHNCHAP2, Oct 21, 2006.


    JOHNCHAP2 Guest

    I just got stung with a corrupt (CRC error) image file which I badly
    needed. In the future I need to be able to verify the image files I
    produce with Norton Ghost 2003. There apparently is an extra step
    process to do this, but the poorly written instructions also seem to
    suggest that one can do this automatically with command line switches;
    e.g., -crc32. I cannot make heads nor tails about which parameters to
    use to verify automatically. Can anyone help me with this?
    JOHNCHAP2, Oct 21, 2006
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    Gerard Bok Guest

    First: you can instruct Ghost to ignore the present crc error in
    your corrupt file by starting ghost as:
    GHOST -crcignore

    If you do, you should however not attempt to restore the files to
    their original location!
    Restore them to some safe place, preferably on a second harddisk.
    Once restored, inspect the damage to the files. (Could be just a
    single file damaged, could be 'ruined beyond repair' :)

    By much the same way, you can instruct Ghost to add crc
    information while making a backup:
    GHOST -crc32
    Ghost will then create and keep a checksum for every individual
    file contained in the backup.

    There is, however, an alternative way. (One I prefer myself.)
    Make a checksum of the image(s) immediately after Ghost writes
    them. MD5 from is perfect, but there are many
    others. Save the .md5 file along with the ghost images.
    At any time, you can easily verify the validity of your backup
    files by just running MD5summer.

    By the way, Ghost provides much the same functionality:
    Ghost -chkimg, <filename>
    But that requires Ghost on any system you wish to keep and verify
    your images :)

    It is advisable to verify every time you copy or move an image!
    Gerard Bok, Oct 21, 2006
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  3. I just got stung with a corrupt (CRC error) image file which I badly
    After you use Gerard Bok's instructions to ignore the CRC error, you might
    want to try Options/Image Integrity Check and check the tickbox to perform
    an image integrity check every time you backup/restore.

    Based on your two posts in here (abs), it seems to me you need to not only
    explore the Options section of Ghost 2003 but also to watch the tutorials as
    well. Your problems are user-induced.
    Chuck U. Farley, Oct 21, 2006

    JOHNCHAP2 Guest

    I have been successfully using Ghost over 5 years and my problems are
    not user induced; they are Ghost induced. At least in my case use of
    the -crcignore which I tried could not overcome the CRC error. The
    -crc32 has a bunch of command line switches whose meanings remain
    obscure, at least to me.

    All that said, I will take a closer look at any tutorials that might be
    JOHNCHAP2, Oct 22, 2006
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