I'm not the only one who hates the MCNGP

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by lowdes, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. We in the MCNGP must discontinue the practice of being helpful. It's simply
    not in good taste.

    Microcephalic S. Bob
    MCNGP #46 | mcngp.com | acting out of character
    /* Microcephalic S. Bob [Dual Processor MCNGP #46, Sep 12, 2005
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  2. lowdes

    Wayne Guest

    Ah, but notice how well thought out the post was, here's someone asking for
    advice *then* showing how he's done the homework and giving us background on
    why he wants advice. Not some fool asking for dumps in barely readable
    english. Any MCNGP would help, or at least not flame a genuine request for
    help or advice :)

    MCNGP Silver

    "/* Microcephalic S. Bob [Dual Processor MCNGP #46 With Hyper-Threading
    Technology And A Strap On Boot Sector] | Voted 0.0 In The League Table On My
    Wayne, Sep 12, 2005
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  3. lowdes

    CBIC Guest

    I'll be proud of that post forever. At least until I run for President.
    CBIC, Sep 12, 2005
  4. lowdes

    Frisbee® Guest

    Nice posting, 4x4

    You are a wise person indeed.
    Frisbee®, Sep 12, 2005
  5. lowdes

    Frisbee® Guest

    Patrick, What lowdes did was re-post a web posting made by one Ms. Paisley
    Skye nearly two years ago. Lowdes does not possess enough brain cells to
    compose a fairly intelligent (albeit flat-out misguided) piece such as

    I will address the post in it's entirety in the near future, but it's going
    to take way too much of my time right now...
    Frisbee®, Sep 12, 2005
  6. lowdes

    Frisbee® Guest

    Well, not exactly. Ben Smith (MCNGP) can and will delete posts he finds
    offensive or useless.

    Like this one, for example.
    Man, with a company name like that, you're just asking for trouble.
    Frisbee®, Sep 12, 2005
  7. lowdes

    Guest Guest

    If you have worked in the industry as long as most smart people in here, you
    would understand the frustrations of working and dealing with buracratic
    simpletons of the world. Granted there are the occasional moron questions in
    this newsgroup that get equally stupid answers back... and rightfully so.

    Yes, cheaters should be spanked, and the real winners should be rewarded.

    But on another take, each one of the MCNGP's hides behind a nickname, and
    more times that not will write stupid one liners back like a bunch of
    pre-teen dorks playing their online games. You would think that most (Some
    not all) of these people would have something smart to say or talk about.
    Guest, Sep 12, 2005
  8. lowdes

    David Parkes Guest

    Thought I would add a good point to this..

    I am a fish. There I said it!
    David Parkes, Sep 12, 2005
  9. lowdes

    MitchS Guest

    <plagiarized BS snipped>

    This sounds disturbingly familiar. What's up lowdes, can't develop a
    cohesive thought on your own?
    MitchS, Sep 12, 2005
  10. lowdes

    Neil Guest

    this is my real name! Do you have a problem with my name? Sure, it's not
    as cool as biotchwoman67, but hey, my parents thought it was ok. I
    wouldn't mind using a nickname if someone gave me a cool one. Not
    something bad like "stinky" or "Short-stick" mind you. Something cool
    like "the Duke" or my prefered Indian name "hung-like-horse". Ture the
    other nickames might be more accurate, but I prefer my dillusions to

    (ps if you google you can find - eventually - not only my real FULL name,
    but my e-mail address and my blog as well. It's just that if I give them
    out all the time I will be inundated by my fans. They just wont quit.
    Take for example that Swen guy...)
    Neil, Sep 12, 2005
  11. lowdes

    Neil Guest

    admitting it is the first step
    Neil, Sep 12, 2005
  12. lowdes

    MitchS Guest


    Pick one from here. BTW I like your Hindu name Akwar Manrik, but that's
    just me
    MitchS, Sep 12, 2005
  13. lowdes

    Frisbee® Guest

    You're not all that evil. You need a new nick.
    Frisbee®, Sep 12, 2005
  14. I actually agree with you. That's not supposed to happen. What the hell?
    Sometimes cheating and being spanked have their own rewards.
    I have a nickname, yes, but I think from the URL of my website (did I
    mention I have a website?) you can determine who I actually am (hint: the
    URL is http://www.roblindman.com/ , and my name isn't http , it isn't
    ://www. , and it's not Rob Lindman. You guessed it, my real name is DOT COM,
    and I'm leaving off the closing parenthesis just because.

    Now, we've covered your first point...

    As to your next point, I think some of the other members of the MCNGP would
    probably drop dead if my messages were one liners. As to whether or not they
    are stupid, they are as stupid as you think you are, so there, nyah nyah
    nyah nyuh, and you can't stop me.

    The truth is, I enjoy the one liners, because I've had about all of the
    quasi-intellectual conversations I can handle. I spend my spare time looking
    at diagrams like this (
    ) and trying to determine how I might be able to normalize textual
    representations of various languages into a UTF-42 descriptor of the
    aforementioned IPA and output the resultant dword data to a formant speech
    synthesizer which analyses and compresses it's own byte patterns and phoneme
    spectra, and can be instantiated as a COM object under Internet Information

    In between working on that, I've been contemplating Heisenberg's uncertainty
    theory, wondering what form of fish excretion will cure Hepatitis-B,
    studying the macro-economics of tibetan horticulture, memorizing the
    periodic table of elements while contemplating covalent bonds, and making a
    short feature film about the mating ritual of the chinchilla, brought to you
    by .

    So you see, I'm either a damn genius or I'm criminally insane (which makes
    me qualified to work at Texaco), and if I spend any time thinking about
    something smart to talk about, I'll pop a roid and realize that I've spent
    an entire message talking about myself in the first place. In freudian
    terms, this probably means that my id, ego, and superego are working
    together in conjungtion (ar ar) to support my phallic view of
    judeo-christian ethics.

    And that's why I come here, because nobody here cares about that crap and it
    makes me feel better. So unless you have the answer to all of these
    questions, you're in no position whatsoever to shave my Jerry Mathers
    sideways, and I've got something smart to say or talk about, but you don't.

    Microcephalic S. Bob
    mcngp #46 | mcngp.com | we have nothing smart to say or talk about, and you
    can't stop us, SO THERE.
    /* Microcephalic S. Bob [Dual Processor MCNGP #46, Sep 12, 2005
  15. lowdes

    T-Bone Guest

    T-Bone, Sep 12, 2005
  16. lowdes

    Frisbee® Guest

    Man, what a meanie I am! I'm a mafioso thug racketeer for saying that!
    Paisley is so wise. I never really thought of that before. If we WERE
    trolls, we'd disappear! Hence, we are NOT trolls, so sayeth the Skye! So
    there, once and for all, all you a$$fscking [email protected] who think we (the
    MCNGP) are trolls, Paisley Skye disagrees! End of story!
    FWIW, Microsoft knows and has known about us for a very long time. Several
    members of the MCNGP have had numerous correspondences with various
    high-level MS employees. We're still here. Figure it out, Paisley and
    We kept it clean of P.S. She's against [email protected], so so she says, but
    she has absolutely no problem encouraging ANYONE to enter IT, especially if
    they visit and support her "labor of love."
    Yes, I posted a one-liner in my internym: "It's not niec to mkae fun of teh
    dylsexic" and it was just awful for me to do that. The humor-challenged
    P.S. thought I was making fun of someone who -might- have been dyslexic.
    Someone made a typo, and a made a comment. A joke. P.S. is not aware that
    I have a step-son who is dyslexic, and as such I am quite aware of the
    challenges of someone who suffers from that. She is also not aware that in
    a rare instance of my actually being helpful in this newsgroup, I guided a
    young lady who had failed an exam, and was contemplating using [email protected] as
    a result, to request a longer exam time. Turns out she was dyslexic, and as
    such, was not able to read the questions fast enough to be able to answer
    them. She did know the material, but just did not have enough time because
    of her handicap. I have no way of knowing for sure, but I believe she did
    indeed make the testing center know of her disability, and subsequently
    earned her cert the honest way. Or at least, I hope so.
    Ah, this must be what Network Guru was talking about, with Ben becoming the
    first MCNGP that was also a LotW. Ben has a sense of humor. Ben gets it.
    NG does too, but that's another story.
    To quote Dr. Phil: "How's that working out for ya?"
    If I ever manage to catch up with Paisley, I might try to take her up on
    that spanking.

    BTW, Microsoft HAS given us what we deserve. Thanks, Ben!
    Frisbee®, Sep 12, 2005
  17. lowdes

    JaR Guest

    In microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse, =?Utf-8?B?RXZpbEdlZWtHaXJs?= spewed
    across the ether:
    How very observant of you. And none as clever as biotchwoman67. I trust all
    your research efforts are not as flawed as the one you made on MCNGP nicks.
    JaR, Sep 12, 2005
  18. lowdes

    JaR Guest

    In microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse, David Parkes spewed across the ether:
    Oh, well done then. We are all very proud of you.
    JaR, Sep 12, 2005
  19. lowdes

    JaR Guest

    In microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse, MitchS spewed across the ether:
    I would have thought that was glaringly apparent.
    JaR, Sep 12, 2005
  20. lowdes

    Jtyc Guest

    each one of the MCNGP's hides behind a nickname

    You are incorrect.
    I can not speak for the rest of the group but in defense of myself, I use
    one liners mainly for the following reasons:

    1. I'm lazy.
    2. I'm usually just shooting for the punchline.
    3. I'm really not that capable of formulating my thoughts into the eloquant
    writing styles you see from people like Mr. Bob.
    Excuse me, but I am a POST-teen dork, thank you.
    Jtyc, Sep 12, 2005
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