I'm not the only one who hates the MCNGP

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by lowdes, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. lowdes

    lowdes Guest

    If you have ever visited the Microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse newsgroup you
    know who the MCNGP are. If you haven't, they are a group of individuals who
    have created this fictitious certification, which stands for Mean Certified
    News Group Posters. These individuals are rude, ignorant and just plain
    nasty to newbies, and news group veterans alike. Steps need to be taken to
    knock these mafia wannabe's off their pedestal and back to what they are -
    the worst vermin to face the earth since sewer rats....

    I recently saw a post in the newsgroup mentioned above, made by a young man
    that was proud of his mother for passing the 70-210 exam and was wondering
    where she might be able to find employment. All of the responses to the
    post, made by MCNGP racketeers, were rude and insulting to the young man. I
    was sick and tired of all of the ridiculous and useless posts made by
    members of the MCNGP, so I replied as follows:

    "Hey guys,

    This poor guy is posting because he's proud of his mom, and because she's
    not sure where to get a job.

    In your post you mentioned that your mom recently passed 70-210 but at the
    bottom of the post you referred to her as an MCSE. If she has only taken
    the 70-210 exam, she's not an MCSE, but rather an MCP. If she took all of
    the other exams, and 70-210 was the final exam she needed for MCSE, then
    she's an MCSE now.

    If she has an MCSE, I would suggest she apply everywhere - to offices,
    libraries, schools, and anywhere else she can think of. A large majority of
    jobs are not advertised, and these places need their networks maintained

    If she is an MCP, I would suggest that she look around and see what she can
    find - but she's probably going to be hard pressed finding even an entry
    level position without having the full MCSE - unless of course she has years
    of experience under her belt (which I don't think she does, going by your

    Oh, and congratulate your mom for me!"

    Shortly thereafter, the following two replies appeared in the newsgroup
    which were directed at me:

    Frisbee, a member of the MCNGP, posted "I've got some prime swampland for
    sale here in Florida... interested?".

    Kline Sphere posted "What if she's a Troll?".
    I replied to Kline's post as follows:

    "Ya, what if...

    But there was nothing in the original post that was indicative of a troll.
    All I saw was a post from a young man who was proud of his mom, and wanted
    to know where she should look for work.

    The only thing I saw indicative of troll behavior was the responses he
    received ( however, its obvious that you guys are the newsgroup thugs and
    are not trolls - if you were trolls you'd disappear and stop giving newbies
    a hard time).

    I don't know what else to say, except that I truly feel sorry for everyone
    that felt they had to rip this young man apart. Your lives must be very sad
    and depressing if you have nothing better to do during the Holiday season
    than to make others feel bad."

    And I received the following two replies within minutes:

    "Idiot. You must be one of those people who send off money every time you
    get one of those 'hard luck' email scams" was posted by Kline Sphere.

    And this isn't the only case where the MCNGP has ripped apart newbies, or
    people asking legitimate questions. As you may have noticed by the name of
    the newsgroup - this is a Microsoft newsgroup, albeit somewhat unmoderated
    (I'd have to say completely unmoderated based on the current state of the
    newsgroup). However, this newsgroup does have rules, which are posted here:

    Microsoft should be embarrassed for allowing these cruel uncivilized trolls
    to continue tormenting posters in that newsgroup. Acting more like a group
    of teenagers than certified professionals, these are hardly the welcome
    wagon and have a tendency to scare more people away from the Microsoft news
    groups. Why does Microsoft allow this to continue? I've been frequenting
    this newsgroup for a couple of years, and the MCNGP has always been there
    ripping posters apart limb by limb. Is Microsoft turning a blind eye to what
    occurs in their newsgroup?

    MCNGP members Meanoldman and Consultant would have you believe that they
    only insult braindumpers and keep the newsgroup clean. These guys proved in
    their replies to the young man and to me, that this is not true. I am one of
    the strongest advocates against braindumps out there, and they flamed me.
    There is no way these guys are keeping the newsgroup clean - these guys are
    polluting it.

    The topic above is not the only topic where these guys have ripped people
    apart. There have been several over the past couple of years, with the most
    recent being:

    1. One thread where an individual was asking about starting a study group,
    and Consultant and Kline Sphere started a conversation in the thread about
    hookers and strippers and continued to go off topic from there.

    2. One thread had an individual asking how to get their welcome kit, and
    Consultant chose to flame her.

    3. One thread where an individual was asking how to backup files to a CD and
    Frisbee, a member of the MCNGP, made fun of dyslexic people, and then he and
    consultant proceeded to continue insulting dyslexic people.

    4. One thread where an individual asked about MCSE career advice, and was
    given some rather rude advice of a sexual nature by Kline Sphere.

    5. One thread where an individual was sick of the flaming threads and asked
    for serious discussion. Kline Sphere and Consultant continued to tear him
    apart with insults in what turned out to be a long thread.

    6. One thread where an individual asked about Windows 2003 Server, and was
    slammed by the members of the MCNGP who continuously insulted her

    And these are only a very small example of what is happening in that
    newsgroup. I scanned through to find you the first 6 I could find that had
    absolutely nothing to do with braindumps, but everything to do with the
    MCNGP's little racketeers going around and insulting people.

    As hard as I try I can't understand how Microsoft can allow this insanity to
    continue. They should be embarrassed at the mockery the MCNGP is making of
    their newsgroups, and be taking steps to rid the world of the MCNGP forever.
    However, after two years, this doesn't seem to be happening.

    In addition to a yahoo group, there is also an MCNGP website located here.
    One would wonder why these people would insult others for spelling mistakes,
    when they couldn't create an easily readable homepage. On their home page,
    the following are included in their proficiency requirements to become a
    member of the MCNGP:

    · Newsgroup Flaming
    · Making fun of those whose skill set is far beneath their own and those who
    ask dumb questions.

    I find it very sad that these people are proud of making fun of newbies, or
    those who have a different skill set then they do. Before you know it, they'll
    be shoving everybody who doesn't have the same skill set as they do to the
    back of the bus.

    On their "Past Lamers of the Week" page, they actually have the nerve to
    award their meaningless award to the MS Newsgroup Admins. These guys are
    getting gutsy, making fun of the people who work for Microsoft and oversee
    the newsgroup - and Microsoft seems to have turned a blind eye.

    What can be done about the MCNGP?? I for one plan to email Microsoft
    everyday about the condition about of this newsgroup, and the way the MCNGP
    is making them look bad. Surely they will then be able to see how ridiculous
    the MCNGP is making them look and will hopefully take the appropriate steps
    to rid the world of the MCNGP.

    The members of the MCNGP insist on acting like children in a professional
    newsgroup, and I think these uncivilized brats, who are worse vermin than
    sewer rats, deserve a good spanking. Hopefully Microsoft wakes up, reads
    their newsgroup, smells the coffee, and gives the MCNGP what they deserve.
    lowdes, Sep 11, 2005
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  2. lowdes

    Guest Guest

    I dont hate them. I am indifferent to them. They are the same as any other
    internet people out there. They are a resource. If they are useful, good. If
    not, so be it. Nothing personal :p

    Ive not been reading this group for long. Don't really have an opinion on
    people either way. There does seem to be far more conversational and OT
    threads than actual techie ones though. I don't mind the OT stuff provided
    its friendly. It is nice chatting to peeps from other places.

    I started looking at this as I am upgrading my MCSE/MCT. I very quickly
    discovered that there is very little here in the way of information that is
    not available on the MS site. It is possibly a little easier to find here
    than the MS site.

    My only advice is take what works. If this doesnt work find another
    resource. Thats what I will do. Life is to short to get personally involved
    in what people post on newsgroups. All the people that post here I presume
    are adults and can look after themselves. Counterflaming people you dont
    agree with or who have flamed you just aggrevates the situation.

    My two cents.
    Guest, Sep 11, 2005
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  3. I found the study group post. Where are the posts about hookers and
    strippers? Or does my newsreader hide certain things from me? I know
    I'm old enough not to have my Parental Controls set...

    I also noticed Lowdes, that instead of providing anything useful in this
    thread, you chose to flame also. So, doesn't that make you just as
    guilty as you say they are?
    I can't find any post from Consultant in a thread about someone needing
    a welcome kit. Could you give me the subject heading?
    If you're referring to James' post, you should REALLY read the OT:New
    Orleans post (more specifically James' contributions to it). Then,
    you'll realize why Kline Sphere and the rest of us replied in the manner
    that we did.
    I've given up searching for your proof. So, since you want people to
    support your opinion, please, post the subjects that you're referencing.
    The ones that I've found, either your (and your quoted source)
    information was either innacurate, or you (or your quoted source) didn't
    research into why the replies were made.

    In fact, I can't find any thread that starts with "Hey Guys". Or any
    reply from Kline Sphere to such thread. So, that means it must not be
    in the "recent past". The closest thing I can come up with is a
    reference to "Maggie", but I can't find any thread about her. So, for
    all I know, she's a porn star that they've all seen in a movie.

    So, in a paraphrase of Jerry McGuire.. Show me the proof.
    Patrick Dickey, Sep 11, 2005
  4. You suck.

    /* Microcephalic S. Bob [Twin-Engine MCNGP $46] *, Sep 11, 2005
  5. lowdes

    m0rk Guest

    your a lamer

    nanu nanu

    m0rk, Sep 11, 2005
  6. lowdes

    Rowdy Yates Guest

    Look. Before we proceed any further. I want to go no record as stating
    that ...


    I always have and always will. Ever since your first typed ASCII code
    entered my world.

    Rowdy Yates, Sep 11, 2005
  7. lowdes

    Rowdy Yates Guest

    Okay fine. Time for me to get serious!

    Where do you get off calling this newsgroup a "professional newsgroup"? Are
    you on crack!! Are you high on glue? Do you see any professionals asking
    professional questions around here, you dimwit!

    Most posts on here are by non-professionals trying to become professionals
    by cheating on the exams and Microsoft isn't doing a thing about it. Wake
    up and smell the god damn coffee!

    What we the MCNGP do is ward off and scare them away from entering the
    field. We also try to scare away people asking stupid questions like for
    example, "Hi, how many exams do I need to become MCSE?". If you are too
    stupid to browser and search Google and the Microsoft site - then you are
    too stupid to enter the IT field. End of story.

    Now go drop dead and don't come back until you get a half decent head on
    your shoulders.
    Rowdy Yates, Sep 11, 2005
  8. lowdes

    Rowdy Yates Guest

    Rowdy Yates, Sep 11, 2005
  9. Wow. I mean, seriously, Wow. Reading through this, it would seem to imply
    that there's supposed to be some logical reason for being in the MCNGP. All
    I wanted was to be able to add 5 letters to my signature.

    The one thing that strikes me as humorous about all of this is how
    completely HUGE Consultant's enraged and belligerent old dude 'avatar' looks
    compared to everyone else's 32 x 32 icons.

    Another is how completely fruity this paisleyskye's picture looks, like she
    could use a good slap to grasp reality.

    And then, there's this little bit:
    Microcephalic S. Bob
    mcngp #46 | mcngp.com | our avatar can beat up your avatar
    /* Microcephalic S. Bob [Twin-Engine MCNGP $46] *, Sep 11, 2005
  10. Lowdes, this newgroup is public. I am not even accessing it through
    Microsoft servers. They have no control whatsoever what goes on here.

    The microsoft.private newsgroups are where they have control, but
    microsoft.public is an unmoderated public service provided for free to the
    global community.

    Would you like for this resource to disappear? :)

    I recommend filtering out content you find offensive, as I do. These groups
    are archived all over the web, not just google, so this may eventually cause
    trouble for those who are causing trouble. Let's just say I made some Usenet
    posts in 1994 that I wish I hadn't.
    Leonid S. Knyshov, Sep 12, 2005
  11. lowdes

    lowdes Guest

    lowdes, Sep 12, 2005
  12. lowdes

    Rowdy Yates Guest

    Oh, you are a member of that club too?

    Memories may fade but google never forgets.

    Rowdy Yates, MCNGP #39
    "Hate perfectly describes my feelings. I loathe you. I detest you. I think
    you are the most pathetic piece of trash to ever stumble upon this NG. I
    wish you would leave and never come back. I wish you the worst of luck in
    everything you do in life. No matter where you are or what you are doing
    always remember. I'm here wishing you the very worst. You are an a$$."
    CBIC, circa 2005
    Rowdy Yates, Sep 12, 2005
  13. Actually, I thought someone took her picture while she was having good
    Patrick Dickey, Sep 12, 2005
  14. Well now, that's what I've been waiting for.. You to quote your source
    for this. Do you want to know what's just hilarious though? The
    article you quoted is the exact SAME article that Rowdy quoted (yours is
    the article, where his is a forum post talking about it).. LMAO.

    I'm assuming you haven't read the forum yet (or any other links posted
    in this reply). SO, I suggest you do so.
    Patrick Dickey, Sep 12, 2005
  15. Nah... Sex with paisleyskye could never be GOOD.

    Microcephalic S. Bob
    mcngp.com | where the best sex is with yourself
    /* Microcephalic S. Bob [Dual Processor MCNGP #46, Sep 12, 2005
  16. lowdes

    catwalker63 Guest

    Notice the article is nearly two years old, too. <eg>

    aka Pu$$y Feet
    MCNGP #43
    "Definitely not wearing any underwear."
    catwalker63, Sep 12, 2005
  17. "I never wrote that. Someone stole my identity!"
    CBIC, circa whenever someone important inquires about his hate mail.

    Memories may fade but fools believe in google.

    "none of these other people really exist, I just type it all in myself..."
    Microcephalic S. Bob / Rowdy Yates / CBIC / ... / etc / dev / null
    mcngp.com | what, me worry?
    /* Microcephalic S. Bob [Dual Processor MCNGP #46, Sep 12, 2005
  18. /* Microcephalic S. Bob [Dual Processor MCNGP #46 With Hyper-Threading
    Technology And A Strap On Boot Sector] | Voted 0.0 In The League Table
    Of course, I never did say that the other person was enjoying it.;)
    Patrick Dickey, Sep 12, 2005
  19. Yep.. That would explain why half of the things mentioned aren't around
    any more. Microsoft, in it's infinite wisdom, purged them from the

    Of course, someone needs to contact Paisleyskye and let her know that
    she needs to update the article... I point to the subject named "Help
    for C# Interview questions and career decision", where not one, but TWO
    MCNGP's have given useful advice without the 'trashing' that she claims
    goes on here. (Slight nod to catwalker, since she's one of the two;)).

    On second thought, don't bother contacting her.. I'm pretty sure no one
    wants that horror-- um, I mean honor anyhow..
    Patrick Dickey, Sep 12, 2005
  20. Nah... Sex with paisleyskye could never be GOOD.
    "Patrick Dickey" wrote >>
    I appreciate and respect your evaluation, and it's true, one could only
    assume that where she's involved the other party would suffer.

    However, in the final analysis, the context of my position was that of the
    Greater Good...

    Heaven forbid, if paisleyskye is having sex, albeit unenjoyable by default
    as she's a part of the process, we must face the possibility that she and
    her partner may be... reproductively viable.

    Consider the awful truth... In the event conception were to occur, the
    consequences could be disastrous. It may be possible that her offspring
    would have demonic powers beyond proportion, fulfilling biblical prophecy
    and producing the spawn of satan, the AntiChrist of legend.

    We must not allow this day to pass.

    Microcephalic S. Bob
    MCNGP #46 | mcngp.com | where only stupid people are breeding... and lowdes
    are be proof
    /* Microcephalic S. Bob [Dual Processor MCNGP #46, Sep 12, 2005
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