Igaloo comes out today, Stay away from it.

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Frank Williams, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Yes $200 for a $50 box

    And NO PVR

    A very dumb move me thinks
    Frank Williams, Dec 3, 2012
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  2. Frank Williams

    EMB Guest

    Something important to our resident iganoramus I guess. :)
    EMB, Dec 4, 2012
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  3. Yet another pay TV thing. Saw an add last night on the teev. But your point
    appears valid. :)
    Bruce Sinclair, Dec 5, 2012
  4. Frank Williams

    Gordon Guest

    In short market forces will govern. ;-)
    Gordon, Dec 5, 2012

  5. Its Terrestrial ONLY so might not be so good for Sky users.
    Frank Williams, Dec 5, 2012

  6. Most other counties have controls on the Sky monopoly but NZ is not one
    of them..

    Sky runs TVNZ..

    The Igloo thing is 51% own by Sky.

    And no good for people that cant get terrestrial Freeview.

    Plus you need a no Cap broadband Internet connection, as from what I
    can see no none metered option available

    Rentals are valid for a period of 48 hours after purchase.

    It seems that you have to have a credit card to use any part of this
    Frank Williams, Dec 5, 2012
  7. Frank Williams

    JohnO Guest

    JohnO, Dec 5, 2012
  8. I suspect so. I always try to read what people mean rather than what they
    types. I gave up reading anything roger types a while back however because
    it became too hard to work that out. :)
    Bruce Sinclair, Dec 6, 2012
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