If, say I posted someones email address

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by m.see, May 29, 2004.

  1. m.see

    m.see Guest

    If, say I posted someones email address in a message on a newsgroup, just
    lets say and lets just say he happens to be a
    person who ripped me off with an item on e-bay would he get much spam?
    Hypothectically speaking of course....................
    m.see, May 29, 2004
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  2. Yes, but if he ripped you off and used a hotmail addy...he probably created
    it with the intentions of throwing it away.

    Tina - AffordableHOST, Inc., May 29, 2004
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  3. Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
    If I only download plain text messages, how would you infect my computer
    anyway? What's grisoft got to certify about that? And why would I care
    what the release date, database and version numbers are? Why would you
    send money to a guy with only a hotmail account, hypothetically or not?
    Why am I talking to myself?
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, May 29, 2004
  4. Well, I always post crap to porno newsgroups, i.e., "alt.erotica.pedo (add
    crud from here)" using my exwife's email address. I usually post something
    like "You sick bastards...." She gets lots of unsolicited photos of little
    boys and penis enlargement spams. She must like it, 'cause she never
    complains to me about it. But then, we haven't been on speaking terms since
    the divorce.

    When we were first married she thought I hung the moon; later she just
    thought I was well hung. Now she wishes I were hanged.
    John Paul Jones, May 29, 2004
  5. m.see

    Hywel Guest

    If it's a Hotmail address, none to very little. I get about 200 spam
    messages a day to the address I use to register domains. My Hotmail
    address that I use here gets about 5 a week that slip through Hotmail's
    Hywel, May 29, 2004
  6. m.see

    John Guest

    Not usually in the body of the message, no.
    Spammers don't usually READ these messages. They just use software that
    downloads the addresses.

    Doesn't ebay already have quite a lot to help you with such deals?

    If they do, you would compromise your claim by doing anything against
    the other party.
    And keep in mind it isn't usually a problem for him to just change his
    John, May 29, 2004
  7. John,

    You said:


    If that IS true, it might not be so for long. With the sophistication of
    spammers nowadays, I'd be surprised if they didn't use software that scans
    the body of messages and searches for the phrase "prefix @ suffix . com".

    My own e-mail is filtered through a Postini spam filter. Postini is an
    industry leader that services major corporations. They are constantly fine
    tuning their filters. It's amazing to watch the one up-manship between
    spammers and the filter guys.

    - John R. Baker
    John R. Baker, May 29, 2004
  8. m.see

    John Guest

    I suspected that, too, until someone explained to me how much more work
    it was to download the message content for such filtering.
    Apparently, it still isn't worth doing that extra step.
    But what is Postini's motivation? Do they store any info? Do they sell
    any customer info?
    John, May 30, 2004
  9. m.see


    Jul 19, 2011
    Likes Received:

    another one for spam
    Nadja, Jul 19, 2011
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