IEXPLORE.EXE (1) terminates, all others lost too ?!

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Skybuck Flying, May 13, 2011.

  1. It's very fokking annoying how all instances of IE8 are closed if one is
    lost/terminated ?!

    They are different processes, why are all closed ?!? Fokking stupid and
    fokking annoying.

    Skybuck Flying, May 13, 2011
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  2. Skybuck Flying

    VanguardLH Guest

    FYI: The newsgroup for Internet Explorer is found at:

    Maybe it's something common amongst all of them, like an old and perhaps
    incompatible add-on that you installed for IE. Have you yet tried
    loading IE8 in its no add-ons mode? Have you tried rebooting Windows
    into its safe mode (with networking) and then load IE8 in its no add-ons

    DEP mode was added in IE7 but was defaulted to disabled. This was
    because many add-ons were improperly coded for memory use. This gave
    developers time to fix their add-ons so they were DEP mode compatible.
    In IE8, DEP mode was enabled by default: Internet Options -> Advanced
    tab -> Security section -> Enable memory protection to mitigate online
    attacks. So all those crappy add-ons starting getting exposed in IE8.
    You could disable DEP mode or you could check if the add-on author
    improved their code or you get rid of their crappy add-on and do without
    its features or get a similar add-on from a different author that was
    better coded. (tip 17)

    Chrome will crash all of its instances, too, although a separate copy of
    an extension is loaded for each Chrome instance. ActiveX isn't designed
    to run multiple separate instances and Chrome does support AX, so if one
    AX control as an extension dies then so does every instance of
    chrome.exe to manage a tab that uses the common AX instance. Google
    Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and other non-Microsoft web
    browers do not support ActiveX and instead use the Netscape Plugin
    Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) and which does no share
    session information with existing IE windows. ActiveX is still a kludge
    setup with non-Microsoft web browsers because it doesn't fit with the
    existing paradigm [partially] adopted by non-Microsoft web browsers to
    sandbox or isolate their tab processes. Some add-ons are not designed
    to handle the multiple tab processes managed by IE8; for example, IE7Pro
    was a popular add-on (although support was erratic and the author
    focused more on new features than fixes bugs) but it wasn't designed for
    IE8 and caused lots of crashing there.

    Only you know what extensions, add-ons, plug-ins you installed for
    Chrome. The community that develops the Chrome extensions is akin to
    the community that develops extensions for Firefox: some are good
    developers or script writers but many are not so you get extensions that
    range from great and robust to those that are unstable and contentious
    with other extensions. The extensions tend to be authored individually
    rather than deeply tested for compatibility with the web browser and
    with other extensions. It's up to the users to figure out which are the
    good extensions, which ones suck, and which ones won't work with other
    VanguardLH, May 13, 2011
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  3. Look Pal, IE8 is a process, I don't care a fok about add-ons nor should I
    have to care a fok about add-ons.

    Are they DLL's ?! Don't bother answerering that question because I don't

    It's fokking bullshit anyway.

    If add-ons are DLL's then you clearly don't understand a thing about DLL's
    but I forgive you about that.

    If it is DLL's then IE8 is a perfect example of Microsoft's Enginering
    failure to obey by their own OS design which is about PROCESS ISOLATION.
    LOL Improperly coded FOK THEM.
    They have all the time of the world for that.. don't need to disable
    anything for that.
    It was designed not too, so then it's even far worse crap. In reality it's
    not all webbrowsers based on same mozilla crap.
    Not even going to read all this crap.

    Shove them add-ons somewhere where the sun don't shine.

    Skybuck Flying, May 14, 2011
  4. Skybuck Flying

    VanguardLH Guest

    So you really didn't want an answer or a solution but just wanted to
    bitch here. Apparently you think processes cannot share memory space
    and end up corrupting themselves in that shared space. I would suggest
    you go read some books on programming but it's quite apparent you're too
    lazy to understand the problem.

    Since you're not interested in a solution, suffer with the problem that
    YOU created. Bye child.
    VanguardLH, May 14, 2011
  5. Come on faggot who do you think I am ?!

    Give me one good reason why IE would need "shared memory".

    There is no good reason for it.

    Apperently the guy who wrote stuff above is bitching about add-on's not
    supporting multiple tabs.

    What does multi tabs have to do with multiple processes anyway ?!

    First of all fok add ons they stupid and probably not necessary.,

    Second of all:

    Give one good reason why multiple IE's would need to share memory ?!

    Just posting a link to google about the functionality of shared memory
    itself is retarded.

    Also the crap above was written for chrome...

    Skybuck Flying, May 14, 2011
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