IE 6 character encoding persistently wrong

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Maria, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Maria

    Maria Guest

    Using W98SE, IE6 SP1

    Character encoding goes wrong all the time, choosing wrong character sets,
    losing special characters like é and ä and û etc. plus showing red-x's instead
    of pics.

    Setting ENCODING to automatic or fixed does not help; encoding will change to
    character set.

    Re-installed and repaired IE6 SP1.

    On my laptop with identical software all goes well.

    Any suggestions how to cure?

    Is there a smart setting somewhere overriding the proper behaviour, causing the

    Maria, Feb 22, 2005
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  2. Maria

    why? Guest

    All pages using speial characters or only a specific site?
    Little Red X issues have been covered before in 24hshd, try searching
    old posts.

    Look at some of these
    as that's just a bit long , the shorter version is
    Which fixed option?
    Does the View / Encoding list look the same?
    Most of the time it's the webpage author not correctly specifying
    character encoding and entity's.

    Some times looking at the source of the page can gives clues.

    I was having a look at this yesterday after a similar question.

    You could try setting fonts for each language.

    (Using , English UK Windows 2000 setup, in case menus are different)

    Tools / Options / General / Fonts pick each language and set the font.

    You may have to find a suitable font and download it.

    As you say the other system is okay, still compare settings and
    installed fonts on each system.

    Here is a test page,
    to show UTF-8 working.

    why?, Feb 22, 2005
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