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Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Guest, Feb 12, 2007.

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    I should first clarify that I'm only a beginner to the world of Windows
    programming. I've been a self-taught web programmer for many years (focusing
    on PHP/MySQL setups), and I've recently been hired as a webmaster for an up
    and coming internet advertising company. I have decided to gain my
    development certifications for the Windows platform because I feel that it is
    the best plan of action for me at this point to further my career.

    I have decided on the MCTS: Web Development certification, and I have a
    couple questions. Is this the best certification to start with? Is there
    another I should focus on first? Also, what is the best way to study? The
    E-Learning programs on the MS site will run me about $1300.00 total for the
    certification (that's not including the cost of books/exams/etc...) process.
    However, I noticed that most tests required for certification status have
    "Self Paced Starter Kit" type books, which would be much less expensive for

    I guess I'm just looking for information/advice on the best way to enter the
    world of Microsoft certification with a focus on web development. Thanks to
    all who reply.
    Guest, Feb 12, 2007
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    I apologize, I initially didn't see the MCST newsgroup. I will post this
    question there as it is more relevant to that newsgroup. Sorry.
    Guest, Feb 12, 2007
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    see my answer at the end
    Hi James
    i hope your are not James BOND ( its a joke !)
    I am like you my dear despite i have earn a lot of
    certificate already
    AS you said you are a self taugh Why dont you order books from Microsoft
    i mean Self Paced Trainning books
    It would not reach as such amount? like the one you will have to pay for
    online courses
    Microsoft self paced trainning books(for exams trainning) and Deitel Books
    (for getting the basis)
    As you already know PHP it would became easy
    Because what you are supposed to master is : algorithms
    The language is just a translation of what the algorith says
    As far as i can know MCTS Web dev is about 3 exams
    would you stop at that level or need to go ahead?
    Microsoft books related to certificates based on WEB 2.0 are around 70$ at each
    i can advise you to start with a book which describe you first
    -Microsoft IDE VS2005 features in order for you to get accustomed with it
    -a book related to Winforms
    -a book related to Webforms
    -a book related to web service
    -a book related to Applications Devlopment Fundation
    This is not the absolute order to be follow no no no
    i am just sharing with you the one i am using
    Please take note also that the way of evaluation exams have changed
    so try to get a deep information about that
    how exams are rated
    The good average is 700 out of 1000
    i hope that all these informations may be helpful to you
    Armand ()
    Guest, Mar 28, 2007
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