iConnectHere - the final rip-off

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Gerald Vogt, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Gerald Vogt

    Gerald Vogt Guest

    As I wrote earlier, iConnectHere is not working for me and they kept
    ignoring my e-mails and web-messages for support or refund for more
    then two months. After I finally managed to get in contact with some
    support person from iConnectHere via online chat, I asked them to
    close the account and for a refund. Now, today, their message that
    they will refund the remaining balance (my money less the monthly
    charges for service I could not use). In addition, they charge me $2
    for the refund. Sic. iConnectHere simply sucks. They take your money,
    ignore your messages, provide no support whatsoever. There refund
    policy is a joke (probably unless you cancel the account within 30
    days with certified mail). But if you are outside of the U.S. they
    probably know that it costs you more to sent international certified
    mail than the balance you have with them. So it is much more
    convenient to ignore the customer and charge them instead of being

    iConnectHere: a real rip-off! I cannot recommend that service. There
    are better services out there, that don't charge you monthly fees,
    work with the weirdest firewall configurations and that answer you
    questions if you have some...

    Gerald Vogt, Jan 30, 2005
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  2. Gerald Vogt

    droob Guest

    "Gerald Vogt" <> ha scritto nel messaggio
    But if you are outside of the U.S. they
    I tested Iconnecthere from Europe and it don't work with international
    numbers 60% calls are lost even more!!!!

    I asked the refund within 30 days and I got this email:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your email.

    Accounts xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx:

    Please be advised that I have now refunded all of your charges and
    closed your accounts as you requested (full refund).

    Please note that these refunds may not appear on your bank statement for
    up to two weeks.

    If you would like to remove yourself from our mailing list, please send
    an email to: and put your email address in the

    We hope you will use our service again in the near future.


    Paulo P


    if they will not pay we can call them together to a court with a U.s. legal
    service I know cheap and they will pay us what is due.

    I offered them after the closing of the account free support in Europe
    for test their numbers and let make the service working... they refused!!!!

    So they are not interested to serve non-us residents or non-us DID

    very BAD

    the stock in wallstreet is DDDC i hope in a crash then.

    droob, Jan 30, 2005
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  3. Gerald Vogt

    Inco Warren Guest

    I have never had any technical problem and their stuff works with
    great quality from europe; their prices were a little higher so I
    moved to Skype.

    Can't say anything about their refund and payments as I always used
    all the credit; once they promissed a free credit and had to e-mail
    them and ultimately received it.

    Maybe things have changed now; hope everything works ok.

    Inco Warren, Jan 30, 2005
  4. Gerald Vogt

    John Sutter Guest

    On the flip side I've been using them for about 16 months with no major problems
    as my primary termination for my Asterisk system. I've probably used them for about
    80 hours of calling in that time from the US to Taiwan and Australia. I have no
    intra-state or inter-state long distance provider in the normal sense.

    I do get the occasional call that does not get connected, but that could be a problem
    with my Asterisk configuration.

    I do wish they would accept simultaneous connections though.

    -- John
    John Sutter, Jan 31, 2005
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