ICM Proofing vs PhotoShop Proofing

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Ramon G, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Ramon G

    Ramon G Guest


    I'm using the ICM for proofing my printer output. I've the printer and
    monitor profiles.

    When I try to make a proofing with ICM and compare it with PhotoShop
    proofing, i see high differences.

    For example, ICM transform the white colors with yellow values. But
    when I make the proofing with the PhotoShop, it convert the white to
    light gray+blue (it is more realistic, and more accurate to the
    printed image).

    Photoshop can use the Microsoft ICM and an "Adobe Color Engine", with
    the same (light gray+blue) results.

    anyone knows why ?

    Note: I try all options in Photoshop (and using the windows ICM
    engine) to get yellow values without result.
    Note2: I use some other programs that use the ICM 2.0, with the same
    (yellow) results (I try with PaintShop Pro, the IcmView.exe, an
    example of the Black Book).

    ATt Ramon Graus
    Ramon G, Jul 7, 2004
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  2. Ramon G

    Ramon G Guest


    I discover why the image appears yellow.

    The image appears yellow because I calibrate my monitor to a
    temperaature of 6500 (D65) and the printer profile is calibrated to
    5000 (D50), like all printer profiles !!!!. (ICM try to proof an image
    with 5000ºK printer profile in a monitor with 6500ºK, then it converts
    the image to yellow)

    When I calibrate the monitor to 5000 (too yellow in my opinion) all
    appears successfully.

    To know why Adobe appears correctly ... is something dark. See next
    discussion to learn about it:


    Thanks to all

    Ramon Graus
    Ramon G, Jul 12, 2004
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