I want to set up an FTP program on my computer

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Lookout, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Lookout

    Lookout Guest

    It's been years since I did this. All I want to do is transfer files
    to others. Where do I start?
    Lookout, Jan 6, 2007
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  2. Lookout

    philo Guest

    ftp does not take too much

    i'm still using a win95 version of wsftp it works just fine

    philo, Jan 6, 2007
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  3. Lookout

    Bert Hyman Guest

    In Lookout
    What OS?

    What kind of network connection, with what upstream speed?

    Static IP address?

    Depending on the number and size of the files involved, it might be
    faster to burn a CD and mail it.
    Bert Hyman, Jan 6, 2007
  4. Lookout

    Mike Easter Guest

    Presumably you just want an FTP client, not to be an FTP server. And
    further, I have to look at your headers to determine what kind of OS you
    are. Since you are Agent newsreader, then you are Win.

    I use FileZilla. Here's a comparison of FTP clients

    If I misunderstand, and you are wanting to be a FTP server, here's a
    comparison of a few
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_FTP_servers and a list of
    more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_FTP_servers

    FileZilla also makes a free FTP server.
    Mike Easter, Jan 6, 2007
  5. Lookout

    Lookout Guest

    First..that's a great site! Thanks
    And actually the program I was looking for is ServU and I found it on
    an old back up CD. And still works with XP!
    What would be a good transfer rate for FTP? I'm at about 19KBps
    Lookout, Jan 6, 2007
  6. Lookout

    sittingduck Guest

    FTP has nothing to do with the transfer rate. Your Inernet connection will be
    the limiting factor. Most ISP's uploads are capped pretty low.
    sittingduck, Jan 6, 2007
  7. Lookout

    Lookout Guest

    Up at 49KBps now. The 1st guy was in ZA and that slowed it down.
    Lookout, Jan 6, 2007
  8. Lookout

    Tester Guest

    Here/s one free way to get a Windows FTP daemon for free. Go to
    cygwin.com, run the setup program, click the net + mark on the page
    that asks which packages you want to install and install proftpd.

    This is a port of a Linux FTPD program.
    Tester, Jan 6, 2007
  9. Lookout

    Leythos Guest

    FileZilla server is a great free FTP server and it's free.

    Leythos, Jan 7, 2007
  10. Lookout

    Lookout Guest

    Thanks. ServU does just what I wanted.
    Lookout, Jan 7, 2007
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