I want to move ME from one hard drive to another

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by bdeditch, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. bdeditch

    bdeditch Guest

    I want to move my Windows ME from the smaller hard drive to another
    bigger one that I have installed on my computer. I do have files on the
    bigger one. Is there any software out there that will partition and
    move ME to the other hard drive?
    bdeditch, Aug 13, 2005
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  2. bdeditch

    PC Guest

    Put all your files on the big hard drive into a folder that has a different
    name to 'any' of the folders on your small drive, this is so you dont
    overwrite them with a folder of the same name from the smaller HD.

    On the basis that the small HD is 'C:' drive and the bigger HD is 'D:'
    drive: Note D: is already partitioned if you are storing files on it.
    (Read all the instructions first so you know what is going to happen next)

    Type "command"
    press enter
    (you now have a DOS window in front of you)
    "C:" & press enter if it is not already on C: drive
    "CD \" & press enter (space before the \) to get to the root of C: drive.
    Now your prompt should be "C:\>_" the _ will be flashing on & off.
    xcopy c:*.* d:*.*/e/c/h/r/k & press enter (space before the c of c:*.* and
    the d of d:*.*......) & press enter.

    If you get a copy query (y/n/a) check what it wants to overwrite and if
    appropriate press 'a' for all and go make the bed, wash the car, and prepare
    Unless of course you don't have much in the way of data.

    xcopy will now copy all the files from C: drive to D: drive as a complete
    image of what is on C:
    (hence the need to put your D: drive files into a folder with a different
    Typing "xcopy /?" in a DOS box will list what all the switches mean, but
    basically the switches will copy everything but Windows swap file.
    Windows swap does not need to be copied any way as Windows will recreate it
    if it is missing.

    When the file copy process has finished just make the big HD your boot drive
    (will become 'C:) and naturally the small HD the secondary drive if you
    leave it connected as a spare.
    If it won't boot, it is likely the Partition on your bigger HD has not been
    set 'Active' to do this with your big HD as primary on the first IDE port:
    Boot from a 9x boot floppy, run Fdisk, and one of the options will be to
    make the partition 'active'
    As always data safety is your responsibility, it's a while since I
    'activated' a HD with data on it, others may be able to confirm you can do
    it this way.

    No need to buy third party apps (read $$$$).
    Utilities like 'Ghost' have their place when building Images to restore a PC
    quickly to a standard configuration, but if your 'system' is running OK and
    you just need more room, the above is the cheapest method.

    PC, Aug 13, 2005
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  3. bdeditch

    Unk Guest

    I believe that should read "xcopy32.exe C: D: /r /i /c /h /k /e /y
    xcopy.exe doesn't support all the switches.

    You also have to "sys D:" to transfer the system (boot block and boot files) to the D: drive.
    Unk, Aug 13, 2005
  4. bdeditch

    Pat Guest

    I don't know if 8.3 filenames are an issue with ME, but I think so since
    it uses the FAT file system. I recommend using "XXCOPY" a free file
    copying and drive cloning program from www.xxcopy.com. It will keep all
    the correct 8.3 filenames. Using XCOPY will rename them and you don't
    want that. ME doesn't have a DOS mode but the 8.3 names are used

    I just used XXCOPY today to setup my WIN98 system on a new drive (new
    "C" drive and 4 logical drives). Everything is working as it should.
    Read and printout XXCOPY Technical Bulletin #10. It explains exactly how
    to do what you want to do.

    You can read about long file names (LNF) and their relation to the OS

    Good luck with your move,
    Pat, Aug 13, 2005
  5. bdeditch

    philo Guest



    xcopy will invoke xcopy32...
    so the post was correct.
    personally i always use the switches /s/c/h/r/e/k

    also one could download the free utility xxcopy
    and use the /clone switch
    philo, Aug 13, 2005
  6. bdeditch

    PC Guest

    Whenever I type "xcopy32" I get an "xcopy32 is not recognized as an internal
    or external command, operable program or batch file." error (XPP).
    Whereas "xcopy" works, even though I know it invokes "xcopy32" anyone know

    As for the switches it's a case of whatever nemonic one can remember.

    PC, Aug 14, 2005
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