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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Steve Wilbur, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. Steve Wilbur

    Steve Wilbur Guest

    Well, after waiting many weeks for what I wanted to show up on ebay or
    ..marketplace, I bought new - an Ikelite housing for a Canon G2, a DS-125
    substrobe kit, and the fast charger for the strobe. Total was about $1450
    or so from B&H, including shipping (cheaper prices on the net, but those
    places didn't have it in stock).

    I guess what this means is:
    a). I better learn how to use this stuff underwater.
    b). I better like scuba diving (taking certification class now)
    c). It looks like I will have my G2 for a while.

    I've only had my G2 for a year, but of course it seems like they came out
    with the G3 and G5 right away. I considered selling the G2 to get a G5 and
    then getting the housing for the G5 so I would at least start out with the
    freshest stuff, but I decided that it wasn't worth the extra expense
    (which is almost enough to just buy a new housing outright). It's looking
    like this - even though I may eventually get a better camera (like the
    DR), rather than getting rid of the old one as per the norm, I will keep
    it and use it strictly for the underwater stuff so I don't have to buy a
    new housing for whatever new camera I get in the future. Of course, I
    don't have the need for a new camera any time soon anyway - I'm just
    sayin' - I wanna get the most use out of this new housing as I can, since
    it cost more than the camera did. I went ahead and got the DS-125 instead
    of the cheaper DS-50 mostly because I figured I could use it for many
    years to come, regardless of the camera situation.

    So there you have it - more than $1400 down the drain. I hope it's worth
    it. My month-long diving trip to Australia next month will reveal the
    answer. :)
    Steve Wilbur, Oct 26, 2003
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  2. Steve Wilbur

    Mark N Guest

    You will love SCUBA diving. Only thing i have found is that your finances
    will be in great competition between extra bits of camera equipment and
    extra bits of scuba equipment.

    I would love to get into underwater photography but its so very expensive (i
    have a 10D)

    Anyway, i hope you enjoy SCUBA diving as much as me, and remember, don't
    take too many mug shots of your buddy ;-)

    Regards, Mark

    Mark N, Oct 27, 2003
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  3. Steve Wilbur

    HRosita Guest


    Good luck and have fun on your trip.
    One advantage of digital cameras is that underwater you are only limited by the
    size of your CF card and the life of your batteries. Meaning that you can take
    hundreds of pictures instead of having to surface and change film every 36
    Hope you can post some of your pictures when you get back.
    HRosita, Oct 27, 2003
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