I thought it should be the backdoor of PC. What do you think?

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by zhouxuenai, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. zhouxuenai

    zhouxuenai Guest

    Someday over half a year ago, I found my computer was controlled by somebody
    because my mouse would move without my intension and programs were
    interrupted unexpectively. Therefore I started a thourogh check of my
    computer (it is a Windows_XP system).The first thing I did was to unplug the
    connection of my ADSL modem aned disble it in the BIOS. Then I enterred the
    system with Safe mode and change the setting of the explore to show all
    documents including system documents and found some suspicious things in my
    computer, such as a "SystemVolumeinformation" with a whole set of restore
    documnet in it and a file named "MontepointRemoteContol" and another named
    "tracking". ButI disable the system restore function just when I installed
    the system. they should not be there!! And then another folder named
    "Recycler", the official name should be Recycled and they both existed.
    When I try to enter the folder of "SystemVolumeInformation", it told me that
    I didn't have the authority of entering this. This is absolutely unreasonable
    since I ever enter this for over a hundred time without any barrier.
    Then I found over five hundreds of system tracking documents and lots of
    program documents in the folder of "Recycler" by using a program named
    ONcoming or something. I just delete all the document. Just maybe five
    minites later, both the folder reappearred. It is radiculous since the
    connection had been unplugged and I didn't installed any wireless netcard and
    anything similar.How could this happened?
    Then the war between me and maybe any sort of hackers began. I installed
    addtionally two hard disks(three totally), another net card, sound card and
    VGA card and disable all appliance on the main board. It was useless at all.
    Then I format and then lower-level format each hard disks, reinstall all
    system program, it just didn't work!!! I was still under his control!!
    I found some two G of my hard disk volume just desappeared. I assumed that
    he installed another system and maybe something like VMware and then took the
    authority of my computer.
    When I finished re-installing the system again I found quite a lot of
    hardware that just not exited physically like a PNP mode mouse, keyboard,
    co-processor and hard disk. I then found even my bios or cmos was controlled
    since when I set the first boot devise to CD-Rom, non floppy dick, report no
    FDD to win95,disbled the FDC and all these were corrected to the opposite I
    enterred the Cmos setting again!! How could all these happened when I am not
    using any wireless hardware!! Even I set the jumper of the mainboad to let it
    lost any electricity and when I set the CMOS digits and then re-enter it, all
    back again.
    Is this a wireless backdoor of the PC? Who will leave the backdoor to the
    Appreciate any form of help with a solution that works. Thanks indeed.
    I am a MBA and ever a department manager of Fortune 500 company. I don't
    need to get any money by doing this.
    zhouxuenai, Nov 7, 2006
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  2. zhouxuenai

    Chris H. Guest

    This newsgroup supports Microsoft's Broadband Networking hardware products,
    not network issues in general. I suggest you post to a more appropriate
    newsgroup or consult with some security experts through a web site like
    www.practicallynetworked.com .

    Chris H., Nov 7, 2006
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