I need help buying a Digital Camera

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Shadowhawk, May 10, 2004.

  1. Shadowhawk

    Shadowhawk Guest

    Ok, I'm sure this newsgroups is drowning in these types of posts.. but here I

    I want to buy a good digital camera. I've been shooting with a professional
    35mm camera all my life. Here is my dream digital camera:

    Manual focus on the lens, easy to use exposure setting (on the lens if
    possible), 3.2 megapixel, 10x optical zoom.

    The manual focus on the lens or easy to use is a must. As far as megapixels
    go, I really just need something that can do good 5x7 pics, and 8x10's as long
    as they aren't horrible. I just want a really good lens on the camera. And as
    much optical zoom as possible.

    Now, don't laugh... but I'd like to get this for under $300. I really don't
    think I need more megapixels, the 3.2 should do fine. But the manual focus, and
    exposure are a must. As long as they are easy to use, and the camera puts out
    good pictures.

    Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!


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    Shadowhawk, May 10, 2004
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  2. Shadowhawk

    Dave Brown Guest


    There are not many 10x zoom cameras and none that are $300. It would
    be helpful if you prioritized your requirements because you will need
    to compromise on the ones you have specified.

    Dave Brown, May 10, 2004
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  3. Shadowhawk

    Andrew Guest

    There is at least one (the Dimage Z1 that I use), but it doesn't have
    the focusing the OP wants.
    Andrew, May 10, 2004
  4. Shadowhawk

    Frank ess Guest

    I think digital hasn't come to his price line yet. The principal feature
    he'll have difficulty squeezing under is manual focus on the lens or
    easy to use.

    It may be film is still the answer for Shaun!.

    Frank ess
    Frank ess, May 10, 2004
  5. Shadowhawk

    Eddy Vortex Guest

    See if you can find an Olympus C-2100 UZ IS. It a 2.1 Mp but I routinely
    print 8 X10 with my HP5550. These cameras ( known as UZI ) were discontinued
    about 2.5 years but they have an extremely rabid following...a real cult
    camera. They a fantastic in low light and have Image Stabalization. How good
    are they?:.. over tha past 2 months, a spy company has spent $17,000.00
    buying up every one that they can get on E-bay. They have bought 40 of the
    so far. I don't think that you'll get one for 300 bucks though. If you after
    even mmore optical zoom...get an Oly TCON17 (or the older B-300) 1.7
    Teleconvertor. If money is your main factor, look at the Panasonic DMZ FZ1.
    You probably don't need 3 Mp to print good 5 x 7. Look on this great site
    for all the info you need http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/Panasonic/
    Eddy Vortex, May 11, 2004
  6. The only P&S with a quality manual focus ring that comes to mind is
    the Sony 707/717 family. Unfortunately, you have to sacrifice the
    same ring as the zoom control to do it.

    Most P&S's have very convoluted manual focus solutions that simply
    don't work or take minutes to set up, all their manual solutions
    pretty much stink for that matter. DSLRs are much easier to use, even
    in Auto/Program, so given your prefs I'd save for a DSLR instead. You
    can pick up a 10.3MP SD9 with a superb 24-70mm (39-119mm effective)
    for about $600 new.
    More optical zoom isn't better, it's usually worse. 10X within a
    single lens will make for very poor optics affecting all your shots
    unless the lens alone costs about 3X what you want to pay for the
    whole kittinkaboodle. Also realize that 10X doesn't mean anything
    absolute, its just the difference between ends, IOWs...

    15mm - 150mm = 10X zoom
    28mm - 280mm = 10X zoom
    35mm - 350mm = 10X zoom

    In general, anything more than than 3X the focal length end to end
    isn't possible with today's technolgy while retaining quality optics.
    There are a few very expensive exceptions.
    George Preddy, May 14, 2004
  7. Shadowhawk

    bagal Guest

    yeh may be true but the olympus 10x looks a bute
    bagal, May 14, 2004
  8. No such thing as a 10X bute. Certainly not in a P&S. The 35mm format
    Sigma 50-500 EX is definitely the best 10X zoom ever sold, but it is
    larger and more expensive than the Olympus camera and all.

    Quality optics do matter, it's probably the most important part of a
    digital P&S since they usually use very common sensors. In DSLRs, the
    sensor is more important since all manufacturers sell some decent
    lenses, though some, like Canon L, cost an arm and a leg.
    George Preddy, May 15, 2004
  9. Shadowhawk

    bagal Guest

    Hi George

    If everything in photography was optimised to the max and aesthetically
    checked for final quality wouldn't all cameras be the size of a small house?

    To me, photography and photographic equipment is all about compromise

    Similarly so in digital images processing.

    I seem to recall running a sharpening tool then having to smudge (smooth)
    selected edges Moral: sometimes even the best tools need a bit of tidying
    up afterwards.

    Getting the balance right is important, getting the quality right too (all
    IMHO) and last of all - trying to put it into a package that people will
    part with their hard earned income in order to purchase.

    What say you?
    bagal, May 19, 2004
  10. Some comprimises are bigger than others.
    I say get the best DSLR sold when it costs less than some P&Ss. Yes
    it is bigger, but that's a minor comprimise since two "excellent" P&Ss
    shown here are too big to make them much more convenient...


    And the F717 is a very good Bayer, better and sharper than the 10D for
    the most part, and the 2.0 Zeiss it comes with is better than all
    Canon non-L lenses by a huge margin, metal too, instead of typically
    cheap Canon all-plastic lens casings and plastic mounts.

    On image quality, clearly Foveon is the only really professional
    option. Granted, most DSLRs are better than most P&Ss.
    Georgette Preddy, May 22, 2004
  11. Shadowhawk

    bagal Guest

    do foveon have a website?


    bagal, May 22, 2004
  12. Shadowhawk

    Lionel Guest

    Kibo informs me that (Georgette Preddy)
    stated that:
    ....In other words, keep the hell away from the SD9 & 10, & buy a real

    BTW George, why did you lie about selling your photos? - That whopper
    had everyone in the group rolling on the floor with laughter.
    Lionel, May 22, 2004
  13. Shadowhawk

    bagal Guest



    bagal, May 22, 2004
  14. Shadowhawk

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Oh sure, that's why all $15,000 professional digitals use the Foveon, right?
    Ron Hunter, May 22, 2004
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