I need beginner help please

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Lex, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Lex

    Lex Guest

    first time I ever looked at news groups before and would really
    appreciate a bit of help.
    If I want to use files posted what do I have to do ?
    For example, if I wanted to download and use a .rar and a .nfo file. What
    would I do ?

    I have tried copying the content of each one into a new file but it doesnt
    seem to work ? I have tried copying it from the outlook express window, and
    downloading the news file and removing the outlook info added at the top of
    the file, but niether work. My nfo viewer (DAMN_NFO_VIEWER) cant make any
    sense of the .nfo file, and winrar says the rar file is a corrupt or not a
    ..rar file.

    Would really appreicate any help, thanks in advance :)
    Lex, Apr 5, 2004
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  2. Lex

    Harrison Guest

    Notepad is all you need to view .nfo files.
    Get Forte Agent or another client capable of handling multi-part encoded binaries amd ditch Outlook.
    Read the FAQ for the specific group(s).
    Harrison, Apr 5, 2004
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  3. Lex

    Unk Guest

    It could be combine, multiple or yEnc files.

    "xxx.mpg" (01/50) tells us this is part 1 of 50 parts.
    Use "Combine and Decode" to join:
    Highlight the files you want to combine & decode.
    (Click the first, hold "Shift" or "Control"
    to select the rest of the group)
    From Outlook: Select "Message", "Combine & Decode"

    For multiple files (xxx.mpg.001, xxx.mpg.002, etc):
    "xxx.mpg.050" tells us this is part 50 of the file but we have
    no idea how many parts are needed unless there is also a "xxx.bat"
    file which is the stand-alone joiner, and lists the number of files
    in the set. To join without "xxx.bat", you MUST have "xxx.mpg.001".
    "xxx.mpg.001" is the first file of the set and the rest of the set will be
    appended to it as "xxx.mpg". If "xxx.mpg.000" is missing, the joined
    set may not be complete as "xxx.mpg.000" has the checksum and
    the number of parts needed to make a complete file.

    Save all the files to a folder, then combine them with the
    "xxx.bat". If "xxx.bat" is missing, then use one of the below
    programs to join the files using "xxx.mpg.001" as the start file.
    "MasterSplitter" http://www.tomasoft.com or
    "HJ-Split" http://freebyte.com/hjsplit/ or
    "Just Another Splitter" http://www.jas-etc.com

    "r00" is a piece of a split WinRAR file. It's a compression file similar
    to Winzip. You need the first part "xxxx.rar" to expand the set.

    Download ALL the parts, DON'T "join" this type of file. Save the parts,
    then double click "xxxx.rar" to begin the decompression.

    "p01" is a PAR file used for correcting errors.
    Par files are used to rebuild missing files in a spanned archive.
    Smart Par

    SmartPar Tutorial

    What is yEnc?

    yEnc links and information:
    http://www.smr-usenet.com/software/misc.shtml Download
    "The Yenc utilities". They include yencpowerpost,
    yenc for Agent, ydecode, yencode and more
    http://www.uwekeller.de/index.html...giganews free newsreader
    http://www.co.jyu.fi/~ap/bnr.html freeware

    Agent is probably the best, and well worth the money.

    Full/Free Agent (try/buy)
    Unk, Apr 5, 2004
  4. Lex

    Unk Guest

    You're welcome.

    Unk, Apr 5, 2004
  5. Lex

    Lex Guest

    ah, I see. It was the yenc thing, never seen that before.
    Really appreciate the helpful reply

    Thanks alot


    Lex, Apr 5, 2004
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