I need a little technical advice please

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Ozark, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Ozark

    Ozark Guest

    A friend has asked me to order a modem for their computer: Emachine
    Model # EL1300G-01W

    I looked up the specs for this machine and they are a little
    ambiguous. They are located about 50 miles away and know absolutely
    nothing about computers. Do any of you know if this computer has a
    slot available for a plug & play modem? It apparently has about eight
    USB ports I have never run a modem via USB are there any shortcomings
    with USB modems? Anything I should look out for?


    Ozark, Aug 16, 2010
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  2. Ozark

    chuckcar Guest

    *all* internal cards are PnP. However, there is PCI, ISA (which is now
    archaic) and now PCI-E. You want to know if there are any free PCI
    slots. That's the wording you should be using.

    BTW, you should also find out if they want an analogue modem - for
    normal phone lines - or a DSL modem - for ADSL. Without knowing that,
    you can't know if you're getting the right type.
    chuckcar, Aug 16, 2010
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  3. Ozark

    rf Guest

    like not used in this century.

    And ISA was *not* plug and play. Get your facts right moron.
    rf, Aug 16, 2010
  4. Ozark

    Meat Plow Guest

    Look for an open PCI slot.
    Meat Plow, Aug 16, 2010
  5. Ozark

    Desk Rabbit Guest

    Could they get the side of the case off and take a photo?

    Could they run Newt?

    Can you get a remote session to them to run Newt?
    Desk Rabbit, Aug 16, 2010
  6. Ozark

    Mike Easter Guest

    This is the specs page for the eMachine desktop EL1300G series

    That spec page describes a modem, but says that it is optional

    Modem3 56K ITU V.92, Wake-on-Ring ready
    I would want to be sure that the machine in question doesn't have a
    modem before I went around trying to find something to work with it.
    Maybe these people who own the machine don't know whether it has a modem
    or not.
    According to the spec page, the only slot is a PCI-E

    Add-In Card Slots One PCI Express 2.0 ×1
    Actually 9. 4 in the back and 5 in the front.
    IMO, there are 'too many' shortcomings with any telephone modem.

    When they work they are slow, and when they don't work they are hard for
    neophytes to troubleshoot.

    Besides, these days a really lot of people don't even have landlines to
    their homes because so many people have gone to cell only.
    I would look out for not having complete information. Maybe the eMachine
    has a modem already. Maybe the people don't have a landline and they
    don't know it. Maybe they would be better off with DSL or cable.

    The machine has a built in 10/100/1000 ethernet just waiting for that
    much better connection to DSL or cable.
    Mike Easter, Aug 16, 2010
  7. Ozark

    Whiskers Guest

    The specification here
    <http://www.emachines.com/products/products.html?prod=EL1300G-01w> claims
    that the machine already has a modem built in - under the heading
    'Communications'. If it has, there will be an RJ-11 socket somewhere (a
    US-type telephone socket) for connecting to the phone system.

    If your friend is really looking for a 'thing' to connect to a DSL line or
    a 'cable', their ISP should be able to advise them about what sort of
    thing to get - or may even provide it. Ideally, such gadgets should
    connect to the computer using an ethernet connection - which the machine
    also seems to have (an RJ-45 socket, similar to a phone socket but
    Whiskers, Aug 16, 2010
  8. Ozark

    Mike Easter Guest

    Yes it does. That looks like it might be the Walmart model - it even
    comes with NetZero software installed, so they can have some free dialup
    connectivity while they are looking for something better.
    Mike Easter, Aug 16, 2010
  9. Ozark

    Dan C Guest

    While I understand your point here, that's not entirely accurate. There
    are still *PLENTY* of ISA slots in active use today.
    That is certainly true.
    Dan C, Aug 16, 2010
  10. Ozark

    rf Guest

    Yes, true.

    But not in a model # EL1300G-01W.
    rf, Aug 16, 2010
  11. Ozark

    Meat Plow Guest

    No doubt your 486sx has plenty of ISA slots.
    I guess you don't know what isapnp.sys is...heh
    Meat Plow, Aug 16, 2010
  12. §ñühw¤£f, Aug 16, 2010

  13. Zoom makes some good PnP modems of the USB variety. I had one that I
    tweaked with an AT command set to get 115,000 connection over dial up :)

    _____ ____ ____ __ /\_/\ __ _ ______ _____
    / __/ |/ / / / / // // . . \\ \ |\ | / __ \ \ \ __\
    _\ \/ / /_/ / _ / \ / \ \| \| \ \_\ \ \__\ _\
    /___/_/|_/\____/_//_/ \[email protected]_/ \__|\__|\____/\____\_\
    §ñühw¤£f, Aug 16, 2010
  14. Ozark

    Meat Plow Guest

    Said look out for something I said open PCI slot. Unless both are
    completely brain dead they can determine if the PC has one.
    Meat Plow, Aug 16, 2010
  15. Ozark

    joevan Guest

    I sold a vista laptop to a friend and he formatted and installed xp on
    it. I don't know of any other way to go.
    joevan, Aug 16, 2010
  16. Ozark

    joevan Guest

    Maybe you should or definitely think of going up to win 7. Going back
    if you already have disk and rights to xp is one thing if you want to
    lose all your stuff on vista. Maybe the win7 is the way to go.
    joevan, Aug 16, 2010
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