I NEED A CRT(Screen) FOR A Toshiba Terca Mod#550CDT-Ill Pay Shipping

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Fred Evans, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. Fred  Evans

    Fred Evans Guest

    If Anybody has a Toshiba Terca-same Mod#, that either the MB, is trashed, or
    whatever, we can either do some Horse Trading, or whatever, I have Lost of
    PC related Items
    that we could Trade for, like Memory, either SIMMS 32mb Sticks, PC 133
    SDRAM, CPU's, Soundcards all for Towers, or Desktops, Nothing for Laptops,
    a Docking Station for an IBM ThinkPad 380D.


    Fred (AKA tenring)

    PS---E-Mail me for Pictures of the Items I have---Only if you have what I
    NEED-Please, and Anyone that is a Musician, I DO have a SUNN Concert Bass
    Head 300Watt for sale or Trade of equal Value Laptop stuff.

    Keep your thoughts positive
    because your thoughts become your words.

    Keep your words positive
    because your words become your behaviors.

    Keep your behaviors positive
    because your behaviors become your habits.

    Keep your habits positive
    because your habits become your values.

    Keep your values positive
    because your values become your destiny
    Fred Evans, Jul 14, 2003
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