I have got this assignment in my school ... Can u people help me in this regard please.

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Sallu, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Sallu

    Sallu Guest

    · Your network has 3 routers connected in a mesh topology
    · Your routers are located in 3 separate cities and must be given
    names to show this.
    · You will set the clocks on the routers to the correct local time
    and allow for daylight saving time (note that the clocks go forward on
    the last Sunday each March at 02:00 and go backward on the last Sunday
    in October at 02:00)
    · Your company has been given the address space /20
    · Each router will have 2 attached LANs having around 200 employees
    each (make use of loopback addresses on the routers if there are
    insufficient Ethernet interfaces)
    · Each router will have the initial password of cisco and 'enable
    secret' password of class. Set all TELNET passwords to cisco.
    · You will be setting up a link-state routing environment
    · You will use Area 0 for your network
    · Assume all links have the bandwidth of 512 kbps
    · Make sure all routing is dynamic
    · The encapsulation on all serial links is to be ppp
    · Configure a welcome message on all routers to read "Welcome to
    the LANT Testbed network"
    · Turn off automatic DNS lookup on all routers
    · Configure suitable ACLs so that smtp traffic may not cross the core
    of the network
    · Disallow FTP traffic from travelling between R1 and R3's LANs
    Sallu, Jan 3, 2006
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